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    Weather extremes, mountains and skiing, foreign travel, British pubs. As a 10 year old I experienced the 1962/63 winter which was the start of my life-long interest in all things weather related. The family had just moved into a new-build house on the top of a hill in Wales when the blizzard struck overnight. I woke up with my bedroom window sill covered in snow. In the bathroom the sill was covered and the bath was full of several inches of snow. The water in the toilet was frozen. Oh the joy of badly fitting, draughty wooden windows... and only a coal fire in the living room to warm the entire house!
    My first skiing trip to the Alps was in 1966. It was a school trip to Solden in Austria and we travelled by train across Europe. It was my first trip abroad and I hardly slept all way with the excitement. It led to a life-long passion for all things skiing and mountain and nowadays I try and have a few ski holidays a year if I can, spreading my visits across the Alps and try to visit less well known resorts as well as the usual suspects.
    My other passion is rugby and coming from Dinas Powys in South Wales I'm naturally enough a Wales fan. I now live in Suffolk (job move) but regularly travel back in Wales where my parents still live.
    My avatar is inspired by Brian Blessed - absolutely awesome in panto!!
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    An Alpine climate - snowy winters and sunny summers!

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  1. Accuweather's forecast for this summer looking very promising for our Region. Hopefully some good thunderstorms along the way will mean we avoid a drought. Warm, dry summer expected from United Kingdom to Belgium, Netherlands Prolonged periods of warm and dry weather will be the theme of the summer across the British Isles, northwestern France, Belgium and Netherlands. The overall warm pattern will likely result in one of the warmest summers of the past decade. “Going back to 2010, this summer will rank as one of the top three warmest across United Kingdom as a whole," Roys said. The prolonged warm and dry weather will increase the risk for drought conditions which could impact agriculture. https://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-news/2018-europe-summer-forecast-intense-heat-to-seize-france-to-germany-fierce-storms-to-hit-poland-to-italy-romania/70004928
  2. Lovely start here, but not set to last with outbreaks of rain by this afternoon. Over the next 36 hours high res models suggesting up to an inch (25mm) of rain for many, possibly more locally. I'm going to be very selfish and say I'm looking forward to a soaking as I've spent the last few days re-planting Mrs Blessed's 49 flower pots and now two of my three 50 gallon water butts are empty. Sorry! This morning's satellite and radar imagery shows the sweep of cloud from the cold front and outbreaks of rain over France, moving north. The satellite also shows the break in the front giving this morning's sunshine: Some uncertainty about how far west/east the wiggling cold front will move, but it's looking very wet for most as indicated by the precipitation accumulation charts to 23.00 Sunday from GFS, NMM and Arpege:
  3. April stats courtesy of Dan Holley. In a nutshell, lots of warm rain blocked out the sun! EAST ANGLIA - APRIL 2018: - 5th warmest April on record (+1.9C) - Significantly wetter than normal (150%) - Below average sunshine (82%) - Lowest number of April air frosts on record Extremes: Max Temp: 28.2C (19th) Min Temp: 0.8C (2nd) Max Gust: 46mph (30th) https://twitter.com/danholley_/status/992016326498639872
  4. They're still having fun on the Scottish mountains. This was Ben Nevis on Saturday. I'm not sure I would have trusted that cornice to stay put!!!
  5. This is looking a fascinating one to watch. The rain band was expected to be pepping up, not fizzling out, which is what a comparison of the rainfall radar at 05.00 and 06.50 show. Note the heavier area off the South coast has pepped up but made no further progress north...... yet! Carol this morning still forecasting up to 3 inches locally in East Anglia.
  6. Some hefty showers around this afternoon, showing up nicely on the radar. Just had a beauty pass over me, producing a rumble of thunder and a beautiful double rainbow! Certainly cheered up the trip to the supermarket!
  7. The storms fizzled out before reaching my location here in East Anglia. Shown nicely in this sequence from Blitzortung tweeted by Dan Holley: Hopefully better luck for East Anglia this afternoon. Arome showing some instability in the atmosphere as the cold front approaches this afternoon, so in with a small chance.
  8. What a great post Paul!! And a stunning photo - it really does look like the sun is going down over the Alps for the season. Thank you for your kind comment about my contribution to the thread! And may I say, yours too! Wonderful 'on-the-ground' reports and photos throughout the season - fantastic!! I love our mountain forum - friendly, informative and a place where like minded folk can share their passion for mountains and skiing/boarding! I agree with you that it's been a wonderful season for the Alps - particularly for you guys in the east but more widely too for resorts above 1,500m. This article from snow-forecast.com on the 8th April is indicative of how impressive the season has been (and what great news for the glaciers!): Exceptional Snow Depths on Alpine Glaciers Snow depths in the Alps are at historic highs after more heavy snowfall over the past 10 days on top of already deep accumulations built up through one of the snowiest winters this century. Probably THE snowiest this century in many areas. https://www.snow-forecast.com/whiteroom/exceptional-snow-depths-on-alpine-glaciers/
  9. According to a new study published in the journal Nature, the AMOC has slowed by about 15 percent since the mid-20th century and is now running at its slowest in 1,500 years, with implications for European weather. Extracts: Observed fingerprint of a weakening Atlantic Ocean overturning circulation We have identified a characteristic SST fingerprint of an AMOC slow- down on the basis of high-resolution model simulations. The finger- print consists of a cooling in the subpolar gyre region due to reduced heat transport, and a warming in the Gulf Stream region due to a north- ward shift of the Gulf Stream. This fingerprint is most pronounced during winterand spring, and itis found in the observed long-term temperature trends, indicating a pronounced weakening of the AMOC since the mid-twentieth century. The AMOC weakening may already have an impact on weather in Europe. Cold weather in the subpolar Atlantic correlates with high summer temperatures over Europe, and the 2015 European heat wave has been linked to the record ‘cold blob’ in the Atlantic that year Model simulations further suggest that an AMOC weakening could become the “main cause of future west European summer atmospheric circulation changes”, as well as potentially leading to increased storminess in Europe. Full report: here
  10. Holiday weekend rainfall totals for the east - nearly a month's worth for some locations. For those who've read my posts over the last few days, I'm sad to report that the swan's nest on my local river didn't survive the Sun/Mon deluge and renewed (worse) flooding that followed. There was no sign of nest or swans today (Tues). But hopefully they will be back to try again in due course.
  11. Glad to report my local river depth has dropped back today and Mrs Swan is relaxing on the nest - in fact she was asleep. No doubt tired after all the 'nest raising' efforts from yesterday! But it's worrying to see the next spell of very wet weather looming large. Hirlam suggesting between 10mm and 20mm for all of us by 19.00 tomorrow evening, with yet more rain as the week progresses.
  12. Absolutely miserable spell of weather. Readings for my location the last 24 hours have been 0.1 hours of sunshine and 13mm of rain. The wettest locations in our Region yesterday were Wittering at 17.2mm and St.Catherines Point at 17.8mm. But spare a thought for this pair of swans on my local river, the Brett. I watched them this morning frantically trying to raise the height of their nest to stop it being washed away. She was sat on it last week when I passed, so maybe eggs in there. Hope the rain clears off and they win their battle.
  13. Pretty good season for the Scottish ski resorts too. Looks like some lovely skiing to be had there this weekend, with a forecast of a mainly dry and temps just above freezing, although the easterly breeze might make it feel a bit chilly! Glencoe Nevis Range
  14. Incredible video of an avalanche hitting a car park at Mt Elbrus, Russia. As I hadn't heard of this mountain I had a little dig around and found the following. No skiing, but a magnet for climbers and unfortunately attempts claim between 15 - 30 deaths each year. A cable car system completed in 1976 goes up to 3,658m. Mount Elbrus isn’t technically a mountain — it is an inactive volcano located in the western Caucasus mountain range, near the Georgian border in Kabardino-Balkaria and Karachay–Cherkessia, Russia. With an elevation of 18,510 feet (5,642 meters), it is part of the Caucasus Range that straddles Asia and Europe, although most geographers place it in Europe. This makes it the tallest mountain in Europe and one of the Seven Summits, the highest mountains in each of the continents and elite climbers aspire to summit all of them. Mount Elbrus gets the title of highest in Europe. Another, perhaps better known, peak is Mont Blanc. It is the highest mountain in the Alps and the European Union. Its elevation is 15,781 feet (4,810 m) above sea level.
  15. Blessed Weather

    Snow And Ice In The Northern Hemisphere 2017/18

    I've no idea how the Finnish Met measure snow mass, but interesting anyway....