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  1. Blimey 66 mph winds for friday on XC weather no doubt it will change though always does
  2. I dont get it the amount of people who have died these last few weeks to do with the sea etc and people still go close to it just another accident waiting to happen.
  3. It sad to see the deaths and damage these storms bring but i hope a mighty storm comes in that makes me go wow i would take these storms over snow anyday of the week i find them awesome to watch.
  4. Sounds like it hit abit harder then predicted? from reports here what the chances of places like Hertfordshire getting hit harder later or is only northern parts worst effected?
  5. Xcweather just upgraded a tad the winds speeds for my area for friday on the other hand monday have dropped quite alot so not looking so potent for monday now?
  6. The plane before it landed at Gatwick looks like it possible to land now
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