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    Port Glasgow, Inverclyde, Scotland. 200m ASL.
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    Extreme Meteorology, TENNIS!!!
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    Thundery summers, very snowy winters! Huge Atlantic Storms!

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  1. Wonder if she could squeeze major hurricane status before landfall? 110mph forecast at landfall but it wouldn’t take much to push it over the threshold
  2. Maybe something for me today, fingers crossed Met Office warning suggests nothing for me anyway next week but lets hope they jinxed themselves!!
  3. Looks a bit marginal in the south coast, sleet south of the M4 But you know what they say, get the cold in first and the uppers will follow!!
  4. Fingers crossed we get lucky Mr Frost, Inverclyde has dodged the storms as of late so this severe risk has to deliver for us!
  5. Thank you! Is there any easy way to learn to read them, or at least the basic parameters for identifying storms/severe weather? I’ve added the chart for close to my location for Thursday evening for a bit of context ?
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