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  1. ICON giving a good spell of snow with some to low levels in Scotland (central belt) and maybe N England
  2. It’s always a crucial time in model watching I guess, wondering whether the cold comes into the reliable or it’s washed away by the coupling of the strong strat vortex and it’s trop partner. You always have the chance of a SSW but it’s never guaranteed with that either, just have to hope for the best. Does have 2009/2010 vibes but was the strat vortex as strong then?
  3. Reminds me of Winter 2017/18 pre BFTE when the jet was a tad south and the models were throwing snow events at us like nobody’s business. I know it’s October but looks similar, and I can’t remember what October 2017 was like lol can anyone enlighten me?
  4. I’d say it’s due to the fact that the Bahamas are very low, not much above 30ft ASL so there’s not much around to really disrupt it.
  5. https://twitter.com/nhc_atlantic/status/1167441045560287232?s=21
  6. First signs of instability here in West Central Scotland, with a fairly strong breeze and temps of 28°C
  7. A few forecasts showing severe weather in Scotland, others not. Who do I believe? really dying for all this potential to be put to use
  8. Didn’t realise we lived so close Mr Frost, that rain was horrendous last night but quite nice at the same time! Anyway, the models give Western Scotland a high of 26C on Tuesday and Thursday which is really good for this area, along with some big thunderstorms in between!! If we do break the record(s) in the South it would be incredible, but at the same time I worry about a lot of people who really can’t deal with the heat and especially the humidity, so please stay safe everyone and enjoy the crazy ride! ️ Crazy that the models usually backtrack or push the heat West, not this time...
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