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  1. This heatwave is going well.
  2. I wonder will we get another storm in London between 1-3am. Looks possible.The number of times that has happened over the last few years is incredible.
  3. Strange storm last night. Torrential rain between about 2 and 3.30. Several booms of thunder and very bright lightening. Local park flooded earlier.
  4. Proper torrential rain now,little storm still banging away like a good'un. I suppose thats what they mean by isolated
  5. Loud thunder here now,wind getting up,no rain as yet,clouds seem quite "light' given the amount of thunder.
  6. Gone very dark here,could be a shower on way,some interesting cloudscapes too. At least its a break from the glaring blue sky monotony. Hopefully a good dollop of rain over next few days from storms. Perfect day for outdoor working.
  7. Great result FA Cup final Rubbish game mind.
  8. No but she could bleat on when the mood took her. Ooops,weather report, 21.4c and Zzzzzsunny.
  9. This weather reminds me if my ex. Nice and pretty but boring and monotonous.
  10. Leave Megan Markle's family out of this....
  11. T-shirt?? Must be warmer up NWLon than down here! At least theres a huge decrease in the numbers of flip flops,hairy toes and bulbous ankles on show today. Someone on MOD thread calling a hot and sunny August.
  12. Met longer range and charts going for the usual fare well into June.Generally very good summery weather down here in south with the odd thunderstorm. Unsettled midlands northwards with the usual rainy spells and average temperatures. Could it be yet another bust summer midlands northwards? Very possible imo.
  13. Yes,far too many emogis on there. Wonder who will be first to use the middle finger one! 11.6 here,beautiful morning,could be some thundery downpours over weekend.