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  1. At least in with a shout then! Ill take that right now, Thank You.
  2. Cant really read the charts, is there any luck for the south west please? Rather snow starved down here, 2010 being the last significant event.
  3. http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/features/42657127 intresting forecast, I know he says the top third of the country will see snow, but a slight shift south and we could be in luck.
  4. Awesome thanks for sharing - most of what I have read has alluded to snow being in the north on elevated grounds.
  5. Living south of the M4 and seeing all this snow chat and knowing your going to miss out again
  6. Thats great Thank you for taking the time to reply! Hope your right
  7. For the south? Can you expand a touch for a newbie thanks
  8. Ok thank you for that - no idea what the models mean, but am strangely addicted anyway. Judging by the reactions to the last one it's looking good, lets hope the pub run one continues the trend
  9. When does the next model come out please, is it about ten? Thanks
  10. Proper snow here, slowed down a little now but some has settled, makes me want more, loving it
  11. Slight upgrade as we move closer to the event! Good sign Bbc weather report just said winds of 60mph for tomorrow. Should be an intresting day.
  12. Crazy for any extreme weather! Always head down to the seafront when there is a good storm on, gets wild down there. But a bit of thunder snow, that is damn exciting.Let it snow :-) Thank You, it's a toss up between Torquay and Taunton tonight. Partner lives in Somerset.
  13. Torquay, feeling cold, overcast with light rain. Am thinking about travelling up to Somerset this evening. Who has the best chance of snow? Torquay V Taunton?
  14. Sat on Torquay seafront, been raining heavily for the last two hours, starting to get quite gusty, but nothing worse than you would see in the winter.
  15. No one is wishing for death and destruction. Just looking forward to viewing what nature throws our way.
  16. It's not due yet, it does not arrive in the SW till 12ish, so will be later where you are.
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