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  1. Looks a bit marginal in the south coast, sleet south of the M4 But you know what they say, get the cold in first and the uppers will follow!!
  2. Fingers crossed we get lucky Mr Frost, Inverclyde has dodged the storms as of late so this severe risk has to deliver for us!
  3. Thank you! Is there any easy way to learn to read them, or at least the basic parameters for identifying storms/severe weather? I’ve added the chart for close to my location for Thursday evening for a bit of context ?
  4. Hmm the GFS 12z is doing something different with that low in the Atlantic at +72 edit: quite a difference in the jet too, 12z first
  5. Is there a way I can check for my location? I’ve missed this convective thread ? I stay away mostly because of jealousy because I never seem to get a storm ? as usual the *potential* is there on the models, but as has already been stated today, the risk will almost certainly be shifted east to avoid most of Scotland. It’s good to be back, however! Happy heatwave ?
  6. The GFS is certainly a bit warmer for Scotland on Thursday, mid twenties rather than 21C and some storms to boot!
  7. The low looks a bit weaker on the GFS 12z or is it just me?
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