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  1. I was hoping the sleety/snowy shower that is affecting Liverpool would deliver wintry goods to Manchester but it's just raining and the temperature has gone up from 3,5º to 5º :(
  2. In Manchester central, just off the MRI hospitals, a more modest min temp of -1.2 at 8am. Puddles and remains of the wintry shower last night were frozen solid though, as well as cars. Currently 1.9º. Amazing shower, with thunder and it all turned white in less than 5mins, feeling proper wintery too.
  3. Hello guys, first let me introduce myself, I am this twenty-something catalan boy from Barcelona who grew up wishing for white christmas (in all earnest I have never experienced one but we were close in 2006 :/ ). Anyway, I already got to see my city blanketed a few times as winters have grown slightly colder compared to the nineties. Nothing you cannot relate to in the BIsles, surprisingly enough Iberia and Britain are really close when it comes to weather patterns, e.g. March 2013 was the coldest here since 1962 -and I was in Edinburgh btw- in the UK and at the same time it was exceed
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