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  1. The difference this time is those mammoth cold uppers! Some model runs suggest we could see 850's of -15. There's no way rain or sleet would fall in that situation, not even on the coast! Still a fair way off yet though and there doesn't look to be much PPN around for the Midlands.
  2. I know it's only one run but is it me or is the 12z GFS run today a downgrade on yesterdays? Please don't let this start downgrading now after all the hype
  3. Just on the night shift tonight and checked the models for the first time since Friday. All I can say is... WOW! What the heck is going on even the ECM is showing a proper Easterly and that's the sensible model that rarely ramps up cold like the GFS!
  4. Looks like it's going to be a lovely sunny day today. Could be as high as 12c on Monday! Might get me shorts out All the serious cold is in F.I at the moment. Could be an Easterly around the start of March, I hope there is as my 30th birthday is on the 5th of March! A nice, cold, snowy easterly would take the edge off not being in my 20's anymore
  5. At my GF's in Rugby and we've just had a snow shower that left a dusting. Shame it didn't last longer but nice to see
  6. Does Great Yarmouth fall under this thread? Just on a short break with my girlfriend for the weekend and it's bitterly cold here and I was hoping to see some snow showers but we currently have rain falling damn it!
  7. Wow that's awesome Matt! Looks reslly good on their high def TV too definitely one of the best weather pictures I have seen. Hoping for some showers from the East next week. Being in Rushden (East Northamptonshire) now, I probably have the best chance of snow from an Easterly that i've ever had. Previously I lived in Leicester for 24 years and 4 years in Oxford. Leicester did ok from some Easterly's we had over the years but I can imagine places like Peterborough, Kettering, Corby, Rushden etc... are pretty much prime locations for them.
  8. Holy moly! The charts for next week look VERY cold. Might be quite dry for us Midlanders but there's no doubt it'll put us in the freezer if it comes off. -10 850's nationwide.
  9. Just started here in Oundle and it's.... RAIN I expected it to start as sleet or snow here as it's East Midlands but nope, just plain old rain. May well be freezing rain as the temp is still below 0c.
  10. Cost and time of lessons and tests only costs £90 to take a one day CBT and be on the road the next day with a 125cc. So easy really. Hopefully i'll drive eventually though!
  11. You know what, I never thought i'd say this in my life but I won't be disappointed if it doesnt snow. I love snow and always will but the past few days have been challenging and dangerous for me personally as I ride a 125cc motorbike and it does not cope well with snow and ice! I would avoid going out on it in snow and icy conditions but I need to use it for work as I work 20 miles away out in the sticks and public transport links are very poor. I almost came off my bike 3 times yesterday on the way home from Rugby and the roads around Oundle were ice rinks this morning when I finished my night shift. I'm working there again tonight and leaving at 8am. I don't mind if it snows after 8am just not before
  12. Glossop will get at least 25 inches. Calling it now
  13. Not far from those villages that I went through then! Haha I know! I'd love to see a proper Easterly set up at some point this Winter. It probably won't happen as they're quite rare but it would top off what has already been a brilliant Winter for snow in the Midlands and we still have 2-3 months left! Normally we're lucky if we see a dusting.
  14. Really cool! Whereabouts in South Leicestershire are you again? I went through some villages on my way home this morning and they had been plastered. South Kilworth and Welford especially.
  15. I'm surprised by how localised it was last night. Nuneaton which is 10 miles doen the road from my girlfriends house in Rugby hardly saw any settling snow and neither did Coventry which is 20 miles away. This was the scene in Rugby at 10am this morning, a fair bit of snow around...