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  1. Beautiful clear skies here too. I’m headed off for Maidstone shortly, it might be a different story with the skies and the roads there....
  2. A very light dusting for me in Dover. Can still see the green of the grass in the garden.
  3. Well, I might just add that I am a lurker and have very little knowledge - just in case I have made a school girl error! I got that from Wunderground in case that’s not a particularly reliable place?
  4. The storm is certainly alive and kicking here; the dog's been blown down the garden, but surprisingly the hanging baskets are hanging on for dear life!
  5. I think I read the council are going to keep the lights on at night and use LED's to save the money. Not too sure when that's starting though - I fear it won't be this year!
  6. Lovely flakes falling here in Dover, although apparently only sleet down at the docks.
  7. Thanks WI, I'll remain hopeful then and try a bit of lamppost watching later!
  8. Just been looking from the garden over the hills but no snow to be seen.
  9. Evening Stun, it's certainly been gusty here, but only the odd one audible over the sound of the news on tv and we still have a Sky connection. I'm sure we'll hear a bit more before long....
  10. Does anyone know if the storm has passed east Kent now. Wondering whether to start my journey Dover to Canterbury, or if this calm is before the storm?
  11. I thought that too Snowflake, especially in light of those 2 people swept out to see last night. Very irresponsible of Sky.
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