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  1. Unless you live high up in the Pennines there is no snow in the forecast from tomorrow's rain band!!
  2. Why are people going on about tomorrow! There is no snow forecast, just rain and strong winds! We've all see strong winds! Tonight's forecast by Paul Hudson and the bbc/met office txt looks very exciting for our region tonight!
  3. Can't believe the lack of interest/posts in here!!
  4. Dusting at 150m north leeds! Was in City centre when it started and was VERY heavy !!
  5. Was -2.2c earlier. Now 2.6c Any chances at 150m??
  6. Snow. the wait goes on, although I've kind of given up on this winter anyhow.
  7. If the models were showing a high potential of snow this week I would have thought there'd have been more posts. Steve are we sure some aren't straw clutching??
  8. I know I think that's extremely poor and unprofessional by the professionals!! How can you show 2c / cold easterly winds and snow showers and then look north says 5c / and a few wintry flurries! Poor
  9. Well annoyingly and frustratingly it was looking better here at 150m with a fairly long snow shower with hail earlier and temp dropped to 1.2 but now risen to 1.5 and wet and rather disappointing on radar.
  10. Has tonight's potential been downgraded again....?? Any feedback appreciated as at work
  11. Well isn't that just typical! Ukmo normally very consistent. I bet my bottom dollar that it wouldn't have backtracked if this was the other way round! That's a shame for us cold n snowy fans. There were some mega cold uppers too. Thanks to the annoying Canadian PV.
  12. It's not only the weather when your starved of snow in 'season winter'. !!
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