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  1. Well, the rest of that run didn't turn out as I was expecting *looks for expletive emoticon* If only that high over Greenland at T153 was about 300 miles further South, we'd be in business! Oh well, still more changes to come and it's only November. Still a long way to go ths winter.
  2. This may not actually turn out to be a bad run in the longer term. High building over Greenland and after the initial low throwing a spanner into the works, it may turn out to be a pretty blocked scenario.
  3. GFS 12z rolling out soon. Going to be an interesting one i'm sure! I'm expecting another downgrade but i'll gladly be proven wrong I knew I shouldn't have got carried away with last nights 18z. Was lured in by the pub run AGAIN
  4. Yeah it's definitely not as good as the 18z out to t180 but it's still not the worst chart i've seen for late November and a lot better than the UKMO I sincerely hope the UKMO is wrong this time. Squeaky bum time though.
  5. Holy moly that is a big difference at a medium timeframe!
  6. Out to T132 now and still looking similar to the 18z! Possibly slightly better if anything.
  7. Out to t99 now and it looks pretty much the same as the 18z run
  8. The Midlands Regional Weather Discussion

    Well folks, tonights 18z is a cracker. Mass ramping in the model thread but people still being cautious and not getting TOO carried away. I'm trying to remain calm but I am getting slightly carried away by it, I must admit? That would put us well and truly in the freezer if it comes off!
  9. OH..MY! Well I know we can't get carried away but tonights 18z GFS is a beauty. Anyone else having deja vu from Nov 2010's cold spell? Looks similar at the moment but it's still early days of course and there will be a lot of changes before next week. Still, this is only just a week away so it's coming within a reasonably reliable timeframe now. Still somewhat F.I though. Lets just enjoy this chart for next Thursday...
  10. I know it's wayyy into F.I but i've seen worse from the models for the end of November!
  11. From Corby eh? I'm not far from you now, I live in Rushden :)

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    2. pegg24


      Or a bit of a battle ground. Strange northants is can get a pasting of snow but sometimes miss out.

      Oundle is nice very expensive 

    3. Beverley Lass

      Beverley Lass

      Nice to see some folks living where I was born and worked for many years.
      I'll keep an eye on your snow reports  :)

    4. Mokidugway


      Bought a trouser press there :closedeyes:

  12. The Midlands Regional Weather Discussion

    Ello ello ello! I'm officially a Midlander again (just) I live in Rushden in Northants now. Hoping for a nice snowy Winter, probably won't get one again but last Winter was absolutely atrocious. I now ride a motorbike as well so it's a little more dangerous for me personally if we have a cold and snowy Winter but i still want snow and lots of it xD Hopefully see many familiar faces on here again this Winter
  13. The Midlands Regional Weather Discussion

    Nope, no PPN around when the cold air arrives Think of how much snow we'd have on the ground now if it had been 3c cooler when that rain arrived on Saturday night and also last night and today. Would be looking at snow in depths of feet!
  14. The Midlands Regional Weather Discussion

    Exactly! it's the wind that's the issue. 5c here in Cov but with heavy rain and a gusty wind, it's horrible.
  15. The Midlands Regional Weather Discussion

    Feels cold when all you have on is jeans and a jumper forgot to take my coat up to my girlfriend's at the weekend. It was dry when I left on Friday!