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  1. Scottish February record broken, Aboyne at 18.3C. A record that has stood for 122years, Aberdeen 17.9C https://www.netweather.tv/weather-forecasts/news/9420-weather-february-record-broken-in-scotland-today-after-standing-for-over-100-years
  2. Jo Farrow

    Scotland/Alba Weather Discussion 2019

    What a day, mild and sunny here in East lothian. https://www.netweather.tv/weather-forecasts/news/9420-weather-february-record-broken-in-scotland-today-after-standing-for-over-100-years
  3. 18.3C in Aberdeenshire today, a new February record for Scotland. It's been very mild in many parts of the UK and there is more warmth to come for England and Wales this weekend. Read more here
  4. Occasionally you can get high temperatures at unusual locations across the UK. It's due to the air drying out and warming up after moving over hills and mountains. The Foehn Effect; it can break records. Read more here
  5. For this exceptionally mild February spell, these are the monthly record max. temps. Rhyl saw 18.2C on Friday 15th . The long standing Scottish record could be one to go, also Welsh one? Friday or Saturday with a Foehn effect from the SW wind.
  6. we'll see what the rest of this month's warmth can do with the Feb. records. FEBRUARY UK - 17.8C N.Ireland 17.9C Scotland 18.6C Wales and the hefty 19.7C from 1998 Greenwich
  7. A late update from UK Met office from Friday 15th Feb top temperature of 18.2C, Rhyl,Colwyn Bay 65F
  8. Jo Farrow

    Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    A late result from Friday 15th Feb top temperature of 18.2C, Rhyl, Colwyn Bay 65F
  9. The forecast is looking really mild by day for the rest of February but it still turns chilly after day as the gritting lorries head out to salt our roads. Why do the highways seize up when it snows here? Read more here
  10. With Half term upon us, the ongoing mild southerly flow is devastating for the Scottish ski resorts. Lorna from Cairngorm Mountain asks if you could all do a SNOW DANCE. That may not be popular if you are enjoying this fine spring-like weather
  11. Whether you've got a card from someone hot or not, it's going to be a warm day. Record breaking? Certainly better than some Valentine's Days past. Read more here
  12. Update on Storm Erik with more to come this evening and overnight. Still very windy in places on Saturday morning. Read more here
  13. lovely circle in the rain radar bands now NW and line convection in the south
  14. Saturday MO warning for wind extended south now. and Today's along south coast
  15. A roundup of the warnings and concerns for #StormErik https://www.netweather.tv/weather-forecasts/news/9396-storm-erik--end-of-week-gales-high-gusts-large-waves-and-heavy-rain-for-ireland-and-uk