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  1. The man made efforts I have read about, covering the ice in an insulated and reflective material is very desperate, but exactly what these times call for. 😔
  2. Certainly a big difference to a few weeks ago! Do you know how the glaciers have faired this summer? Has it been a particularly mild one again at altitude? edit: prob the wrong thread for this
  3. If enough snow falls I guess into the spring it will hang around a bit longer which will reflect more sunlight, although with the increase in temperature the melt rate will be that much more that added snow depth doesn’t account for much
  4. Looks like some moderate to heavy snow forecast for the Alps Monday and Tuesday
  5. Good to see the early season snow but mixed with disappointment, as it’s looking like most of us will miss our trip to the alps again this year with the ongoing pandemic. I’ll just have to make do with your pictures and hope we actually get some meaningful snow here, it’s well overdue!
  6. epic yesterday evening in York. However a reminder that they can be dangerous. Thankfully no injuries reported
  7. Interesting to see this update from Les 2 Alpes on Facebook. It seems that the cool spring and early summer has helped along with the techniques they are using. Record alert! ❄️ At the beginning of June, we broke the snow record for the last 10 years on our glacier! ➡ 3 m15 of snow, which is equivalent to about 12 meters of fresh snow... Behind this record, there are favorable conditions but also a huge preservation work: snow conservation, damage, scientific follow-up,... The glacier is not a tool but our most beautiful treasure! Remember: https://cutt.ly/3oUugX2
  8. Will the weather next weekend do anything to differentiate this weekends GP to the re-run?
  9. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-07-02/arctic-fires-cause-record-jump-in-emissions-as-temperatures-soar All very depressing news. Unfortunately the Coronavirus pandemic is hiding Global Warming news when really it should be top of the agenda. Hopefully once the pandemic is under control then we can put a focus on green recovery in order to look after the planet.
  10. something is sapping the intensity out of the central storms. Looks like another bust here. Drizzle is all we got
  11. all that arrived in York was 10 mins of drizzle. You couldn’t make it up! Our wait continues
  12. All the build up for 10 mins of drizzle here! Our wait continues
  13. Radar shows massive reduction in intensity as it arrives over York. Typical! Hopefully more following on
  14. Radar shows massive reduction in intensity as it arrives over York. Typical! Hopefully more following on
  15. Yet again the risk areas avoid York and East Yorkshire. Bloody typical. Boring weather here for ages
  16. Nothing all week here. Not expecting anything next few days either
  17. Same places getting the action third day running! Oh well, at least the sun has finally come out east of the pennines
  18. Any immediate effect will be an increase in temperature below aeronautical corridors. This is caused by the lack of contrails, which will allow more of the sunlight to reach the ground. Personally I doubt any long term positive effects will be seen, as once the virus has passed we will go back to pumping pollution into the atmosphere just as quick as before. Unless we use this as a chance to re-set how we love our lives
  19. Anyone else noticed how clean the air seems today? Not sure if I’m imagining it but it feels like there’s less pollution in the air. Hopefully we use this as a reset to reduce emissions, but with the economy taking a beating, funding for any change will not be available.
  20. First snow in York for 2 Years ! Wasn’t expecting to see it stick but even near the city centre it’s settled on the roads and cars.
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