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  1. Proper Sunday soaking on way for the south. Probably Saturday too but Sunday looks a proper washout. Quite unusual for this time of the year which in itself is interesting. Little prospect of any improvement till late next week according to BBC /METEO last night.
  2. I wonder, given the hopeless inaccuracy of weather forecasts, are forecasters like those chaps on the model thread? They see what they want to see.
  3. Bring back accurate weather forecasting! MCS indeed. Just some rain. I suggest some of the experts ( drama queens) on here don't give up the day job. 😂😂
  4. Not in Bridlington it won't. Fool. 🤣 Anyway, I was being ironic. Now back to your Yorkshire thread!
  5. Yup, totally agree with you about the London bit. I think we got lucky this last few days temperature wise maxes of just 26/27 and thankfully the nights have been pretty cool,so far.
  6. Perfect weather for working the allotment. Took the day off work expecting a bit of drizzle but heavier rain a bonus. Perfect given the recent warm weather and the fact that next week looks mostly dry and sunny.
  7. There's a serious amount of banking going on in the mad thread this morning.
  8. Mid twenties in London in June is hardly a big deal. Quite pleasant. Nothing exceptional. If it were mid 30s I would understand the excitement.
  9. Raining here in SW London despite forecast being for totally dry day. Deary me!
  10. 23c now counts as HOT in the world of the Met Office. Goodness me. Its no wonder th C C brigade are in a panic. 🤣
  11. The rain and cloud don't bother me that much. Its the fact that you have to put a jacket on to nip out to the garden for a cheeky smoke in the middle of May in London... now that annoys me! Can't remember anything like it.
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