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  1. I don't suppose anybody is able to tell me what the current model output says for Reykjavik? I'm heading up there next Friday for a long weekend and I'm hoping either for a bit of snow and some clear night skies to have a shot at seeing the aurora. Both would be nice but I appreciate that would need a lot of luck! Anyway, I know it's a long way off in terms of accurately predicting weather, but it would be interesting to know what the models are saying now.
  2. Still the odd rumble here. Hopefully we've lost a little humidity as a result of the storm.
  3. Right on the south western edge of Hinckley. We now have heavy rain and sunshine.
  4. The worst seems to have passed just west of here, but could see and hear everything (this thing is flashing and rumbling constantly as it makes its way up the west of Leicestershire) and were on the end of some real torrential rain and strong winds.
  5. This is going to just miss Hinckley but I have a fantastic view of it. Could be spectacular.
  6. I'm not sure this will get quite as far east as Hinckley, unfortunately, but I can see a fair distance south west from my bedroom window so I should at least see some action in the distance. The sky is getting very dark in that direction now.
  7. South Warwickshire is getting a right pasting at the minute. Hopefully this hits Hinckley. Although I'll be setting out for Coventry in a couple of hours so looks good for me either way.
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