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  1. Yes he is indeed. Let the Azores High hunt begin.
  2. Thought it was supposed to be wet and windy this morning? Met still saying "wet and windy early" Lovely morning here in SW19 8.2c
  3. Brilliant! Just goes to show how crap those forecasts/graphics/forecasters are. And why do female forecasters on local tv all look like social grievance warriors nowadays.
  4. Nice bit of kit that. They should be ready for planting out in a few weeks. I grew Scotch Bonnet chillies last year,hot buggers! Just going spuds on the allotment this year,was going to put in the earlies this weekend but can't see myself planting spuds and it snowing on me! I ll leave it a few weeks now.
  5. I agree with both. However,there is so many excellent sources of weather information out there that the beeb is becoming irrelevant. They haven't really moved with the times. Fabulous day today,11c already. Could be some snow about at the weekend,always good to see. Would prefer it in Dec/Jan/Feb mind. Winter has had its chance.
  6. Yes indeed,so much for the light showers forecast yesterday. Bloody cold too. 4.8c
  7. Or indeed during the day!
  8. Well that's the end of the cold spell. Pretty good,not brilliant but more interestingly shows that we can still get very cold weather and snow,and if things had have been more synoptically favorable,it could have been epic. The snow in central London was amazing though. Next few weeks not without interest either,certainly wont be boring anyway.
  9. Agreed,been a 6/10 round here,huge potential though!Mores the pity given the dewpoints have been consistently so low,they have always been our downfall round London/SE in otber cold spells.One thing that I have never seen before is increasing snow amounts the closer you go to central London.Certainly the most interesting thing about recent days.Earls Court looked resplendent,who'd have thought!! Another thought that I have had over the last few days is that its early March now and winter had its chance for the last 2/3 months ago,time to look forward to a bit of spring warmth and getting the allotment sorted. Now that I've said that we ll be buried in snow tommorow evening.
  10. Didn't get much here in SW London today,about 1cm but not that bothered. Two things about this 'Hysteria from Siberia' spell. Firstly,it ll stop the 'large teapot' brigade moaning that it does'nt snow or get cold anymore. Secondly,i just think there are more surprises for this neck of the woods even next week.I have always been if the opinion that even IF the Atlantic train were to start again and push weather systems across us it looks like there will be a pool of cold air to our noth anyway that will most likely be pulled south.We havent done to bad in situafions like that in the past few years,or indeed December just gone. Fun times ahead.
  11. Decided today,no radar,no forums,no will it wont it,just let the weather do what its going to do. Reverse psychology! Didnt get much but better than nought. It was quite nice not knowing when the snow was going to start or indeed stop. Will do the same later in the week too,its much more fun imho!
  12. Good to see beeb still going for something major at the end of the week. They have been pretty spot on so far with this much over hyped spell of chilly weather.
  13. Warning area runs right through my back garden. Should be safe enough out the front.B-)
  14. Yes indeed. Looks like the beeb/metogroup may have been right all along. Which,to be fair,is good to know for the future.
  15. Yes,looking like a bit of a non event for most of the region now,amazing changes in forecast over the last day. Shame really. Maybe it was being too hyped for too long anyway.