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  1. No, possibly not a good idea, my partner is drinking with her sister, she asked me why I’m being anti social and looking at the computer again, I said I’m just looking at models, she slapped me so don’t think that went down very well.
  2. Exactly, look at my profile picture, that was a wolf, and we got copious amounts of snow shortly afterwards.
  3. That looks like a duck looking over it’s shoulder, when the models show animal patterns snow usually follows, perhaps less scientific than some methods, but quite possibly equally as effective.
  4. Not really, just hunting for a bit of snow. I have edited it now. Got it the wrong way around.
  5. Says we have had positive AO and will switch to negative AO which could mean we will see much colder weather towards the end of the season.
  6. Yea I know the feeling, I ordered about 25% more gin in preparation, but it’s ok, unlike the rock salt, the gin may be quite useful to drown the sorrows.
  7. Yea same was just thinking I’ll have an early night, then those charts pop up, bloody weather ?
  8. You can’t have your cake and eat it, remove all the banter and one liners and you get the serious forum, which is too quiet for your liking. So you either take a quiet, more serious thread or come to the busier one and put up with it. Your choice.
  9. No thank you, some heavy snow soon, and then the lovely warmth of the spring as the days get longer.
  10. Yes it’s being delayed - but that’s not to say that it won’t end up being an epic winter, still time on our side, and all the signals give hope, it’s obviously not definite, but we have a chance, that’s enough and more than we usually get. Consolation, every day that passes is closer to spring, and spring is great.
  11. Play Saturday football too and we lost 4-3 only second loss of season to crap team, game finished about 3:45 and Liverpool where losing 1-0 at that time and of course the failed easterly as you say, not in good mood at all. Luckily we turned it around, very tense situation, cmon Huddersfield.
  12. Arsenal v Chelsea I think, I’m an LFC fan, was nervy yesterday, need Huddersfield to do us a favour today, unlikely but you never know. Who do you support? Got the snooker final to look forward to today and of course more model output lol sorry for off topic
  13. Anyway it’s all joyful and cheerful on here at the moment, we are on the upwards run of the rollercoaster ride, let’s see what happens when the next downwards slope appears. ?
  14. Well depends doesn’t it, is your comement on the weather / models detailed and technical or just a passing comment?
  15. Yes same mate, I’m not really a newbie, but have no real idea about the technical aspects of meteorology. So felt unable to contribute also, not that I have much of interest to add, but still, this is a good idea.
  16. With respect, the way it was before was not working, to many off topic posts and banter on a thread that was for serious model discussion, now at least you can chat in a more relaxed way about the models or go to the other if you want a more detailed serious chat. Good idea imo.
  17. Could anyone explain why the ECM was so good this morning and then less than several hours later flipped to show a much less satisfactory offering, what was the cause?
  18. The baby is up and running and turning into quite a beast.
  19. Another good run from the models this afternoon, even the UKMO on board now. And it’s all moving into the reliable. Looks like it’s game on.
  20. Looking forward in the near future to hopefully getting into the stage where we all congregate in our regionals and get down to some radar watching. Here are a few saved from Feb / March 18 to whet the appetite, all snow circulating in the low to the channel. Epic times. Could be a memorable spell coming up soon also, everything crossed.
  21. Latest from the Met UK Outlook for Saturday 2 Feb 2019 to Saturday 16 Feb 2019: The cold weather will continue as we head through the first half of February. There is a greater risk of seeing snow at lower levels as well as on the hills. Some drier and brighter periods are possible in the northwest, but in the south there is a chance of weather fronts approaching which bring a risk of rain, sleet and perhaps significant snow at times. https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/forecast
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