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  1. Central Scotland could do well from this setup, Forth-Clyde streamers in abundance
  2. ANYWAY Models showing a decent snow event for a lot of us on Sunday. 18z looking as good if not better than the 12z, always more likely further North.
  3. Big snow even on Sunday according to GFS 18z, focused on Scotland, Northern England and the North Midlands. Definitely one to watch in the coming days.
  4. Looking great for my area (West-Central Scotland) for snow in the next 72-96 hours! Models are giving some great snow potential from that midweek storm (Fionn soon maybe?), along with all those bloody showers from tomorrow evening onwards! Shame that this week's potential is being dampened by the IMBYness in here, just because it's not what a lot of us want. I was bloody fuming when those sliders were dumping FEET of snow in the Midlands, now it's our turn!
  5. Storm Eleanor - Atlantic Storm 5

    This is km/hr, thank God!
  6. Storm Eleanor - Atlantic Storm 5

    Eleanor might be giving me some snow later! Rain right now but the local forecast indicated the risk, hope so!
  7. Storm Dylan - Atlantic Storm 4

    Can anyone confirm this?
  8. Storm Dylan - Atlantic Storm 4

    Aye it's been a while since a trampoline has been airborne here Quite looking forward to Dylan, I'm on the northern flick of the Amber through the Lowlands so here's hoping he delivers!
  9. Not really sure why people are being a bit pessimistic after this 12z. To me, it shows various snow chances for loads of us, the closest being just 36 or so hours away. You have to remember that you don't need -10 850s for snow and cold, and that things may have to be milder for a while before the real cold arrives.
  10. Scotland/Alba Regional Weather Discussion 23/04/17 onwards

    Ooooo Friday is looking decent for us, 10cm is all I ask for
  11. GFS 12z giving Scotland and Northern England a potentially significant snow event on Friday morning, a marked upgrade on 850s giving rise to this. One to watch...
  12. Scotland/Alba Regional Weather Discussion 23/04/17 onwards

    Proper snow for about an hour now, covering the grass and cars so far! White Christmas in Inverclyde!!
  13. White Christmas here in the Lowlands of Scotland! Merry Christmas! 🎄 

  14. I feel like the models are underestimating the snow on the leading edge of the front, because there's a lot of surface cold around currently. For instance, high of -4C here yesterday, low of -8C last night, and it expect it to be about the same tonight and tomorrow too before the front moves in. Maybe some sort of chance for us up North who have missed it all recently, we'll see...