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  1. and look what happened in winter 2010. ?? deep freeze,- 2009 and 2005 need refreshing cant remember tbh...
  2. http://youtu.be/BG7UL9NfP8c this guy invented cool he could sing the Chinese menu
  3. twin peaks thats old skool tv stuff
  4. make a change, Elvis Presley was the man.
  5. ugly woman, em susan boyle
  6. yeah andy Warhol.and im still waiting for my 15 mintues you total bar steward
  7. led zeppelin. chuck berry jerry lee lewis a piano nut case lol
  8. most music is crap today, rappers cant sing that's why they rap. what happened when bands were bands and rock rocked, like THE WHO, ROLLING STONES THE BEATLES, PINK FLOYDE, MOTOR HEAD, the list goes on,,, when bands were exciting, factor is not exciting,
  9. you know that. its just not rock n roll. total rubbish
  10. ive just got rid of a bad apple,
  11. ive just eat a big slab of choclate,
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