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  1. Looked like Aberdeenshire had some lively showers this afternoon! We could see some of the CBs to the north of the city. Think we got up to 24C, currently 22.
  2. Airport at Aberdeen now reporting CB @ 600ft with (moderate) rain.
  3. Rain pretty heavy again here - but nothing electrical.
  4. Morning, Seen some great shots of the lightning across Aberdeen Fri evening. Was certainly disturbed! Died down seemingly just after 10pm, but I was awoken again by torr rain & a clap of thunder by another cell 0040 this morning. Not sure what happened after, I awoke something-to-6 with showers but no electrical activity. Has actually been bright but still clouds around - I think NE Scotland still under a warning until early Sat pm.
  5. We're getting battered now in Aberdeen with frequent lightning/thunder, heavy rain & hail. Looks like it is all heading our way from NE England.
  6. Aberdeen getting battered now.
  7. Storm still with us, but thunder has dissipated. But getting spells of torrential rain, like turning on/off a shower!
  8. Thunder & tipping it down now in Aberdeen. Been threatening all day.
  9. We're just missing the worst of it... so far. But audible thunder. Very oppressive. Edit: thunder much more frequent now. It's here!
  10. Heavy showers here too.
  11. Morning to all! Much better day today here than yesterday... just after 9am, temp here already +23 degrees. Although some suggestions of heavy showers later.
  12. Beautiful start again here. Got to +25 yesterday, currently +23.
  13. Can't make my mind up whether the stuff over upper Deeside is heading towards Aberdeen or not. Resolutely cloudy here but nothing to do with any convection!
  14. Here comes my 19th thundery breakdown...………...