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  1. Aurora in the Urals during the night December 20, timelapse and live: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05No79Ej93c
  2. I congratulate everyone on amazing auroras! I watched it all night at 57°N, Russia, Irbit city. Here are my pictures: And timelapse:
  3. Hi everyone from Russia! Sorry for my Google Translate Recently I discovered that the aurora even for small perturbations of the magnetosphere is available to watch on my latitude (57 ° N.), not the most northerly. I to periodically review map with the aurora. During its planned viewing evening on November 16, I found that the southern boundary of aurora gets to the 60th parallel: Indexes of magnetic storms showed the following values: I grabbed my camera, tripod and went to shoot. Eyes really could not see anything, but the photo was something. Ideal conditions for shooting were
  4. On the night of 12-13 september, aurora was observed in large parts of Russia. I am first time in life able to observe this beautiful phenomenon, and to photograph it. 57°40′N, Irbit
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