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  1. ECM "you expecting a northerly?" Nah why don't you have some lovely mild lush instead
  2. ECM rolling out now? Let's see what's in store
  3. Hopefully this Easterly will second lucky but meh who knows Time is running out for a cold spell unfortunately we better start getting luck soon
  4. Have to agree with this as a few days even it was a fair bit busier but now it's like ermmmm empty ? Not to mention it's confusing knowing the post where
  5. You're kidding me right ? We're back to looking at FI land again which over 95% never comes close... Time is nearly up for this winter
  6. We shall soon find if it's enough which I don't think will be the case unfortunately
  7. Just because the BFTE isn't happening doesn't mean it won't snow per Tuesday event and next week
  8. Before we say it's game over ? Is it not best to see what the ECM does this weekend before it's really over ? A fair bit of bad moods around this morning they I can understand why since there was a heaven of cold just to be sent to below
  9. It seems we are having quite a wobble with the models Gone is the beast from the east or the cold spell which brought back the memories of yesteryear Now depending on which models you are looking at GFS/UKMO still show a decent cold spell but not what it showed a few days ago ECM is pretty much worse with just a tap and you will miss it However there is still time till it's a done deal is it not ? Give it to this weekend before making a decision if it's get better or worse the weather will do what it wants End of story
  10. Great Run From The GFS and a fair improvement on the GFSP so far as we speak However I'm still not getting excited for two reasons Once it's in very reliable timeframe Two The ECM has to come on board since the GFS has been not so great lately.
  11. Unfortunately I don't see that it's just about enough that it doesn't go all hay wire intact by 144 less cold air trying to take back the UK from the SW
  12. No question about it in just a hours time we see either it sticking to its guns or joins some if not to a flatter pattern
  13. Personally I see a VERY important ECM tonight It needs to stay on track but it's starts going off track I think its best to say that this so called beast from the east will be just a cold spell GFS Ensembles also support earlier run with a Westerly this is not done deal by a long short