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    Weather extremes, mountains and skiing, foreign travel, British pubs. As a 10 year old I experienced the 1962/63 winter which was the start of my life-long interest in all things weather related. The family had just moved into a new-build house on the top of a hill in Wales when the blizzard struck overnight. I woke up with my bedroom window sill covered in snow. In the bathroom the sill was covered and the bath was full of several inches of snow. The water in the toilet was frozen. Oh the joy of badly fitting, draughty wooden windows... and only a coal fire in the living room to warm the entire house!
    My first skiing trip to the Alps was in 1966. It was a school trip to Solden in Austria and we travelled by train across Europe. It was my first trip abroad and I hardly slept all way with the excitement. It led to a life-long passion for all things skiing and mountain and nowadays I try and have a few ski holidays a year if I can, spreading my visits across the Alps and try to visit less well known resorts as well as the usual suspects.
    My other passion is rugby and coming from Dinas Powys in South Wales I'm naturally enough a Wales fan. I now live in Suffolk (job move) but regularly travel back in Wales where my parents still live.
    My avatar is inspired by Brian Blessed - absolutely awesome in panto!!
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    An Alpine climate - snowy winters and sunny summers!

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  1. Happy Autumn Equinox! Beautiful morning with the sun breaking through the mist and fog (now cleared). Not silly chilly here overnight with a min of 8.1C, but Matt on the Beeb said it got down to 2C in Bournemouth and Milton Keynes. Brrr. Timing of rain bands going well at the moment - last night's rain has cleared into the North Sea and the next band won't arrive until this evening, so today looking pretty good. 07.35
  2. Ha ha, that made me chuckle SB! I've been at my daughter's in Rochester, Kent, this week helping her make good & decorate the 1930's house she's just moved into (don't ask....) but to get to the point, I've watched the local forecast talk of sunny spells every day, but they've never really arrived - just the odd glimpse! And the local forecaster this morning finally admitted the amounts of sunshine this week have been disappointingly below expectations! Moving on.... back in Suffolk and the rain has just arrived. Interesting to see that yet again London appears to have sucked the moisture out of the weather front as it passes through. 19.45
  3. Arctic Ice Data And Stats.

    The US National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) made a preliminary announcement yesterday (19th Sep) that they believe: "On September 13, Arctic sea ice appears to have reached its seasonal minimum extent....". NSIDC site: http://nsidc.org/arcticseaicenews/ While I have the opportunity, my I thank @BornFromTheVoid for the excellent weekly updates on this topic.
  4. Feeling for you stainesbloke! This week last year saw the hottest day of the year. This really is unseasonably cool - today it only managed 13.4C max here (wet too) and tonight the Met Office are talking of groundfrost with temps down to 3C in rural areas. Ironically the current pattern and rainfall might well have given lots of snow if it were January! Just to put today into perspective, if we take the Met Office long-term stats for Cambridge in Sept, the mean daily high is 20C and the mean overnight min is 10C. Met Off for tonight: Cambrige stats: Met Office Cambridge stats: https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/climate/uk/regional-climates/ee#temperature
  5. Some lively showers now developing and it's looking particularly wet in Norfolk! The BBC/Met Office forecast continues to suggest the possibility of a rumble or two this pm, although no sign of electrical activity yet: Radar 14.25 Met Office for 16.00
  6. Lovely sunny start after a chilly night with the temp IMBY getting down to 5.5C and I see the Met Office station at Wattisham Airbase a few miles up the road got down to 4.7C. Matt on the Beeb has just said there could well be a touch of grass frost for rural parts tonight. Lots of showers yesterday afternoon and some wonderful skies at sunset as the showers melted away (unfortunately I didn't get a chance to photograph). Today it looks like 'south is best' for our Region as an area of more organised showery rain heads down the North Sea to (particularly) affect Norfolk this afternoon.
  7. Snow And Ice In The Northern Hemisphere 2017/18

    That would be nice.....
  8. Great to see Iain Cameron's excitement about the first snow of the season on Ben Nevis today!
  9. What a difference a year makes...
  10. Hi Rob. I use the nearest Met Office station to check my data, but I'm lucky to have one a few miles down the road. Your nearest MO station is Shoreham which is about 15 miles away from you(?) and nearer the coast - so might not be so good for comparisons. Anyway, here's the Shoreham page at the time of writing - shows a max gust of 49 mph at 03.00: http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/observation/gcpcv5gkw Also, I see you have a station on Weather Underground and they do a "Wundermap" page with surrounding observations. Don't know how accurate/reliable it is though: https://www.wunderground.com/wundermap
  11. That was a bit wild! The strongest winds here occurred between 05.00 and 06.00 this morning with a max gust of 50 mph at 05.07. The lawn at the end of my back garden is littered with broken-off small branches from my four trees.
  12. So there we have it, the first named storm of the season: And it's much earlier than the two previous years (since naming started): Abigail 10th Nov 2015 Angus 19th Nov 2016
  13. Beautiful start with blue sky and (at the mo) just a stiff breeze. It will be rather different in 12 hours time. Matt on the Beeb has just said the incoming Low could be the first named storm of the season - they're obviously keeping a close watch. Tbh I'm surprised it isn't already named as the their own charts show 75 mph gusts across the middle of the UK and the winds over the south of the UK have been 'upped' to 60 mph from last night's chart. But then I found on the Met Office website that naming is more down to "impact" rather than weather thresholds: "....to include more than one weather type, specifically rain if its impact could lead to flooding as advised by the Environment Agency, SEPA and Natural Resources Wales flood warnings. So in future 'storm systems' would be named on the basis of impacts from wind but could also include the impacts of rain and snow." Anyway, a stormy 12 hour spell from this evening to tomorrow morning on it's way. Here's the BBC/Met Office charts: Tonight 20.00 Weds 07.00 And for comparison, here's what 3 models predict as the areas of max gusts over the next 24 hours up to 09.00 tomorrow. NMM looks closest to the Met Office: Arome Arpege NMM
  14. BBC/Met Office video tonight has 55 mph gusts for the southern UK late Tuesday. For our Region the models continue to suggest the early hours of Wednesday will likely see the peak of strongest winds for our coastal fringes, but note the area of very strong winds on the southern flank of the Low pressure - the exact track of the Low will be one to watch with the northern extreme of our Region at risk of any slight movement south. BBC/MO Tues 23.00 Arome Wed 04.00