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  1. I wonder where the GFS (not the GFS P) Is to what's the news on that ?
  2. Through that is true and hopefully this time around the ECM is wrong in this case However what can not be denied is this deep cold / Greenland has been going going and gone
  3. If i'm correct doesn't the ICON starting running at 9pm then 18z (GFS,ECM) 9.30PM? Hopefully something better for the pubs
  4. Only thing would say is that the NH pattern is in our favour for any cold down the line but I will agree with you if something won't verify in 5 days what's their to 10 ? It's all bound to change so I would say it can get cold if the models starting picking up...
  5. Most of the models showing ok to poor for uk cold for the meantime infact the odd one or go to mild southish winds To think we were seeing 2010 Winter style to this it's a heck of a roller coaster It will get cooler(colder?) from next week but its starting to look like normal temps or maybe even mild for the time of year However we should not give up hope just yet 1 GFS(P) still brings cold to a point 2 We have 18z runs and the next few days if this is the new trend instead of the colder spell after the eastrly so anything can happen
  6. Comparing the charts to a few days in general it's been a downgrade sadly though we may get a cold/very cold spell at the end of the month All things considered we have a mostly trend of cold and blocked around Iceland / Greenland Please correct me if I'm wrong
  7. Can't we all just get along Okay the GFS has downgraded a bit and a models have turned to ECM a bit It's the trend we want and that is cold As far as we could know maybe the ECM could go into GFS land a few days ago so who knows We shouldn't start a war over it
  8. Sorry for quote you on this What are you throughts of the GFS Vs ECM winning as it's 50/50 now ?
  9. I think I misunderstand here what do you mean by horrible? It's looks cold ?
  10. I can't seem to quote some of the posts so I have to do it this way Yes the ECM is not good for the UK at the moment it's one run and all go worse or better the next The end of day the weather will do as it wishes even if we don't like it So far GFS JMA etc have been upgrades to a point Let's all stay friendly as I'm sure the people who are viewing this right don't want to see this argument
  11. Looks like the Polar Vortex is going to have a mortal Kombat Fatality
  12. From what I can see through its not helped with a cut image first to me has high pressure around Scandinavia as the second one seems to have moved to Greenland ? As I said can't see the full images
  13. Quite a decent GFS pub run tonight it's better then the ECM put it that way