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  1. This man will be able to tell you if it going to be a good summer. But unlike Madden he does not advertise his skills
  2. If you can get your GF to swim in the North Sea in spring in a bikini, the weather will get the message and grant us a hot summer
  3. Madden was actually spot on about this winter being one of the worst on record. Just not in the way he expected. Not a single snow drop here.
  4. I think the only ones who got this winter correct was Accuweather
  5. If February If February is like January. I hope that will be a nail in the coffin that should have been closed a long time ago. Only good thing I guess is that my relatives think I am some kind of mystic for always proving the newspapers wrong everytime. So I should be grateful for that.
  6. I second that. I actually visited his facebook page and noticed there is a cult thing going on there. Not one of his followers defends his ability, just defends his passion for the weather. Well one of my dogs has a passion for chewing loose tree bark. I guess my dog is a forestry expert. I will predict -80c vostok research station low for East Anglia in February. I will also pedict a Congo +50c scorcher for East Anglia in August. That is passion. Is it realistic no. Infact much to my annoyance. I am only expecting one frost here in January and will it snow on that day? No its a cl
  7. I thought it was you with a Molotov Cocktail outside Mcdonalds that day
  8. Liked: Summer. Was nice and warm. Disliked: November and December.Far too mild, stormy and miserable in general. Indifferent: Spring and Autumb in general, because I only like summer and winter.
  9. High today was 8c. 6.5c now. Low will be 3c. For Christmas eve 10c predicted high and 6c low Sorry. Misunderstood. Thought you were asking me.
  10. Hmm. Maybe I am missing something, but I can't see any snow even falling let alone staying on the ground in between now and New Years for East Anglia. In fact. I think I will be celebrating Christmas and New Years like those in Australia will be, in a T-shirt and Shorts. May even bring the BBQ down from the loft and have some cold beers on the Beach.
  11. For me its: Max 6c, Min 2c. Sun showers. Then on Boxing Day the temperature remains the same, but cloudy and windy. Later zombies begin appearing slowly and aimlessly wondering around and bin bags flying around all over the area with contents that should have been recycled.
  12. I know this is slightly off topic, but a great documentary about living alone in Siberian wilderness for 70 years. Lots of snow and it was filmed in winter. Maybe it will inspire the weather. I think it is a great example of how someone can survive alone in the wilderness. I am quiet rural myself, in that I brew and distill my own spirits. I also keep dogs and chickens and installed a stainless steel chimney and woods stove myself so burning a lot of cut timber from my own diy projects. When I move to a farm I plan to keep a herd of bison. Plan to move somewhere more remote within a few
  13. Well. Here is something I noticed myself that is not scientific. When there is a cold winter approaching, I have been able to smell a scent from some of my trees usually around October or November. When it is going to be a mild winter, I don't smell anything from them that year. This year I noticed the scent late November. So guessing that indicates a late start. My Apple Tree BTW still has green leaves on it. Now I don't really believe in my own method, because even the trees can get it wrong. But I am wondering if there will be a severe (not just below average) cold spell for a couple
  14. I wonder odds bookmakers are giving for a White Christmas?
  15. London on December 25 2013. Christmas lights out because the snow brought down power lines
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