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  1. I'd say a couple of inches in Winchester.. Watching a blob of heavier stuff on the radar hoping for a bit more but think it will move beyond us soon
  2. Sleet in winchester hampshire with temp and dew points dropping rapidly now..
  3. It is! very excited :-) Thanks for the above - it looks like we will have a great snow... My kids have been a couple of years running but always with 'old snow' and frozen off piste areas.. not enjoyed the pleasure of floundering around in deep powder - am hoping for a week of 'clear-ish' weather (the odd top up snowfall evening/night would be nice of course :-) ) My only concern at the moment is getting to the resort given the forecast on Saturday! Good point on avalanche risk, I might skirt the edges but don't do much real off piste so should be okay. Looks a bit wet low down on the webcams at the moment, looks like from tomorrow it will be colder.. Have a great week!
  4. Thanks Norona! will look out for that run, have the area passes so that sounds great :-) Thanks for the forecast link too - better than the one I found.. and thanks Blessed Weather too - glad the warmth is calming down a bit!
  5. Heading to La Plagne for the 2nd week of march, slightly worried about the level of warmth at the moment.. Looks like some decent snow currently forecast on Netweather for La Plagne on Sunday? Not sure how reliable that is this far out? (Haven't looked at the charts yet)
  6. Heya! Where are you in Winchester? I am in Harestock :-D

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