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  1. Worth a look to the skies this week, particularly Thursday night into early Friday. The Geminid meteor shower, keep an eye out for Shooting Stars. And Comet 46P Wirtanen Read more here
  2. Jo Farrow

    White Christmas 2018

    Still two weeks away. https://www.netweather.tv/weather-forecasts/news/9299-will-it-be-a-white-christmas-this-year-odds-for-christmas-day-snow-2018
  3. Still two weeks away, the odds are falling as usual. UK forecast doesn't suggest a whiteout at the moment. Even the Santa Shaker isn't keen, yet. Read more here
  4. Still two weeks away, the odds are falling as usual. UK forecast doesn't suggest a whiteout at the moment. Even the Santa Shaker isn't keen, yet. Read more here
  5. If you are off to Lapland and have worries about the lack of snow, here's an update on the conditions and a look ahead. Read more here
  6. If you are heading to the shops this weekend to get on with your Christmas shopping, here's a look at the UK weather this weekend. 18 more sleeps Read more here
  7. Some dramatic UK snow headlines appearing as it's cold in December . Yes, for a chill and frosts next week. Snow is more evasive. Read more here
  8. After last year's freezing Sleep in the Park, the Social Bite event is back at four venues Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee and Aberdeen. Raising awareness, plans and money for Homelessness on a December night. Read more here
  9. Jo Farrow

    Storm Diana - 27th & 28th

    This secondary low, linked to the trailing front of what was Storm Diana has caused a fair variation in the models as to how much the low was going to develop. Forming from a wave in the front, and how much it would develop, there were concerns that it could develop a sting jet as it moved over the NE of Britain this afternoon. It's that balance which makes situations like this so tricky. Shipping Forecast - Cromarty Gale warning - issued: 15:53 on Thu 29 Nov 2018 UTC Wind Southerly or southeasterly, veering southwesterly for a time, 6 to gale 8, increasing severe gale 9 at times, occasionally storm 10 at first. Sea state Rough or very rough, occasionally high, becoming moderate at times. It was quite a balance, yet the warnings stayed at Yellow. After yesterday's wet and windy weather and the public were aware there was more to come, there is no need to identify another low by name. This episode comes under the umbrella of StormDiana. Named by the IPMA, Portuguese Met service in relation to stormy conditions for the Azores on Tuesday. This may happen again if Spain/France/Portugal decide to name lows. The UK/Ireland list will continue with Deirdre but there could be further interruptions. It isn't worth being specific or scientific about this naming lark. It is a communication tool, think from the ground looking up. To the public, it has been a bout of wet and windy weather all linked to Storm Diana. There was some nasty line convection, with horrible conditions. Highest gusts reported so far were in the SW Isles of Scilly 74mph and Plymouth 73mph. It has now turned noticeably colder after nearly 15C in Yorkshire today.
  10. A one day whirlwind visit to Santa in Lapland. Winter is serious here and the Arctic cold is brutal, hoorah for hot berry juice. Read more here
  11. A look at snow depths across Lapland and the snow forecast for this weekend and next as the UK trips to Finland and Father Christmas start in earnest. Read more here
  12. Going to do a round up of snow conditions in Lapland this week as first trips set off. There is a bit of snow now in some resorts. I went in 2016 it was stunning. Fingers crossed, https://www.netweather.tv/weather-forecasts/news/9266-no-snow-in-lapland-what-will-santa-do-and-those-people-visiting-next-week
  13. Yellow rain warning today from UK Met Office and Flood alerts/warnings from @ScottishEPA High tides combining with #StormDiana swell and large waves leading to flood warnings in SW and Orkney
  14. Trees down and trainlines affected. Coastal flooding along with the high tides. Large waves and some ferry services and flights are cancelled