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  1. Im quite enjoying this cool damp weather. Nice and refreshing. It cant be sunny and hot all the time. This is the Uk, not the Mediterranean. It ll end up being a fairly average summer down here in the SE. Miserable from the Midlands northwards though.
  2. Yes, some proper rain at last. Not your fleeting shower type. Will do the soil and vegetation on my allotment wonders. Looking pretty damp for the next few days. Quite humid though at 19c today in the capital.
  3. I think its now time to call Summer 2020. With the latest model downgrade i think we can confidently say Summer 2020 will be summarised as follows: SE England SW England South Midlands Average with some brief warmer spells. Midlands and Wales Poor summer overall with above average number of wet dull spells. Scotland N England N Ireland Well below average temperatures and above average rainfall.
  4. All runs definitely going for a NW/SE split by this time next week.
  5. Yes, a distinct lack of thunder in London this so called summer so far, despite met forecasting it quite regularly. Someone has just said that our Met Service are the best in the world. LMFHO!!! On the MAD thread mind you. They may aswell be forecasting the weather on Mars this last few days for the London area imo.
  6. Yes, you guys up there will always get a good deluge at some stage. Down here we can go weeks on end without a drop. That's what irks me with folk in the winter that complain about the rain, or anything that isnt snow! We need the blinking rain!!! Nice commute to work by the way mate. ?
  7. Surprisingly not actually. The reservoirs serving the London area are about 92% full as off the end of May. The Thames Water website has all the info. Winter was very wet and they seem to have sorted out their leak problems.
  8. Hang in there! This hideous heat will be all over tommorow, thank god! ?
  9. The 00z and fax definitely paint an unsettled and changeable picture right out to 6/7 days. Just heard some weather bod on LBC london mention wet and autumnal. Still, we've had some nice weather so can't complain. Atlantic taking over now.
  10. Just a hotish June day in London. 31.2c. Nothing exceptional. Cools down from tommorow.
  11. Yes, as i predicted, the crazy high temperatures forecast for the region earlier in the week have been watered down. I suspect somewhere may get to 32c but wont be widespread. Fairly standard June fare for the SE. Two hot days and a rumble of thunder. I do wish they would bring back the laughter emoji.... just for the Mad thread.
  12. Great pictures as ever. Postcard stuff! We don't get much photograhic opportunities like that down here in the land of bland.
  13. Late Thursday and certainly Friday will see quite alot of high and mid level cloud which will surpress the temperature somewhat. I would say max 31c somewhere just NE of London. Much cooler and more mixed afterwards.
  14. Fairly normal June day in the capital at 21c with sunny spells. Very pleasant actually with a nice breeze. Quite alot of hysteria elsewhere on the site about the heat later this week. 2 days of temps above 30c in SE in June is hardly exceptional.
  15. Yes indeed. Looking increasingly likely it will be a very brief hot spell focused mostly on the south and east. Unsettled mostly, from midlands northwards. Cooler for all next weekend and beyond.
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