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  1. Been on site since 6pm today. Rained a bit earlier but the ground is solid. Even been round site with me white trainers on ????????????
  2. Every time I say "it doesn't matter what the weather does"....What a tw at thing to say ?
  3. J10......Thanks for the updates....But where are your usual mudbath / dust bowel O'meter...
  4. Need to see tonights forecast to be sure to be sure......
  5. Things are looking pretty good unless I'm mistaken....Get these two weeks of 5hite weather out the way now just in time...
  6. God, really hoping this year, last year's turned impossible and I know people say a bit of muds OK but it got to the point where even the smallest of things became a massive mission to achieve and I work there with places to charge phones and dry clothes...please please stay dry xxxxxxxxxx
  7. Just to say it is currently jaffa cakesing down here in Devon, about 40 mins from site. It's wet, very windy and cold and thank f**k Glastonbury isn't this weekend. It's actually like a nasty Autumn evening out there at present.... Bring on the sun!!!!!
  8. Very very overcast today with a few spots here and there....Ground still solid!!!
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