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  1. Weather warnings all around and Peterborough is in the white gap. Gutted
  2. seems looking at peoples charts Peterborough will miss out again. we had about 5 mins of wet snow last night.
  3. hey all been on and off most of this morning not heavy tho looks like Emma is going to miss us all in our region and stay more west so the Met Office say not sure f I would like to be in the red zone
  4. Had a good covering I'm in orton if the pink blob heads as it is should get another good covering
  5. hey good dusting just over Orton now. how do you think we will do for rest of the week? Very pleased after a disappointing night to see snow falling
  6. can anyone tell me why the band of snow showers approaching Peterborough break up and go round us then re join at the other side please? seems to have done that a lot of times over past couple of days thanks
  7. Peterborough been downgraded by met office. Does anyone think we will get anymore tonight? Thanks
  8. We had a few snow showers today, but I think we will miss out as per norm for a good dusting. Be happy to be proved wrong tho
  9. snowing very small hard pellet like flakes and its turned colder and windy now
  10. which part of Peterborough are you? I'm in Orton and saw a few flakes this morning but now in my office with no windows. do you think we will do well this week or will they miss us like normal
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