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  1. It does seem to happen quite often in August yes. A half hearted jet stream giving the north and west wet spells and an equally half hearted azores high giving south and east breezy sticky sunny spells and cloud. No chance of tstorms,proper heat or useful rain. As you say,bland.
  2. Your emogis are bigger than your melons!
  3. Yes,certainly autumnal feel this evening even here in the south.I ve always had the feeling we would get an early autumn this year.
  4. I think looking at the models and the met outllook,sunmer is over,apart from down here where we may have another one or two hottish spells. Autumn soon to arrive oooop north.
  5. Perfect day! 21c and cloudy. Going to hit the allotment! Looking let a wet one tommorow.
  6. Very true,3 months of drought and virtually unbroken sunshine should di most people in reality. This isn't Spain or Italy!! Spectacular cool diwn though,only 10c here this morning,fabulously fresh,lawns and patks ciming back to life. Great to see. Heavy showers and thunderstorms forecast for this area today.
  7. Had 11mm of rain today followed by one almighty thunderstorm this evening,awesome lightning! Chilly now in London at 12c. What a change but a very interesting day of weather. Hopefully more to come.
  8. Well according to the Daily Express, this evening was as nothing to what we are about to endure... "Britain to face tornado hell" so thats it,its under the stairs for me!!! Take care everyone!!
  9. Another quality shot. Shows what I was saying earlier about the forked lightning,just something else!!
  10. Great shot mate!! Yes,reckon that was the one we were under here just now.
  11. Yup,the electrified stuff seems to be running through south london into north kent.
  12. Great little display that,didn't last very long,15mins, but some great lightning,helped by the amazing cloud formations this evening.Totally unexpected.Thought earlier one was all we get this evening.
  13. Yes!! Second storm about to let rip here in SW19,very loud thunder,huge raindrops,not too heavy yet! Good CC lightning now too....today been a weather watchers dream.
  14. Yes,got 9mm here so not bad. According to Met South East outlook going to be heavy showers tommorow, sunday evening and again monday. Saturday looks dry at the minute so you should be able to get out and about for a while.
  15. Yes,they possibly/maybe/could/perhaps/chance dont cope well when the weather is coming uo from the south or in from the east.