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  1. Wow! Just had a shower that bordering on a blizzard 😂 This has been a great day for snow showers! 20210406_175849.mp4
  2. The dew point is -7 here! Not marginal in the slightest 😂 -7 dew in the middle of Winter is rare, but for April... Madness!
  3. Just had a really heavy snow shower that lasted about 15 mins! Even started to settle a bit on the grass and cars 😂 20210406_163758.mp4
  4. More snow showers here today! Just shows what can happen in April when you get -8 to -10 850's 😁 Shame there isn't any organised band, as a few hours of it would be nice to see! At least it isn't marginal either.
  5. Wowzers! We just had a snow shower here in Northampton, in April! 5 days after we hit 22c, no less 😂😂 That's why I love the Weather in this country.
  6. T shirt and shorts weather, in around 10 days time 🤣 Best get the sunnies out!
  7. Did you not hear? The Stoke snow shield is now back and running at 100% power. It was in for repairs for a few weeks previous, but i'm afraid they found the part needed, and it's been fixed 🙁
  8. Would be great if it came off, just this once 😂 Looks like the showers are starting to fizzle away now 🙁 I think this is nearing the end of snow potential now for this cold spell. All in all, it has been decent for a large part of the Midlands. An overnight sugar dusting here on Sunday and Monday night was the best we had. Did also catch a shower this morning which gave is another dusting, shame it melted by noon though 🙈
  9. Projected radars are useless 🤣 I never take any notice of them, as they're wrong 95% of the time.
  10. Weather Radar - Live UK Rainfall Radar | Netweather WWW.NETWEATHER.TV Live weather radar for the UK including weather type to track whether rain, sleet or snow is falling. Updated every 5 minutes. Can't go wrong with the Net Weather radar. Updates every 5 mins, too.
  11. This is a prime example of how useless the models PPN charts are in an Easterly like this. GFS and HIRLAM are way off the mark right now. Compare their PPN charts to the actual current radar. Noticr Northampton in the dry slot in the middle of it all, AGAIN 🤣🤣🤣 Incredible scenes.
  12. We had around 1cm overnight from a few showers. Its all gone now 🙁 Anyone else surprised at how fast the snow has melted? We had snow on the ground yesterday morning that melted by the afternoon, as well. It's even melted in the shade. I wasn't expecting snow to melt in the shade in these conditions. It hasn't got above 0c since Sunday 🤔
  13. How's tricks. Long time no speak. Been a great day here for streamer showers. Had a decent accumulation by lunch but a steady thaw this afternoon.

  14. The streamer has now taken a more East to West course and is heading straight through Leicester, onto Birmingham 😂 will be some happy brummies on here tomorrow morning. Just shows you how far streamers can get in this set up though. They can reach Wales.
  15. Will most likely continue on and off until tomorrow evening. Incredible really.
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