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  1. Would you pass your Guide or Scout Weather badge? As Girlguiding look for new badge ideas today, a look back at Weather badges past and present. Read more here
  2. 22.4 Lossiemouth and 22.2C Kinloss yesterday in the fresh S wind
  3. Tour 1 of the Netweather storm chasers have arrived in the States. I spoke to 2 members who are heading out about how they were feeling and why they want to chase tornadoes. Read more here
  4. It's new potato season starting with the Jersey Royals. Drought in the Channel Islands has been unwelcome by farmers who were glad to see a wet weekend. Read more here
  5. Stunning pictures of Rainbow clouds this week, with an almost UFO look to them. The glorious colours topping dramatic shower clouds, but how do they form? Read more here
  6. Isn't the weather strange this week, one minute it's warm and sunny, the next cold and raining or even hailing Read more here
  7. The planes will be flying at different heights and at different times of day. The air moisture content, wind direction and wind strength varies (sometimes greatly) up through the atmosphere. This contrail has been around a while as it is broad and fading. It looks like upwind/ perpendicular to the trail there could be maybe hills or something which is funnelling the winds slightly and giving this wavy pattern. Not enough to break up the streak of cloud yet but just to make it meander. Weather folk send up balloons to take a snap shot of a vertical section of the atmopshere as it gives such a lot of info. The resulting output a tephigram, shows how the winds vary with height (on RHS) and the cloudy areas (near surface) and drier slots (like around 550Hpa). This one just seems to be in a position where the local winds are giving a weird result, others are too high/low
  8. We have snow, sleet and hail in the wintry precipitation category but also Graupel. The white opaque bits slightly like soft hail, but squidgy to touch. Read more here
  9. I've just had hail in East Lothian and now back to blustery sunshine but friends have had snow and earlier thunder Moray/Aberdeenshire border near Huntly
  10. It doesn't look like the race day will be hot or humid, nor soaking wet or blowing a gale. So no severe weather or extreme temperatures. Read more here
  11. Looking good for the 3 day festival, no rain. Ladies Day will still be a bit chilly but Saturday is looking warm and sunny. Read more here
  12. It's not been too bad for those on Easter hols this week, and this weekend promises more warmth and sunshine. Good that at least some of the recent fine weather has coincided with a weekend. More people will start their holidays this weekend, so I'd imagine the roads will be busy Friday with people wanting to enjoy Saturday. The March 2017 summary is out from the Met Office. Like April can be, such a month of contrasts. 14cm snow in Co. Durham and 7cm snow in Midlothian and 22.1C in Kent by the end of March
  13. contract thing who knows. Alex Deakin does Met Office broadcasts from Exeter now, on their own website feed
  14. Not sure that is true yet, Most of those were Met Office staff (for decades) and would be transfered over to the new data/forecast provider whenever that does occur. Those who don't want to move could apply for another post within the Met Office, like Alex D seems to have done.