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  1. Total solar eclipse of 21st August 2017

  2. Great excitement across the pond about Monday's Total Eclipse. Crossing 14 states during our UK evening, we could see a very partial eclipse here, if the clouds allow. #Eclipse2017 Read more here
  3. The rest of this week will bring brisk winds and a rather autumnal blusteriness. Thrown into the forecasting pot will be the leftovers of ex-Gert, currently a hurricane of the eastern US. Read more here
  4. Worth a look up in the sky this weekend as the Perseid meteors appear once more. Read more here
  5. More sunshine this week for the Edinburgh Festivals Read more here
  6. A volcano in southern Iceland had its warning status raised to yellow this week, but it wasn't all about the Ash cloud. Read more here
  7. New Radar apps RAIN

    More details here about Netweather Extra Radar and the free radar app http://www.netweather.tv/index.cgi?action=news;storyid=8297;sess=
  8. More sunshine is appearing for Tuesday as the early cloud breaks up. A different picture if you are out and about on Wednesday as wind and rain whistle in from the Atlantic. Read more here
  9. Netweather Radar apps! A way to see where the rain is, which way it's moving over the UK and keep an eye on any summer thunderstorms too. Read more here
  10. What a lot of thunderstorms! Torrential downpours from the slow moving storms have caused flooding on Tuesday for the Lizard Peninsula and amazing lightning displays overnight. Read more here
  11. It's going to be warm and sunny this weekend, hot and humid for some. BBQ, ice cream, a forest walk or camping - get out there! Read more here
  12. It may look like a beautiful summer's day but will a healthy stroll outside really be doing us any good as air pollution levels increase. #NationalCleanAirDay looks at ways to Reduce, discuss and Avoid the problems. Read more here
  13. We have DRAMATIC heat headlines once more, with Fahrenheit for hype and claims of months of Scorchio weather. It is going to be hot at the weekend, after a brief, very warm and humid spell midweek but remember it is June and it is summer. Read more here
  14. Re-designing UK Weather Forecasts? RMetSoc

    One of the hardest things to convey is showers (and so thunderstorms) . A new way to show the risk of getting wet/lightning but also the hot and miss nature of someone getting drenched and 1 mile down the road it's still sunny, or heavy rain one minute, dry the next. Lots of people comment how weird the weather is on a showery day, and "we didn't get any rain or a thunderstorm" when showers are forecast. How to show that part of the forecast better?
  15. Royal Met Soc are seeking ideas from the public about what you might like to see our weather forecasts look like in ten years’ time. the link wiht all the details is at the end of this post, needed by 8th Sept. But any prelim discussion? What do you want more of on TV/Radio, from an app, on social media. Specific forecasts for your sport/events. Just Today or 2 weeks ahead? 1.What the forecast should contain. 2. How the forecast could be presented and delivered. For example: The kind of timescales over which you want your weather forecasts: do you want/need longer term outlooks or increased precision and detail about the day ahead? Which parts of the weather you want/need information about: does this just cover traditional weather variables like temperature, wind and rain or should it include the impacts of weather on our environment, health and well-being? How uncertainty is presented: do you want to see the full range of possibilities that our weather forecasts predict or do you want forecasters to tell you only about the most likely outcome? What would help you understand the forecast better? How the weather is put into context: should forecasts show how conditions differ to a typical day or season, should they include updates on how conditions have evolved during the past month or two and should they try to discuss climate and how this is changing? How weather forecasts are provided and delivered: which devices do they need to be on? How do we deal with the problem of multiple, possibly conflicting forecasts from different sources, delivered by different technologies? How targeted should our forecasts be: should targeted information be provided about how weather will affect you today or do you need a wider perspective about what is happening elsewhere and why? What else would you like to see on the weather forecast? What new and innovative things would you like to see included? https://www.rmets.org/message-impossible-tell-us-how-you-would-re-design-uk’s-weather-forecasts