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  1. Sounds like the start of a joke! Here, mod/heavy rain, some sferics have shown up offshore to our SE, but no thunder heard, at least not by me. TCU/CB in area, airport TAF has the storm possibility to 2300hrs.
  2. Some Sferics SE of Aberdeen offshore but I've not heard the thunder. Mod/heavy rain. Certainly TCU/CB in the area.
  3. Been a beautiful day here too in line with everywhere else. Alas recovering from a chest infection so unable to enjoy it Temp +16/Dew M02 has been about the extent of it.
  4. I see on the MT there is yet another mention of an E'ly in FI. Don't hang your hat on it! Even if one turns up it will likely be a very tame affair. Besides a N'ly delivers more for my area than an E'ly.... & long-lived potent N'lies are becoming even rarer!
  5. There was a queen wasp sitting on the pavement when I went out for lunch today. Should really still be in hibernation at this time of year but guess the milder weather tempted her out.
  6. Ditto - snow just about all melted in the rain.
  7. Snow is lying here too - 1/4 inch maybe? Woo.
  8. Aberdeen... Sunday... It was as loud as I remember it!
  9. LOL!
  10. That lightning strike in Aberdeen this afternoon knocked the power from some 2,400 homes in the west & suburbs: It was only the one strike too; I was not aware of any others!
  11. Lightning/thunder right over Aberdeen. Saw the flash! Who needs snaa?
  12. Wouldn't be an....... EASTERLY by any chance, would it? I mean, the MT has been looking for one since about Nov!!!
  13. ok who smeared baked alaska all over that chart, hmm???
  14. Two Helen Willetts... there's only two Helen Willetts..... Anyhoo..... I see it's once again gone into overdrive on the MT. Do they have justification FINALLY this time??!
  15. Yup, just looked at a lamppost... snowing here too. Nothing heavy & not much wind, but snow nevertheless.