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  1. At the moment the National weather warning, the yellow, gives same risk/impacts to east Wales/ northern England as SE England and East Anglia. All still at Unlikely It was issued on Sunday night, although was time shortened yesterday to make way for the next broad brush TS yellow Fri/Sat. Night-time seems to overrule, even in mid summer
  2. Interestingly if you have looked at the @ MetOffice twitter feed today, there is no mention of Thunderstorms at all. You can name another type of storm (confusing- someone has already asked me that )
  3. Met Office social media team have a whole online campaign for the new names list - as long as they start with A to D because storm naming itself hardly every happens. (in the West region, other regions are available. ) Previous lists - https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/weather/warnings-and-advice/uk-storm-centre/index
  4. I'll add the blog link in https://www.netweather.tv/weather-forecasts/news/10924-thunderstorm-warnings---are-they-hitting-the-spot and some examples from today . In this article, it was looking at how Storm forecasting didn't fit well into the red/amber/yellow system. That system does have it's own issues realting to public understanding and response but the blanket yellow TS warnings that are now in place for 4 days (weds-Sat) just don't work. Which is why I included the US and Australian examples. Interesting topic though
  5. A widespread early warning for Thunderstorms later this week does give an early heads-up but is the current national warning system working for the public when storms and lightning appear? Read more here
  6. More cloud than the model had at 8am The SW breeze should help areas to lee of high ground
  7. The UK weather for the weekend of 12th/13th June. It is looking hot by Sunday. Patchy low cloud in the west but a lot of fine, sunny weather on the way with temperatures widely in the 20s, and locally perhaps 30's Celsius Read more here
  8. On Thursday morning, there will be a partial solar eclipse visible from the UK, although there will be cloud for some. The full Annular eclipse will be visible over Canada and the Arctic circle. Read more here
  9. I'm hoping I've still got my eclipse glasses filed under E.
  10. Jo Farrow

    Cloud Types

    A look at cloud identification, shapes - lumpy, wispy, or layer, and height. Naming and phenomenon, such as haloes. And those that look like jellyfish or ghosts. The Ultimate Guide To Cloud Types WWW.NETWEATHER.TV An identification guide for cloud types, more understanding and knowledge for your Instagram photos with an extra hashtag or maybe just to enable the joy of Cloud Spotting.
  11. What is that cloud? Lumpy, wispy or flat. High, medium, low? With halo, iridescence or an anvil, how to name and identify. Even with jellyfish and ghosts!
  12. With the Euro championships finally taking place this year, the weather for the first stage is looking fine, sunny and warm. Also fine for those at home in Britain, watching this weekend. Read more here
  13. An identification guide for cloud types, more understanding and knowledge for your Instagram photos with an extra hashtag or maybe just to enable the joy of Cloud Spotting. Read more here
  14. The first week of June has seen fine weather and warmth and there is more to come as half term ends. The sunshine might encourage more of us to head out for a walk, just remember your sunhat. Read more here
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