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  1. Time has gone quickly this year Next thing you know it will the winter solstice
  2. A interesting one to say the least Awesome model viewing regardless, hopefully the models continue in terms of the warmth, definitely deserve it
  3. Hello admins, could I possibly creat a thread about the ongoing situation in Israel?

  4. As long as it's dry that's the main thing ☺️
  5. Knowing our luck it goes to Greece/Turkey... Again
  6. Can confirm it's snowing just outside St Austell here Looking at the radar been under the current snow shower for around a hour There's a smaller band to the south going up but looks unlikely to go here The wind is definitely something though making the snow drift in places
  7. There's always something that has to prevent something special 😞
  8. That's okay I was referring to Next week in regards to the cold air still being around
  9. Seems that Mild air makes a landing in the Far South west for a vacation That's us out of the game
  10. Out of interest what happened with the GFS(P) I haven't seen been posted in quite some time? Has it upgraded again Another question though UKMO is too far east is it better then this morning's?
  11. Yellow Warning For Snow and Ice For Cornwall,Devon,Dorset,Plymouth,Somerset and Torbay Warning takes effect from midnight till 11am tomorrow morning
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