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  1. Even fog would be more exciting than this. Coming up to 7 months of almost continuous high pressure dominated weather, with just the odd blip in between. No end in sight either. Boring, boring boring. 18.8c today!!!! Like, really????
  2. Wimbledon88

    Winter 2018/19

    Interesting about John Hammond. Wondered where he had got to. Can't see him setting up with a bunch of charlatans. I must check his website. Cheers for the info.
  3. I think they are getting quite giddy over the prospect of two weeks of high pressure.... Again!
  4. Yes, a good dose of rain over weekend. Ground rather wet underfoot now, time to say hello to autumn and then winter. About time. Summer hanging on nearby though.
  5. Oh congratulations mate. I expect you and hubby should get a dry warm day.... Lucky for October. Good job it wasn't last Saturday.
  6. I'd say you ll be OK for Saturday, quite warm too by looks of it though may be a wet evening.
  7. Wimbledon88

    Winter 2018/19

    If I never see another effing flip flop it ll be too soon. Problem with London is they can appear at any time.
  8. Fair play to you for having such radical views on a weather enthusiasts site. I've more or less been hounded off the SE thread for such contravesial opinions.
  9. Hopefully mate, but I ll believe it when I see it. 23c today in the capital... Bonkers for October.
  10. Indeed. Look at the state of that!!
  11. Gone dull now after bright start. Mild though at 17.8. Met backing away from any meaningful rain for the forceeable. Looks like we heading for autumn drought, never goes news in the south east.
  12. I certainly hope so. Though we need that blasted HP to our south/south west to finally do one. We don't want that type of 'blocking', we ll just end up with this. Dank and breezy this morning, 13.2c...no rain despite some being forecast.
  13. This is weird Rainbow?!?? No rain on any radar....
  14. Fairly boring day today weatherwise. 15.2 max in the capital. Sunny spells. Chilly evening ahead look like, ideal for allotment bonfire. Autumn now. Could be stormy next weekend, proper autumn weather.
  15. Wimbledon88

    What did you think of Summer 2018?

    Glad too see the back of it to be honest. Tediously samey for weeks/months on end without even a good storm to mix things up a bit. Nope, for me anyway, goodbye summer 2018,you won't be missed. Let's get some proper weather now.