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  1. With most of the cold spell and eventful two days it's now very much time that we look for a next chance of getting a cold spell At the moment there's a fair bit of dis trust because the models and thus the weather hasn't gotten us the goods we need Of course the famous words know as background signals through are on our side hasn't really lucked out We should remember with all being unusual that we shouldn't go out too far out and anything could pop out of nowhere no matter if it's cold or mild We still have this month and possibly march but as people had said time is running out and if there's no action taken it's goodbye to this winter but let's not take anything for granted
  2. After a great day and a suprise by snow truly since before mid day it has started to melt through I am happy that we had a fair bit of snow fall especially for this region of Cornwall Really happy for you guys as well. They may be some winty showers tonight and tomorrow morning but as the max temps are rising now it just be a moment if that Hopefully the next hunt for snow won't be long in a years time XD Through things don't look so good at the moment with models but with its uncertainty I don't bet a thing
  3. That band just west of Cornwall is weaking even more and it's slowed down think that's it
  4. Looking by the rader that's look qutie heavy for some places if it keeps it up just about or is making it self know around Penzance/Helston looks to be getting heavy from then on..Could be the main event for cornwall? Issue is i don't think many of us is going to be around to witness it XD
  5. I think it will I don't know if it's just me it's looks weaker computed a hour ago but it should make land regardless Think I'm not going to get the heaviest though
  6. Do you mean something for saturday? Yeah let's hope we get some extra tasty snow
  7. It's just the matter of if it gets here/does it retain it's power Should be hear in a matter of hours?
  8. Some quite heavy showers coming in from the west hopefully they come to me (Cornwall)
  9. Really happy this afternoon dispete a lot of rain till about 3.00-3.30 then it snowed had a really decent covering and it has caused hacok i wonder what is in store tomoorow ?
  10. So near st Austell but I'm on high ground (200m) so what are my chances of even getting snowfall
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