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  1. Advisory 2 "Radar data from Portugal indicated that Alpha made landfall at about 1830 UTC with a fairly impressive spiral band signature. It is estimated that the winds were 45 kt at landfall, and a sustained 10-minute wind of 39 kt was recorded at Sao Pedro de Noel. The minimum central pressure is analyzed at 996 mb at landfall due to a 999 mb value at Monte Real with a 31-kt sustained wind. Since these data were recorded, the radar presentation has deteriorated, and satellite imagery suggests the small cyclone could be de-coupling from its mid-level center. The winds are assumed to have come down, with a current estimate of 40 kt. The small cyclone should continue to move northeastward at about 15 kt for the next 12-24 hours before dissipating over northern Spain or the Bay of Biscay." NHC
  2. And we have TS Wilfred , subTropicalStorm Alpha (landfall Portugal) and TS Beta today
  3. Orange warnings remain for parts of Greece and also for western Crete on Saturday from Medicane Ianos. Then weakening in the Ionian sea but continuing to affect southern Peloponnese and Crete on Sunday. 17th https://www.eumetsat.int/website/home/Images/ImageLibrary/DAT_5207482.html Whilst Portugal sees landfall of subTropical Storm Alpha, with TS Wilfred out in the Atlantic this next name comes from the Greek Alphabet. (separate thread)
  4. Poceirão Setúbal, Portugal- Damage - roofs, posts, uprooted trees. Other agricultural losses
  5. NHC "The small low pressure area that has been rotating around a larger extratropical low in the far northeastern Atlantic has become better organized this morning. Moderate-to-deep convection has persisted near the center since last night, scatterometer data shows a closed 40-kt low, and radar images from Portugal show a definite organized convective pattern. While the system is still in the cyclonic envelope of the large extratropical low and likely neutral- or cold-core, it has developed enough tropical characteristics to be considered a subtropical storm." ORange warnings from IPMA for western Portugal Wind/Rain/Thunderstorms. Risk of flooding, large waves for the Algarve "making landfall close to Figueira Da Foz " MO tweet 19:30 BST
  6. Holidaying or cancelled in Greece, Medicane Ianos set to bring torrential rain, damaging winds and large waves. https://www.netweather.tv/weather-forecasts/news/10474-unusual-mediterranean-cyclone---medicane-ianos-brings-stormy-weather-to-greece
  7. Corfu, Zante/ Zakynthos and Kefalonia then mainland Greece see wild, stormy weather from a cyclone which shows tropical characteristics, a Medicane called Ianos Read more here
  8. Plenty of well known resorts for UK holiday makers, Corfu, Zante/ Zakynthos Kefalonia under the red warning area today Athens and Crete tomorrow http://meteoalarm.eu/en_UK/1/0/GR-Greece.html
  9. You can pay the German Met. to buy and name, Highs cost more than lows (maybe as they can exist for longer)
  10. Nick's update https://www.netweather.tv/weather-forecasts/news/10472-three-hurricanes-a-medicane---stormy-tropical-atlantic-mediterranean Sea area warnings http://weather.gmdss.org/III.html Greece Met service
  11. http://moe.met.fsu.edu/cyclonephase/gfs/fcst/archive/20091600/17.html few forecast core charts
  12. Bermuda was hit by Hurricane Paulette on Monday, as strong Cat1 which went right over the island. Hurricane Teddy heading their way (although there is a lot of space round abuot) then possibly closer to eastern Canada, Nova Scotia, NFLD
  13. "Hurricane #Sally Advisory 21: Sally'S Northern Eyewall With Hurricane Conditions Moving Across The Gulf Coast From Pensacola Beach Florida Westward to Dauphin Island Alabama" NHC https://www.weather.gov/mob/
  14. https://www.netweather.tv/weather-forecasts/news/10470-one-name-left-on-the-atlantic-hurricane-list-then-what It's very busy, Teddy is now a hurricane
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