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  1. 4 Posts in a min lol Mind next week and Cold at 20 Oct???
  2. The warm air IF it happens will/should stop the snow in its tracks so lets see,models can be wrong and change day to day.
  3. Yet It will stop the snow cover in europe/russia in its tracks if it does happen there will be no snow in norway,eastern europe,western russia and may push the snow back.So its is a setback if it does happen yet models can change from day to day,lets see what happens.
  4. Darn it Brian Gaze New buzz could stop snow/ice in its tracks and maybe push it back http://www.theweatheroutlook.com/twoother/latest.aspx
  5. Thanks for getting my hopes up i hope one heck of a snowfall MIGHT happen.
  6. Your right St.austell is a coastal town/city I Live in penwithick Which is 2c colder sometimes 3c/4c Then st.austell,Back in 2010 When St.austell have rain/sleet/rare covering of snow when penwithick have snow/blizzards 2cm+.So When will there be any snow in penwithick this winter 2013/14
  7. So looks like a beast from the east then a Heater from the west.
  8. Since there may be a Cold Winter will there be any cold,snowfall this winter since cornwall doesn't get a load of snowfall.
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