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  1. evening all, rough night last night, no damage near me but heard some strong winds last night after 3am. Sad to hear about the deaths that this storm caused. Hope everyone is fine. Interesting week ahead with the potential for another storm
  2. afternoon all, going to guess the storm is still on. Haven't been able to check today but has their been a downgrade? Also how do you think London will cope with this? thanks.
  3. don't know much about this stuff but isn't that it developing on the top right? sorry if I'm wrong
  4. would probably be better to wait for morning when updated charts come out given us a clearer view
  5. haha, not sure I'll manage to get to sleep at that time. Thanks all for the welcomes and look forward to learning a lot from everyone
  6. thanks for all the information and I'll be sure to checkout the guides. I'm on half term this week and usually do tend to stay up very late (4-5am ) so will be able to see this storm unfold
  7. Thanks for the welcome Yeah, very interesting to see what will happen as things can easily change Also, not sure who'll be able to answer this question but is there a possible chance of a sting jet like in 1987? Sorry if it's been asked
  8. Hello all, not sure where to introduce myself. Anyways, looking around for talks about the storm we're expecting to see Sunday night/ Monday morning I managed to stumble across this forum. I'm 13 years old so don't know a lot about the weather although hoping to learn from you guys So anyways, I'm looking forward to the storm as long as people take note of the warnings and don't get hurt, stay safe everyone and enjoy the weather if you can
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