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  1. You did read it but you interoperated my post completely wrongly, you obviously don't understand this subject at all - it seems to confuse you. Thought someone your age would have had more wisdom, you lack it. Maybe you are a holocaust denier? Of course I question the 6 million that may have died. 6 million is just a "ball park" figure. it may be much different than that. Like I say in the war many people were left with no family. There was no DNA testing in those days either to find out exactly who died in a concentration camp.
  2. What I meant was there's a number of studies that show different numbers of deaths. None really show the exact number, it is IMPOSSIBLE for us to know the exact number. Some people died who had no family, so next time read my posts carefully before posting.
  3. It is - but only when it suits their cause and political ideology. One thing that does strike me is how gay people and non gays rarely criticise muslims, yet these are the countries that have more severe punishments/death for gays than any other. Now that is oppression. Very odd indeed.
  4. Nothing more to say on the Manchester ens other than wet and temps around average if slightly above at times.
  5. I think if it was a made a criminal offence it would be a further demise of free speech so no. Personally I don't deny the holocaust happened but I am dubious as to how many Jews actually died. I guess we won't ever fully know the true figure though. Some people make the point of more military soldiers died on the battlefield than people died in any gassing camps. Again it's a foggy one to judge.
  6. Well some people just don't like difference, some people vehemently hate Brussel sprouts or people with ginger hair - it doesn't mean they think they are one. Personally in my case I'm not "vehemently" anti gay, I wouldn't go as far as murdering gays like has been the case or anything like that. Also it's funny how gays use your quote quite often as a way to counter so called "homophobia" do they think it will make straight guys who dislike gays go away? or do gays perhaps think they can "have" any straight guy? Although I understand some straight women also dislike gays, so not unheard of in that respect either. But yes I am homophobic.....and if people don't like that?....with a lot of things in life you can't please everyone with your view point. It's just the way it is. You just gotta move on to new pastures.
  7. They can be put similar categories as black people do constitute the gay community as well, hence why they say pc or multicultural and diversity training - it's all entwined. Unless you are being racist?
  8. Yeah so what if I'm homophobic, who cares, I'm sure I'll live another day.
  9. If they were tolerated they wouldn't of got a negative sort of response and who's most people? most people in here or in the street?. To be fair most posts in this area are not deleted unless swearing/threats are being made. Can't gay people be black too? oh dear looks like you put yourself in it again. Yes just 1. And "equality" has been unacceptable to people since the dawn of time.
  10. Well you don't give out much evidence for them to believe you anyway LOL Right wing views are not tolerated on this subject, at least not welcome, but hey that's free speech I give - awww not nice is it nasty free speech attacking gays? Still people were happier in a society that was far less pc. No. Its' because multiculturalism/diversity is an experiment which for the most part has failed, even top politicians have said so and more are coming out with it. And don't expect people to be tolerant of the attitude of gays.
  11. True, and most people are certainly not as happy as they were or their parents were 30,40,50 years ago. I guess multicultural/diverse Britain isn't all so gooey and cuddly as some desperately want to make out, it has certainly not made people better people, arrogance and selfishness is everywhere. I have come across loads and loads of elderly people and they say this country has gone to the dogs through the forcing of far left ideology in all aspects of our lives, in fact I hear more and more younger people getting fed up with it each year that goes by. Common sense has completely gone out the window and in turn we have forced policies of the "Frankfurt school" where if you disagree or have a different opinion you are ridiculed and attacked.
  12. You sure about that? I thought only people with left wing views can comment on this subject? lol and indeed the same can be said for what you say too, your never right and I don't like gays - free speech
  13. But that what leftists want.......people who have a different opinion to be quiet and be trampled on, nah not me. People have got to speak out and stop being soft.
  14. I don't give a monkey's fart about gay rights so I won't waste 2:51 secs of my life with that video. Yes it is in all respects Oh yeah course I do, in fact I read most newspapers. You see it gives a more balanced outlook and you can see all things instead of burying ones head in the sand at the things you don't want to see.
  15. I find it odd that you find that odd. Because I don't know anyone who is gay and I do know quite a lot of people. So that is not an odd thing to me it's just the way it is in regard to my friendships/family
  16. Oh sorry......... serious banter I meant
  17. Into mind reading now are we? you're just not good at it
  18. Errrrrrrrrr How do you or any of us know they are gay if they are "closeted?"
  19. To be honest I don't think "homophobia" truly exists. How can it be that bad when only 1.5% of the UK population is gay that we know of? The odds of meeting someone who is gay or encountering "homophobia" are quite low going by that statistic alone. So the programs on "homophobia" should be thrown in the bin as a waste of money. Also all this gay sex education to little kiddies is sick and thoroughly unpleasant. Most would probably have nightmares at the thought of two grown men at it.
  20. Bet that's rough if you're at sea overall a rubbish set of models so far this evening if you are looking for dryness - it's the same record played over and over since December.
  21. We hear it often enough so it is enough evidence. Unless I'm going unexpectedly deaf.
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