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  1. Snow's gone, nice & sunny now. Never really lay, not even in upland Aberdeen! When the charts are in alignment and show snowmageddon inside T48, I might sit up and take note!
  2. Well well - now snowing in Aberdeen!
  3. Yes just rain in Aberdeen so far with a hint periodically of some snowflakes within... I think that means sleet! Airport is forecasting snow from about 12noon, we'll see what happens in the city (I suspect it may remain as rain). We've really missed the snow so far this winter.
  4. I think we had about a foot of snow in Aberdeen Mar 2006,including thundersnow. OK not N. America proportions but still....! Anyway let's see what this week brings.
  5. +03/M00 here in Aberdeen. I think we're going to miss this whole period of snow throughout this last week in its entirety. Some amazing pictures from around the country though!
  6. As Ravelin says - been sunny calm and snowless in Aberdeen these last few days. Quite amazing to see the difference elsewhere.
  7. The Aberdeen forecast was for cold rain, & cold rain is what we have! Temp +3/Dew +2 so not even marginal. Some great shots of the snaaaaa elsewhere though.
  8. Rain in Aberdeen, Temp +4/Dew +3 last I looked. Forecast (airport) for rain/snow later today, so we'll see. I think that's aka sleet! A Merry Christmas to You & Yours whatever the weather may bring.
  9. I'm finding it hard to see any snow with a current temp here of 14! But then again weather is fickle... just like us humans!
  10. Lethal walk to work in Aberdeen this morning. Pavements a disgrace & people (myself included) felt safer walking on the roads despite the traffic! Maybe I'm just getting auld & crabbit!!
  11. Travel News: Scotrail have cancelled a number of rail services tomorrow in the north, including Aberdeen-Inverness & Inverness-Wick. Weather News: It's windy.
  12. Gorgeous above Ballater indeed! Here started rain/sleet, then early afternoon snow showers, currently back to rain. Can imagine could get seriously icy later.
  13. The snow has arrived in Aberdeen.