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  1. Cleared past 25C this afternoon, sun still has some heat it in it.
  2. No sign of any (thundery) showers here, not expecting any either really looking at the latest scans, sunny spells & quite warm, temp 25.1C.
  3. Things may be waking up south of the West Mids, i'll say this then it will die a rapid death, (so sshh).
  4. Western edge seems to be fading here, just a few spots of rain, guess i wasn't wrong about my earlier post about it weakening.
  5. Still dull here, temp dropping, anything reaching here may well weaken fairly quickly.
  6. Still plenty of this beautiful thick low cloud here, sun just can't shift it.
  7. This cloud is not showing any sign of shifting here, showers more likely at the moment, very slim chance of any activity above. Temp only 17.8C. Cricket is also a total washout.
  8. Bright here, occasional glimpses of sun, temp at 21.2C, so not too bad today - so far.
  9. Sun may be out (not clear), but more breeze & temp struggling a little, just hit a whopping 19C. Storm warning removed for West Mids also, be surprised if anything happens now other than plain old showers.
  10. Wind has backed round from an NE to E here now, so cloud cover has broken up earlier, and it's fairly sunny (at the moment), so it's fingers crossed for those that have been "stormless".
  11. Looks as though this particular event really has died a death now, unless it has something hiding in it's back pocket. Still not been a bad afternoon today.
  12. Some mid-level cloud starting to roll in here now, temp reached 23.6C, may well be it for the sun soon today.
  13. Sun is out now temp jumped to 23C, not fantastically hot, but better than yesterdays effort, not expecting any sparks but better than 100% grey cloud cover.
  14. Storm warning finally been removed from the West Mids. Oh, and err, have a few patches of yellow cloud now. Temp 19C.
  15. 25C is an optimistic max temp for today, currently shrouded in thick low northsea cloud, storms may well be having a break here now (Wolves), team will be, after playing 59 matches.
  16. Well the accuracy of the forecast needs to be better than today's.
  17. 28C was a little off target today (Wolverhampton) wasn't it!
  18. Storm warning should really be removed for majority of the Mids today now.
  19. Definitely dying a death over the West Mids now, plus i think this heatwave is over now, dropped from 32C yesterday down to 21C today, currently 19.5C, storms probably out of the question here for a while now - not that we haven't had enough of them.
  20. Rainfall in that has almost hit a brick wall, plus it's narrowing, so not expecting much here.
  21. Not expecting anything too dramatic here, just rain, maybe one or two rumbles - if it reaches my location of course, N Wolverhampton, last 3 days were good enough.
  22. Would be nice to see what is going on to the SE of the West Mids, even if it doesn't reach here, if it could seen by the eyes - not by satellite.
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