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  1. The snow has arrived in Aberdeen.
  2. Want to know about the weather - look out the window. Can't go wrong!
  3. I think I would put more faith in Bill Farkin's grebes (if you remember him/them!) than the models in the extended timeframe. I am - of course - not being serious
  4. Raw! Cold rain showers here, I think too 'warm' for snow (Temp 4/Dew 2).
  5. I may have dreamt it but the remnants of Brian produced some really torrential spells of rain here overnight. More heavy showers this morning too but it has since cheered up a bit.
  6. The Express & journalism don't really go together to be fair. Of course, they know full well it's garbage, but people like to talk weather (eg. this site!) & any sensational headline tends to act as clickbait for their site. That's how it works these days.
  7. Airport here reporting fog but Towering Cumulus at 200ft. That in itself feels weird on a weird day. The rain going home was certainly heavy. I would imagine the fog will be blown away in due course!
  8. It's the end of the world as we know it............... It's kind of alternating between pitch black then dull then lighter again.
  9. This is utterly bizarre. It is now pitch black in Aberdeen. At just after 2.30pm. Street lights on. Never seen this before. Dark as in night. Not even midwinter goes it get this dark at this time.
  10. It was classic northerlies that gave my part of the world its best & most long-lived snowfalls. The lack of snow here these last few years I feel can be directly correlated to the change we have seen.
  11. 'hurtling' They do it deliberately of course. Gets people talking & clicking on their garbage.
  12. Grim start to today, if it's not heavy rain, it's mist & low cloud. Not exactly summer-like... or maybe these days, it is.
  13. Well that was an interesting walk to work this morning! Been a while since I was last out in thunder & lightning. Fortunately made it to work just in time before the deluge literally seconds after I got in!
  14. About to turn in for the night, but it is creeping closer to the coast here. I suspect Howham you may indeed see something if it keeps up. If it's quiet enough I may hear some distant rumbles.