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  1. Yes, I ll always remember the great snow flake of 16.12pm on 22 January.
  2. Bless it its trying it's best here in SW London. Massive wet flakes mixed in the cold rain.
  3. Light rain here in Wimbledon.
  4. It's about to hit.... Whatever 'It' will be?!
  5. Cold rain is my prediction for later. No snow. Not intense enough anyway looking at the radar. Up to 7c in the capital. Possibly go a bit higher. I think I ll go back to looking forward to storms and rain. At least you know where you are with that type of weather. Weekend looking quite wet according to met forecast.
  6. True. But at least in previous winter's we had low pressure areas passing over or near the country. There was always the chance that a slight build of pressure to the North would start to push them to our south and then it could potentially be game on. I know most folk on here despise storms wind and rain but at least it's something to keep the interest up. I mentioned on the Moans thread last week with the limpet high to our W/SW, bugger all was going to happen. That didn't go down well in there. And here we are, chasing sleet. However, it is only January 21st.....lots and lots of time yet. 2 months in fact. And as last March thought us(admitedly the first few days) you can have crisp powder snow even on the pavements in Central London.
  7. I just had a look at the MET'S weather for the week ahead. All fairly benign and mild with now no guarantee that it gets colder at the end of the weekend. The slug High is in control as it has been and looks like continuing to do so. Vert little rain in the forecast too which could become a problem further on. Very little anything.... ZZZZZZZZ.
  8. Wtf, I see they have opened Spring 2019 Moans Ramps and Chat forum. On January 21st!!!! We are witnessing this site's slow painful demise into utter madness.
  9. Indeed. And on the back of it read Told You So. Mr Bett called it right all along, remained his normal calm dull and boring self all through last week and didn't get overly excited like some of his met office colleagues. They must be feeling rather foolish now. I must try and get into this forecasting mularky. You can clearly be rubbish yet keep your job!!?
  10. Over? No, because it was never going to happen.
  11. Just wondering something that I'm sure some more learned members could answer. If the synoptics for mid to late next week fall in to place and we get N easterly or easterly,will europe have become much colder by then? At the moment northern Europe, apart from scandanavia isn't that cold. I'm sure I'd find the answer on the MAD thread but I'm off to the pub and can't be harrised.
  12. Proper soaking rain now in South London.A welcome change. Feeling colder too. Proper weather at last.
  13. Well it looks like most of Europe is warming up too so we are not alone with this tedious winter. I thought the experts were predicting that Europe would 'be in the freezer' by this week. Gotta laugh. Well at least we are finally going to get some useful rain in these parts.
  14. Sorry @Froze were the Days I can delete your previous message!!.
  15. For anyone who doesn't realise the level of bonkers that exists on this site, have a quick look in the Meto 16-30 day outlook pages. The over reaction is something else. I mean really????? I have never seen such utter tosh. Experts one and all. Not.