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  1. LP and Classic supercells above, hail below. Stinnett TX
  2. rebus74


    Tony C's gallery
  3. Yep, turned on the GPS earlier and the map updated to Childress. Briefly streamed some of the drizzle too
  4. It was amazing to see the top of the updraft from that altitude!
  5. Yay, not long to go now I'm on the lunchtime BA flight from Heathrow on Saturday (landing about 4pm local time) and staying at the Best Western Irving Inn. If anyone is around and wants to have a beer and try to beat the jetlag let me know! Looking forward to doing the first Walmart run Cheers, Tony
  6. Reminiscent of this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NPiGJBHVadA
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