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  1. Well the snow has now settled on roofs, grass and bin lids. Paths out front and roads are mainly clear.
  2. Canterbury surprised to see wet snow starting to lay on the lawn and top of shed roof Is currently sleety snow
  3. Rain , sleet and snow in Canterbury ATM, don't think it will last long, now proper heavy snow..! First of the season
  4. Well there is some "colder" weather in the outlook for around a week or so maybe starting Saturday , maybe Monday. Re the output and model thread. A very wise member of the forum always advise the following. 1) Don't compare 6z,12,18z etc with each other as they use different data sets( well 6/12 do and 18 and 0 do ) it is much better to look for a pattern from one 12z say to the previous day. Is the cold firming up , look less likely , does it show the same thing on 2 runs 24 hours, 48 hours apart etc. Then understand that irrespective , the runs tend to initially come up with a more
  5. Pretty much rained/sleeted /snow all night long, checked the garden this morning quite surprised to find a thin layer of snow, more so on the shed roof , but also on the grass, must have been pretty intense at time for that slushy mix to stick.
  6. Certainly was very cold out side when I walked back home, thought I noticed a bit of sleet mixed in with the icy rain but might have been wishfull thinking
  7. Completely mad temperature, outside now is 21C 8.30 am in the middle of October
  8. Have to agree that the radar seems to be showing more snow than expected. MetOffice and Beeb seem to have slightly adjusted their forecast but both predict it stopping before 10PM
  9. Moderate snow in Canterbury from the blob coming off the channel. Not sure it will lay at it is 1.5C , though the ground is either covered in snow or dry..
  10. I think there are 2 other issues here. Firstly a lot of people get their weather forecast from the BBC and they use Meteo who's forecasts are often rubbish yet use MetOffice weather warnings. In the last few days the "BBC" forecast has shown little or no snow for our area yet it snowed almost all day yesterday as Met Office and Netweather predicted. Secondly the public ignore the weather warnings, the keep calm and carry on, should at time be replace by stay home and keep safe. Most of the road blockages were caused by people going out, unprepared, blocking the roads , so that gritters c
  11. Well in Canterbury now below freezing -0,2C light snow , obviously not melting now ,shed roof and grass have a good covering. Paths still relatively clear.
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