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  1. Jo Farrow looks at the weather forecast for election day, which isn't going to be quite as dramatic as some parts of the media have been suggesting. Read more here
  2. REd Warning still in place today for north. Using similar grid to UK Met Office for warnings. Over 70mph being recorded in that top NE Corner , wind speed google translate - "Now the weather is deteriorating further in part A of the country, one of the worst around 3 pm. 10-11. Walks in N and NV 23-30 m / s, (70mph) but more than that under Vatnajökull, where weather could exceed 60 m / s"
  3. There were two lorries over yesterday near Torness which closed/restricted one section of A1 down to border and another lorry went over nearer Haddington, on the highly exposed Tyne bit, which is wobbly on a fine day. Then once police car arrived another lorry went over on top of it, people were okay.
  4. Lapland snow 2019, in better shape than last year - Blog by Jo Farrow WWW.NETWEATHER.TV A look at the snow cover in Lapland and forecast for this week.
  5. A look at the snow cover in Lapland and forecast for this week. Read more here
  6. Windy weather to end the weekend for the UK and for Monday morning but for Ireland there are Orange warnings in place and so Met Eireann has named Storm Atiyah. Read more here
  7. Warnings now out from Met Eireann Orange for western counties and Met Office yellow for SW Britain There will be a spell of wet and windy weather on Saturday night, which public might confuse with named storm. Information about naming of storms and how this time the Netherlands Met service are included Name our Storms for 2019/20 The Met Office, Met Eireann and now Netherlands KNMI list - Blog by Jo Farrow WWW.NETWEATHER.TV The list of storm names for 2019 2020 season and how #NameourStorms works. Who chooses the names? Low pressures with the potential to bring severe weather, usually wind but can be rain or snow.
  8. Named by Met Eireann for late Sunday low "Storm Atiyah will track between Iceland and Ireland on Sunday generating a swathe of very strong winds across the country."
  9. Reports asked for here BGS Earthquake Questionnaire WWW.EARTHQUAKES.BGS.AC.UK The British Geological Survey provides up-to-date information on recent and historical earthquakes, educational resources, and seismic hazard services
  10. Are you going to venture out Christmas shopping this weekend or to a Christmas fair, market or work do? A look at the weather for 7th and 8th December, even a bit of snow mentioned and a looming low. Read more here
  11. "Typical lowest cloud top temperature in these parts nearer minus 60C" Peter Gibbs
  12. Met Office warning for FOG Tuesday morning, inlcuding freezing fog. Fill up your windscreen liquid. High pressure managing to keep southern Britain dry, clear and still nippy with light winds until later Thursday "Fog or freezing fog is likely to lead to some travel disruption on Monday night and Tuesday morning." MO "Although not all areas will be affected, fog and freezing fog patches, some dense with visibility less than 100 metres, are expected to develop during Monday night and persist into Tuesday morning. Fog patches will tend to lift and clear from most places during Tuesday morning but some places may well hang onto grey and misty conditions for much or all of the day."
  13. And new #Dunbear on A1 east Lothian, Andy Scott (of Kelpies fame) a smaller sculpture of a bear with a nod to John Muir, born in Dunbar. Glorious weekend
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