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  1. Hope the snow stays awy from me tonight, dont fancy not being able to get home from work at 10 pm tonight.

    1. lassie23


      1cm usually causes transport disruption lol

    2. YiRda


      I thought you loved cold weather and snow?

  2. The temps for here are always too low, many times over the xmas period it was supposed to be 6c and was always 7 or 8c.
  3. Was going to go to Uttoxeter races today with group of mates but abandoned because of that poxy frost, ah well we're spending all day in the pub instead, have a good NYE all.
  4. Turned up full blast and the house is red hot, lovely.
  5. Totally agree, a few years ago I saw Stoke council advertising a post for vice chairman (or something like that) and the salary was £125k a year, absolute lunacy.
  6. We couldn't if we wanted to, it's an EU law. http://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/taxation/vat/key_documents/legislation_recently_adopted/archive_en.htm
  7. I started working 29 years ago and with the recent rise in the personal allowance to 10k I am probably paying less tax proportionally than I ever have on my wages, income tax was about 27% when I started so have gone for about right. However council tax has been frozen here for about 3 years now and while a good thing to help hard pressed families, I would like a smallish rise so they have some money to fix the roads which are a disgrace around here.
  8. I can't remember him even trying to be honest, I like Tory bashing but prefer to slag them off for the bad things that they have actually done, which there are plenty of.
  9. Wouldn't be any point mate as what I see as bullcrap coming from the likes of Salmond etc you see as facts. I am certainly not saying that it is only coming from one side but as I am English that is the stuff I notice obviously as it is more about me. The one thing that amazes me in all this referendum is how both sides believe everything there side says, in my experience the truth is always somewhere in the middle.
  10. A bit much that but some of the yes proppoganda I've seen would have made Goebbels proud.
  11. June 8/10 July 8.5/10 August 4.5/10 Overall a good summer and would take one like this every year.
  12. Last winters thread is still open and people were still posting on it until April, so if that wasn't closed straight after winter ended there is no reason at all to close this one.
  13. Yes Ayr races is great especially this 3 day meeting, went 2 years ago and had a great time except the Thursday which was abandoned due to waterlogging as it rained that much, also went to Hamilton which is one of the nicest courses in the country.
  14. I was just thinking about turnout myself for 2 reasons mainly, weather and gambling, at the moment it is even money that turnout will be 75% or more which in my opinion is quite a high percentage, bad weather could have a effect on this so will be watching the models closer to the time and will probably lay at that price. As it happens I am hoping for good weather then as will be in Scotland all that week for horse racing, 3 days in Edinburgh (Muss and Kelso) and 3 days in Ayr. Will be interesting in the event of a no vote on the Friday night, being English we might no be that welcome.
  15. Won't be going on in the house for a couple of months yet but did have the heater on in the car on the way to work at 5.30 this morning though was only wearing a t shirt.
  16. I like your posts as they are often funny in a depressing sort of way, the problem is that if someone posted the same sort of stuff on the winter thread they would all be deleted and the poster probably banned for trolling, too much mod bias and lack of consistency on here.
  17. Do you have a pool? a drop down to 22/23 won't bother me in the least as long as we still get some sun, actually to me 30c is better for the pool or sea.
  18. It wasn't designed to wind up people at all, if a simple post like that is the definition of what you delete then half the summer thread would be gone. I've seen you post CFS charts for December in the middle of last summers MOD thread so you are hardly in any position to criticise. Anyway I really dislike the coldie/mildie aspect of these threads so will not post in this thread from now on, or the winter one when that begins.
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