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  1. Because of the crappy mild winter (thank you climate change), I want a nice decent spring. I actually want a Rhianna summer aka 2007 as I don't like heat
  2. No. Winter 2007-08 came off a duff summer, likewise 1988-89 which is regarded one of the mildest ever.
  3. An ambitious (and probably won't be anywhere near coming off) 3.2c and 68mm
  4. Reading about the winter, and my Mum's memories of the viciously cold February it was indeed a strange one. We're probably in the realms of fantasy here, but what is the chance of a February 1986 happening again? Surely unlikely due to how the planet is? I want to experience this. Failing that you have 1982/3 - Mild Dec, very Mild Jan (in the top 5 warmest I believe) and a very cold Feb and March.
  5. No change then....perhaps Feb is on for something big
  6. I'm sorry, but it seems just very weird to have a run of mild January's like that. Surely one will give in!
  7. It might be a bit deluded and a long shot, and probably unlikely to happen - but I predict a 1983 style outcome to follow a mild Jan....a very cold Feb and Mar!! 

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    2. snowray


      Might turn cold by late January, would go mad in here if some cold runs start to pop up.

    3. lassie23


      i predict a riot

    4. Dami


      I wouldn't say it's exactly 'mild' just not cold enough for white stuff.

  8. The new normal unfortunately....I'm not happy either.
  9. What is normal with the weather nowadays? Take out the winter weather, looks at the high summer temps, the huge rainfalls in autumn, Australia's sad situation.... I could go on, but there's something happening.
  10. I do feel the winters of 2009/10 and 2010/11 (1st Half) have kind of upgraded people's expectations re: winter. I am a coldie, but I do not like ridiculously mild temperatures. Save that for March. Saying that, I'd love a good storm if the temps don't want to give way....
  11. Unlikely, and I did discuss this with a relative the other day - perhaps we could see a 1983 type situation re: winter? (I was born 1984 and read up with info with the posts on here) Mild Dec, Mild Jan, very cold and bitter February (with tons of snow), very cold March and a cool April. As long as we don't get a July like that year which I believe is still the hottest ever and not even 2018 could match it?
  12. Even though I am a coldie, I had to vote summer 2018. The warmest summer ever and the July average record almost threatened. I think if August didn't "crap out" it'd have been a big all-time winner. Second choice for me is Winter 2009/10 - AMAZING! I'd love a repeat. Autumn 2014 deserves a shout for it's warmth, but I won't vote for it as I had a horrible time in the October that year.
  13. I'm used to it down here anyway. At least it's "normal" for December if such word can be used.
  14. I do wonder, could we see a "duff" summer this year? I know the climate is changing but 2019 was warm and wet, perhaps the clock has been run down for us to have a cool and wet one? I do hope for some snow in Jan and Feb mind, but that's probably marginal sadly.
  15. I'm thinking, haven't we had mixed December's that have led to fruition with snow and ice after the Christmas period? 1978/79 started late I believe, some of the memorable 1980s ones in the mid part of the decade came to fruition after Christmas too. There's still time!!
  16. I was only five at the time, and remember being school being closed. The roof of the school did get blown off, and sadly a boy in my class did get injured by falling debris causing some brain damage and PTSD (I did not know this until many years later, and all I remember was he had some time off school, had some behavioural problems). I left that school a couple of years later, but I remember him and his family did appear in local media some years afterwards (this was in Birmingham). I think this is one of my earliest memories re: weather!
  17. Stupid question, but could there be a man made way to stop these warm fronts coming in? On another note, it is early in the game still.....
  18. Soooooo close. Congratulations to Don Happy I won autumn overall, most of these guesses have been very safe. This is done without even looking at the models in detail. I wouldnt worry about the November average = rubbish winter. This year is different.
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