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  1. I think the only damp straw I can clutch at is that some places around the globe have had record snowfall, eg. Newfoundland (St. Johns). If it can happen there who's to say it cannot happen here again. That said it doesn't feel right that we don't have any spell of significant (for us!) snowfall this winter. It does make you wonder when much of Europe seem to be reporting record high temps. Is it indeed some sort of GW-influenced step change? The snows of my childhood do seem to be receding into a more distant memory each warm, snowless winter we get.
  2. Looks to be warm here this weekend. It's currently 11c. We often get this with the Fohn effect, and have done down the years, but haven't had much snow in recent years - doesn't seem right somehow. Northerly winds just don't seem to get the time to become established these days as they seemed to do in my childhood (albeit I recall both mild as well as cold winters back in the day).
  3. Grim day today. Torrential rain & showers, so dark this afternoon thanks to the CBs I thought the clocks had gone back already! Further heavy showers & storms in the forecast in the coming hours as well. An evening to stay indoors!!
  4. Sounds like the rain off now - no sferics on this band.
  5. First bursts of heavy rain now - radar looks quite colourful to our south. No lightning/thunder observed/heard yet.
  6. It does have the feeling here of possible action later, some quite dark clouds interspersed with bright areas - but the sun ain't sunny now.
  7. Bit of a shower showing up at least on radar to the west of Aberdeen, with the main rain band down the west coast and another area around Inverness/Black Isle.
  8. Some healthy showers just passed through here in quite a narrow band. Lightning plotted north of Aberdeen but not in the city itself.
  9. Quite a rash of showers roughly in a triangle just SW of Aberdeen - Deeside then down towards Dundee. Northern part of Aberdeenshire clear for once!
  10. Morning to all. Quite misty with fog patches here presently, and barely any wind. Showers in the forecast for later but I don't think anything thundery - we shall see.
  11. We had a few heavy showers today including hail at least where I was. I didn't hear it but one or two work colleagues mention hearing one(!) clap of thunder in the late morning, possibly in the vicinity of the airport. Clouds at times looked very threatening but ultimately I think we escaped the worst in the main here. Currently bright/sunny now with a wind from the NW.
  12. Mr Frost you live in a beautiful spot! Keep up the great photos across the water!
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