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  1. Hi Tonyh, I made my screen very cheaply I don't think I spent more than £30 and most of that was on paint. Geoff Construction of this screen is a 1/4 inch base framed with 2x2 on it's underside the louver panels are constructed from bi-folding door (it took 3 doors to make the 4 double panels they were then screwed to the base the 1st roof is made from 1/2 inch ply as is the second roof they are separated by 4 threaded bars and quiet a few nuts and bolts to give it the spacing I used 4 lengths of 2x2 6ft long for the legs these are screwed to the screen with coach bolts then they are
  2. Hi Tony, I am still keeping an eye out still for spikes in the readings, I have to say since Steve mentioned about the roof of the screen and I changed the design there has not been much difference, I'm not sure if you have seen the earlier pic's of the screen but it was just a single sheet roof. Geoff
  3. Hi just an update on my screen I have now turned the screen so the door is no longer facing south, the other thing I have changed is I have added another roof about 2-3" above the existing one as It was mentioned on another forum that the readings may be compromised by the sun hitting the main roof or snow sitting on it for that matter anyway here is a pic of the SS now Geoff
  4. Hi I have the VP2 Pro also I have recently put up a Stevenson screen I do not have a fan aspirated system however I have found no real difference in the readings although our back garden is south facing and get very hot, I did think of putting a fan aspirated system in but decided against as the cost far out reaches the benefits in the uk anyway Geoff
  5. Any help with would be appreciated also what software is being used in mobile weather stations, thanks Geoff
  6. Thinking of getting another weather station that would be good for moving around in the car so I can get to some sites that seem to get the best or worst depending on the way you see it I know as weather watchers we want the toughest weather the uk can produce. I have A davis vp2 pro set up at base I know this is a great station but I don't really want to go to that kind of expense really. I do still have My n96gy maplins weather station I could use but I really want some more ideas I have a lap top that can go with whatever I choose. Geoff
  7. Hi all not sure if this is the right place to put this but here goes, I am going to do the skywarn test I am looking at it and as I see it looks to me if I need to do the spotter training core module is says there are more modules available so my question is it just the one you need to do and pass as I see it you only get the one shot at this one before moving on to the skywarn spotter test were you get 3 attempts, can you safe the test to the computer and do it in your own time or do you need to do them in one shot. I would ask these questions on the skywarn sight itself however I am still aw
  8. I have just built my own Stevenson Screen so thought I would share some pic's of it.
  9. It's a shame really that I have misunderstood as I am disabled housebound and spend all day at my computer uploading information every few minutes to weather sites all over from my davis vp2 and Stevenson screen , I don't have much free cash to spend on this Geoff
  10. Thanks it turned out well made mine is made up from 8 pieces of louver door I got given 3 doors so they were cut out from there, next was a ply base around the bottom of that I screwed 2 x 2 3 of the louver panels were then screwed to the base and then the roof went on, after that the whole box was spray painted white outside black inside and then the legs were cut and and bolted on then yet more coats of exterior paint build cost me around £30 just to give you an idea the 3 louver doors I was given. Geoff
  11. I have just added some pic's of my screen now it has been completed would like some help finding some more traditional instruments to go in it, Any help would be appreciated.
  12. Storm1968

    South Rhyl Weather Station

    Here is a few pictures of my 2 weather stations
  13. I am going to start my build this week and am looking for as much advice and pic's of members screens to help with my build the plan so far is that the dimensions will be around 30" high x 25" wide 25" depth I have a solar panel and fan if needed My masons hygrometer came in the post today not sure of what else to put in at the mo would like to keep it non digital. Pic's and advice please
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