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  1. The wind seems to have died down here in south Leeds, the gusts seem more spaced out in time intervals (not the type) My cat Tigger is still a uneasy, she has come out from under the bed (her safe place) She's now lounging on the sofa (her normal place)
  2. Wind picking up here, playing havoc with my satelite dish the bay window is creaking a bit
  3. No snow in Belle Isle (approx 4 mile south of city centre ), just a bit of drizzle again
  4. Hi folks Just some fairly heavy rain and cold winds here the wind does seem to be picking up a bit
  5. Looks like you lot have had it a bit rough again I hope you all get a few dry days (on the outside) soon Take care all ps.up here we've had one of them no weather days
  6. Hello folks Just to say thanks for all the info and stuff you lot give out, it made my (extended) christmas stay a lot more understandable and the lessons I have learned. The good news for you flood risk people is, that it looks like with me buggering off back up north I have brought the rain with me, I'm not bothered about that as long as it falls east of the Pennines (God put them there for a reason) Thank you to Piggie Palace for putting up with me and Tigger (the cat) for a week or so longer than expected, glad it was a relatively uneventful trip up and down and no floo
  7. Hello all I'm the guest (more like git) thats staying with Piggie Palace I'd like to thank you all for the information and weather updates that you lot provide It has been an eventful journey down south and to personally see the incompetance of Southern Water has been an eye opener I thought Yorkshire Water was bad Take care eveyone and a happy new year from me and Tigger the cat
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