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  1. I feel like the models are underestimating the snow on the leading edge of the front, because there's a lot of surface cold around currently. For instance, high of -4C here yesterday, low of -8C last night, and it expect it to be about the same tonight and tomorrow too before the front moves in. Maybe some sort of chance for us up North who have missed it all recently, we'll see...
  2. Model Moans, Ramps and Banter

    Must be the only member in the NW of the UK that hasn't had a DROP of snow in this cold spell. Missed out on all those showers Thursday and Friday, and obviously the slider today!! Bloody raging doesn't cut it! First ice day of the season today however, with a max of -4°C. Currently -7°C now and a little misty.
  3. Could we see another March 2013 style track shift of this slider low, this time further North back to Central Scotland??? Wishful and selfish thinking maybe, but I guess it could happen...
  4. Scottish Coldie's worst nightmare happening on the 06z, another shift SW...
  5. Snowlow now further South on the 18z, missing Scotland completely (refrain from moaning since its 6 days out and can still change)
  6. A lot of scenes similar to this one of me in 2010 if that came off. A true 11 year old coldie, seconds out of his bed!!
  7. Rain moving in now here, with some sleetiness mixed in. Could be some better chances from midweek onwards for the north!
  8. The Beeb are still mentioning "something wintry" for Northern UK next week, as the fronts bump into the cold air that's apparently still around over Scotland. So they must know something we don't! Keep the faith y'all
  9. There's still some chances of snow for us up North at least, that's something!! And for mid November we should take it!
  10. Jesus Christ I need some paracetamol after reading the latest here, but what a stonker of an 18z! This chopping and changing within a few days of now is really crazy, just shows how hard blocking can be to forecast.
  11. Scotland/Alba Regional Weather Discussion 23/04/17 onwards

    Might get a wee surprise tomorrow (albeit very brief) of some snow on the leading edge of the front.
  12. This is what I thought when I saw the 850s for Monday when that front moves in, let's hope so!
  13. Is a cut-off low over us a bad thing? Surely it could drag cold air in?
  14. Snow And Ice In The Northern Hemisphere 2017/18

    Yes it's questionable for UK winters definitely.