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  1. We have snow, sleet and hail in the wintry precipitation category but also Graupel. The white opaque bits slightly like soft hail, but squidgy to touch. Read more here
  2. I've just had hail in East Lothian and now back to blustery sunshine but friends have had snow and earlier thunder Moray/Aberdeenshire border near Huntly
  3. It doesn't look like the race day will be hot or humid, nor soaking wet or blowing a gale. So no severe weather or extreme temperatures. Read more here
  4. Looking good for the 3 day festival, no rain. Ladies Day will still be a bit chilly but Saturday is looking warm and sunny. Read more here
  5. It's not been too bad for those on Easter hols this week, and this weekend promises more warmth and sunshine. Good that at least some of the recent fine weather has coincided with a weekend. More people will start their holidays this weekend, so I'd imagine the roads will be busy Friday with people wanting to enjoy Saturday. The March 2017 summary is out from the Met Office. Like April can be, such a month of contrasts. 14cm snow in Co. Durham and 7cm snow in Midlothian and 22.1C in Kent by the end of March
  6. contract thing who knows. Alex Deakin does Met Office broadcasts from Exeter now, on their own website feed
  7. Not sure that is true yet, Most of those were Met Office staff (for decades) and would be transfered over to the new data/forecast provider whenever that does occur. Those who don't want to move could apply for another post within the Met Office, like Alex D seems to have done.
  8. and I thought the bus story was an urban myth, love it
  9. Cyclone Debbie is heading for the coast of Queensland, Australia with gales already affecting the Whitsunday Islands. Read more here
  10. Outside in the sunshine for this week's video forecast Read more here
  11. There is some information addressing that. From WMO -The Task Team identified this as: "A formation made up of well-defined, wavelike structures in the underside of the cloud, more chaotic and with less horizontal organization than undulatus. It is characterised by localized waves in the cloud base, either smooth or dappled with smaller features, sometimes descending into sharp points, as if viewing a roughened sea surface from below. Varying levels of illumination and thickness of cloud can lead to dramatic visual effects." Undulatus already exists as a cloud variety, the third level of classification, which is generally associated with stratiform clouds. The Task Team has proposed that asperitas (note spelling: after the Latin noun meaning roughness) be included as a new supplementary feature. So once you have chosen genus, species, variety (which could be undulatus) the next level is Supplementary features (which could be asperitas). Or you can just chose Asperitas as a feature and search on that without choosing cloud types. There is quite a nice table matching supplementary features with likely types of cloud Fallstreak hole, mamma and asperitas etc
  12. It was included on the WMO list of cloud classification today, this is list is only updated occasionally and Asperitas has found its place. The same could be said for Volutus (roll cloud), it is just an expansion of the official categories to be useful and more detailed. Are you asking why it wasn't done in 1986/7 or in 1803?
  13. It seems to have been given the official name with an 'i' which maybe some Latin thing. Front page of the CAB website says Asperitas, but yes all same cloud
  14. Blog about the new cloud names;storyid=8052;sess=