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  1. Better to have an annus horribilus than a horrible. No, you know what, I'll stop right there.

    It is amazing how much the world changes when you realise you are responsible for the well being of a brand new little person. (Or perhaps the world doesn't really change - but our perception of it does.)

    I hope all will be well for you and yours and I wish you many, many annus mirabilis-es.

  2. She's beautiful, Chris. :)

    Roo... one of my friends, a highly experienced nanny and all round lovely person, once had an unguarded moment in front of her baby son (he happened to be standing behind her as something went catastrophically wrong at home) and for the next three weeks, every time his duplo tower came crashing down or his train track went wrong, he would pipe up with, "Oh for fuss say! :doh: My two just tended to throw things on the floor and shout, "Sick of dis!" whilst stamping their feet for emphasis. (They grew out of it; I still haven't.) Buddy Hare is quite sweet really!

  3. Your father sounds a little like my mother in law - because of a heart condition she was given 5 years to live in 1996 but, after refusing to listen to the doctor's orders and change her lifestyle, (she still smokes, drinks, eats appallingly) she is still alive today - 11 years later.

    Similarly, I had a conversation about this with my father the other week - he is 62 and, considering his family history, is not being very sensible - and he said if he can't drink/smoke/poke... in that order... he may as well be dead anyway.

    It's a difficult situation.

  4. I have brought you some green grapes... and a bottle of wine. (Well, they used to be grapes, once upon a time...)

    The day I discovered I no longer had a perfect 5 on my blog I was really, rather bizarrely, unhappy about it. (As you might recall from my rather stroppy blog that day!)

    I don't like the rating system at all... after all, we don't write our blogs to be given marks. In fact, I haven't actually rated anyone's blog... because if I like them, I read them, and if I don't like them, I don't. No-one needs to know though.

    End of mini-rant.

    Pass the ice cream, dearheart...

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