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  1. Agreed although the Met update shows some promise, really hope we don't get the cool northerly rubbish to ruin the Bank holiday weekend.
  2. First day of Aintree today, one bet only. 2:30 - First Lieutenant
  3. If they pay good wages then yes there would be a rush for these jobs but not for the pathetic minimum wage they currently pay.
  4. Cloudy with quite a strong wind making it feel cooler.
  5. Aye the ECM run is utter garbage, hope that doesn't come off.
  6. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/john-ck-daly/scottish-nationalist-drea_b_5024244.html
  7. No - 1/5 Yes - 7/2 http://www.oddschecker.com/politics/british-politics/scottish-independence/referendum-outcome If you really believe it will be a yes vote then you should be lumping on at 7/2.
  8. Warm sunny and about 21-24c, nothing else at all.
  9. Firstly, the post I quoted said cold snap, I know very well the MET are saying cooler unsettled and they will probably be right, the hopecasters as I call them are the people who post 1 chart at 9/10 days out and say things like widespread snow and -10 uppers and think they are "nailed on" as one potser said. I am a realist and obviously don't expect it to stay like it is now for months on end. A typical March affair is what i expect as well.
  10. But it was consistently shown up on many runs at 9/10 days out then kept getting pushed back, obviously if it is going to happen it needs to get closer to the reliable time frame to even start to believe it is going to happen but it never got any closer. As one very good poster pointed out yesterday the models are having a difficult time past day 5 at the minute and to expect anything at day 9 to verify is just hopecasting.
  11. The new one and Bobs worth are the only two bets i've had so far, will pick others on the day, don't usually do well at Cheltenham as I don't bother too much with the jumps, much prefer the flat
  12. It is only there for one day anyway then it's gone again, and it's 9 days away anyway, hopecasters never learn.
  13. Got next week off work as it is Cheltenham festival, models looking good for dry and hopefully some warm weather.
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