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  1. I'm on the fence with this one mate, what we have seen through this autumn is a very disorganised vortex therefore allowing the colder air to sink south and giving Russia and Eastern Europe a winter taster. I really hope it's a thrend for the winter ahead but with signs of the vortex becoming a little more organised it wouldn't take much this early snow advance to melt. Early days but it's a great start.
  2. Lovely 240 on the ecm, my money is that low taking a south eastern track as it bumps into the block over Scandinavia creating a biter feel to the uk, maybe to early for snow but a great shock to the system.
  3. I've been going in the mod threads everyday watching the excitement build, in all honestly I think some are getting way ahead of themselves concerning the high blocking and weak jet stream. would love a cold snowy winter but reality is it won't be. I will put money on that the vortex will of sorted its act out by mid November and the Atlantic will be full steam ahead as we enter December, the season for my thinking is our seasons seem to of shifted the last few years we now get summer later so on with autumn and winter, I believe all we are seeing now is an Indian summer effect with the northern hemisphere not quite getting its act together. I hope I'm wrong but every time I go into the mod thread I'm just waiting for the normal service to begin. My my prediction for winter 2016/17 will start on the chilly side with bouts of warm air from Spain, rain levels to remain low through late autumn. I expect things in the northern hemisphere to sort itself out and return normal service with a organised vortex dictating our winter weather with a westerly based theme but with bouts of cold outbreaks from the north. Rainfall amounts will catch up on recent low totals. Hope to god I'm wrong because my little girl still haven't seen snow and I've promised to build her a snowman but in reality I think i will have to go somewhere on a winter break to build her that snowman.
  4. Does anyone have any information on how the cfs is performing for the winter ahead?
  5. Your talking nearly 1 week of weather before any change, they might as well jaffa cakes in the wind when it comes to predicting weather that far out. It will change
  6. Some people are absolutely ridiculous, it's one run against the lot. Will change by tomorrow morning so have a chill pill and go to bed. Great evening of informative model info, and fantastic cold charts. Lovely stuff. Night all.
  7. You and me both mate, but why to trust the models now when they have been behaving so badly over the last year.
  8. So the big question is, can the models with all the background signals and all the agreements suddenly drop this huge swing to cold? Absolutly great to see such cold charts but with all the sudden downgrades over the last few years I'm just worried this could all go bang still.
  9. We all know the gfs loves the Atlantic so when it has churned out a few runs of more Atlantic driven filth it's not really a surprise. Good thing is the Russian block is still in place and there will be swings west and east as to where it will make base. Remember we're looking for trends not a forecast of what will exactly happen on this or that day. Again people need to look at the bigger picture which is the northern hemisphere is changing as we enter January so all to play for.
  10. This is the scenario that I think will play out this time next week. Big Siberian high to Far East to give us any true cold, I want cold as much as anyone but you need near perfect model output to get cold and snow to our little island especially to lowland England. Hopefully we at least become drier so the poor people affected by the floods can get some much needed relief.
  11. People need to step back and see the general trend rather than taking each run as gospel. Each run will change for good or bad but the general trend for high pressure to the North East is building. So much more interesting model viewing.
  12. Moved away from us? It was never there to start with mate, all the hype for charts that are 200+ hours away, when in reality models struggle with t72 hours. I think we will get a block but it will rest over Siberia and the only benefit to us will be the Atlantic steam train slowing down.
  13. Really hope we get some high pressure from the south so I can get out on my boat and get some fishing in. Must say Its been such a mild winter and with nothing remotely cold showing in the models after Xmas I'm on the spring countdown. Hope everyone has a lovely Xmas. 

  14. even if the euro/Scandi materialises and we do get a flow from a more continental feed, it won't be much cooler than what we have currently, Europe is having a horribly mild winter also so we really are gonna have to have a big pattern change overall to get the northern part of Europe cooler/colder. Really need to lose those heights over the Med. looking bleak at the moment for any sustained cold. We can only hope things change come January.
  15. Could be one of the mildest winters on record for the south Coast if the rest of winter plays out the same way 

  16. Considering dusting the bbq off for Xmas at this rate. Disgustingly mild and doesn't show signs of anything cold. 

    1. lassie23


      Barbecued sprouts for all.:drunk-emoji: Winter is over:reindeer-emoji::cray:

    2. I remember Atlantic 252

      I remember Atlantic 252

      tropical new year as well, GFS 00Z shows balmy weather

  17. Been away for a while but got back last week, been reading through all the forums and to be honest it's pretty pathetic with a lot of point scoring and you throwing. Gonna get my weather from met office because there's only a handful that have any idea what is gonna happen and not what they want to happen. Yawn.

  18. There's some right children in the mod thread. Bickering over what the weathers gonna be. The ones that seem to enjoy winding up others are the most pathetic. Grow up. Been pretty decent on the south coast, been in shorts bar a couple of days and had a few BBQ's already. Got a feeling we're gonna have a hot one this year.

    1. Mokidugway


      I think some of them should get out more ,that's if their carers allow it !!!.

    2. cheese


      Well there's only one person who is acting like a childish idiot but I am not going to mention any names. Needless to say he is on my ignore list from here on out.

    3. Mokidugway


      I wonder who that is .??

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  19. 3.50am touchdown in Vegas. Week of sun, beer, black jack and the main event mayweather v pacquio.

    1. Mokidugway


      Are you staying in the MGM ??

    2. Daniel*


      $440 mill at stake?

    3. Smiler1709


      No I'm staying at Caesars palace, but got tickets for fight. MGM is busy I'm going to pool party this afternoon and there's a lot of celebs. Mayweather to win

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  20. Choppy sea today but beautiful sunny day, and Also landed a few double figure bass. After all the calm weather the sea has really cleared and the fish are biting well, just hope the unsettled weather doesn't churn it up. Ps great being home with kids loving life. Working at home has been amazing. Don't miss the desert at all.

  21. Can't wait for the wet, windy and dull conditions, haven't enjoyed this sun and warmth at all, kids hate playing outdoors. And the gardens could really do with some wind and rain.

    1. No Balls Like Snow Balls

      No Balls Like Snow Balls

      Looking forward to wet, windy and cool :-)

    2. MP-R


      Looking forward to the next anticyclonic sunny spell without a nagging wind attached.

    3. Daniel*


      Gardens bit is correct

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  22. People still banging on about snow and cold. Change the record.

    1. Smiler1709


      Looking forward to the 17+ soon. Really looking forward to summer at home with the kids.

    2. Daniel*


      I think we've beat or came close 16.9c I think first 20c day is what I consider to be most significant

    3. Dami


      no snow please over that. Now thunder is a different matter, looking forward to the 3 storms i shall get this year!

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  23. lovely trip to Kuwait then a short break with the wife in Dubai. Live my job sometimes.

    1. Smiler1709


      Love my job should say

  24. New BBQ brought and new patio getting layed Monday. Hot tub next :). Spent far to long away from home helping this country, now I'm gonna enjoy myself.

    1. Eugene


      Roof next <lol

    2. Smiler1709


      Why the roof? Lol!

    3. Mokidugway


      Leave roof build patio ,buy hot tub ,get drunk in the sun :)...

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