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    Hadleigh, Suffolk
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    Weather extremes, mountains and skiing, foreign travel, British pubs. As a 10 year old I experienced the 1962/63 winter which was the start of my life-long interest in all things weather related. The family had just moved into a new-build house on the top of a hill in Wales when the blizzard struck overnight. I woke up with my bedroom window sill covered in snow. In the bathroom the sill was covered and the bath was full of several inches of snow. The water in the toilet was frozen. Oh the joy of badly fitting, draughty wooden windows... and only a coal fire in the living room to warm the entire house!
    My first skiing trip to the Alps was in 1966. It was a school trip to Solden in Austria and we travelled by train across Europe. It was my first trip abroad and I hardly slept all way with the excitement. It led to a life-long passion for all things skiing and mountain and nowadays I try and have a few ski holidays a year if I can, spreading my visits across the Alps and try to visit less well known resorts as well as the usual suspects.
    My other passion is rugby and coming from Dinas Powys in South Wales I'm naturally enough a Wales fan. I now live in Suffolk (job move) but regularly travel back in Wales where my parents still live.
    My avatar is inspired by Brian Blessed - absolutely awesome in panto!!
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    An Alpine climate - snowy winters and sunny summers!

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  1. Blessed Weather

    SE and East Anglia general weather discussion 07/11/2018

    A gorgeous day here. The cloud has melted away, there's the gentlest of breezes and the temp is 13.7C in the sunshine. Looks like most in the Region enjoying similar, although the South Coast disappointingly still plagued by low cloud at 13.30. I've just given the back lawn a quick mow (to keep it short for the dogs) and spotted a cabbage white butterfly and a ladybird. So much for the forecasts of a cold February. 😄 But short moan aside, I have to say it was very pleasant being out in the warm sunshine earlier, so I'm sort of grateful as at least it's not cloudy, wet and windy.
  2. Blessed Weather

    SE and East Anglia general weather discussion 07/11/2018

    Please folks, this thread is meant to be about discussing the weather and its impact here in the SE. A little bit of off-topic is fine, but recent posts are taking things too far. Can we get back on topic please. Chat about your local weather and it's effect on your daily life here in the regional forums. Thank you.
  3. GFS forecast 2m temp anomaly for the next 7 days suggesting the UK average will be +4.6C above climate. Taking actual temps to 20th Feb and adding the next 7 days, a forecast anomaly of +2.4C for the month. Next 7 days Feb actual to 20th + 7 days Looking at the 3-day mean 500hPa height anomaly forecasts 27th Feb to 1st March from GFS and ECM there's very good agreement that NW Europe and the UK remain well and truly under the influence of high pressure. Both GFS and ECM had the MJO entering Phase 8 around the 14th Feb. ECM then moves quickly through to Phase 1, whilst GFS meanders around 8. Adding the typical time-lag to take us into March, the composite 500hPa heights anomaly for both Phase 8 and Phase 1 in ENSO neutral conditions both suggest a much more favourable pattern for the UK would normally be expected. With little sign of that in the extended forecasts, as others have written, it looks like the Nina-like base state continues to interfere with expectations (disappointingly, not for the first time this winter). MJO Ph 8 composite Ph 1
  4. Are you there for the week? Looks very much like spring skiing with freeze/thaw conditions to start the week. But at least there's a reasonable depth of snow to enjoy skiing in lovely sunshine and sit on restaurant terraces. Here's the official French snow depths for lower/upper slopes showing 105 cms lower and 166 cms upper slopes. All but one of the 64 lifts open too (note the latter figures are for the Nordic skiing trails). https://www.ledauphine.com/meteo/meteo-neige And keep an eye on the forecasts for the end of your week. GFS 12z today suggesting you might see snow falling on Friday 1st March: Hope you have a great week. Don't forget to post some pics.
  5. Blessed Weather

    Snow on the Scottish Mountains.

    Oh wow! What a stunning photo of an amazing cornice on Aonach Mor 11th Feb 2019. Very brave to stand under that! Photo courtesy of Iain Cameron: https://twitter.com/theiaincameron/status/1095065544087273473
  6. A new thread with an appropriate title will start in due course as we move into Spring. But "heat hunt" might be a bit too optimistic for a while longer!
  7. I have removed some posts. Please stay on topic and please be respectful to each other. Thank you.
  8. That's enough please. There are far too many off-topic posts on here this morning. There are other threads for met office, climate change, past winter weather, moans, etc., etc.. I asked nicely a few pages back so I'm afraid posts will now start disappearing.
  9. A gentle reminder that we're meant to be discussing model output in this thread please. There are two specific threads at the top of the 'Winter and General Weather' area for discussing the wider aspects of how this winter has or hasn't gone for the UK and other places. Thank you.
  10. Blessed Weather

    SE and East Anglia general weather discussion 07/11/2018

    Depending on your personal preferences, this afternoon looks like bring some interesting and/or unpleasant weather as a cold front associated with storm Erik impacts the Region. Strong winds building this morning and peaking around mid-afternoon with gusts widely at 50 - 60 mph. NMM showing an area of even stronger winds moving along the South Coast with gusts up to 70 mph. Both NMM and Arome showing the likelihood of some heavy, squally rain as the front moves through later. Gusts 13.00 Precip 17.00
  11. I have removed several posts. Please be respectful to the views of others or your post will be removed. This should be a friendly forum where everyone is entitled to their opinion on what the model output is showing without being subjected to petty contradictions and/or snipes. Thank you.
  12. Blessed Weather

    SE and East Anglia general weather discussion 07/11/2018

    The 10th driest January on record in East Anglia according to provisional figures, with less than 50% of the 1981 - 2010 average rainfall. Although I see the area around Pete's home town of Beccles managed to come in as the wettest part of the Region with near average ppn. 😄 With thanks to Dan Holley, Weatherquest. https://twitter.com/danholley_/status/1092834658084155393
  13. What a last day here in Katschberg. Thoughts of any skiing quickly disappeared as the forecast strong winds and snow duly arrived at 10.00. It's been snowing steadily all day and the wind gusts are now so strong they are causing our wooden chalet to creak. Truly blizzard conditions this evening, so the walk into town for our last meal will be fun! It's been a wonderful week here - some superb skiing and the locals are incredibly friendly. Getting out in the morning could be fun - snow chains already fitted. The obvious venue when it's snowing hard: The view out of the window this evening: Edit: Pics from tonight's trip into town.
  14. Hi Everyone. I'm in Katschberg, Carinthia (Austria) for a week's skiing with my friends and we are thoroughly enjoying ourselves. It's a typical Austrian resort with plenty of lovely mountain restaurants to stop for coffees and lunch and few lively apres ski bars at the bottom of the pistes at the end of the day. The skiing is dominated by lots of red runs, so fantastic for high speed cruising and there's a couple of steep black runs too. The easy blue runs are a little limited in number, so maybe not the best place to learn to ski and progress? But just my view and having said that, the resort is very 'family friendly' and welcoming. We had 6 inches of fresh snow overnight Mon into early Tues before it turned into a beautiful sunny day, but tempered by a strong gusty wind with the snow whipping across the pistes and one of the main chairlifts closed for a time. It's now Weds morning and it's snowing again with poor visibility. The skiing is on two mountains which is best illustrated by the piste map. Some pics, first of all of the Katschberghohe / Tschaneck skiing. The first photo is taken from the Aineck side and shows all the runs well; the reds on the left and the black on the right. Then switching over to the Aineck skiing where the runs are VERY long with the 'A1' red measuring 6 kms (3.7 miles). The first pic is looking towards the mountain from the Katschberg side. The black goes straight down from the top with the long red (11) wiggling down alongside. The other pics are looking down towards the St. Margarethen side from the A1 red. So to try and summarise, it's a really enjoyable resort for intermediates but is limited for beginners and experts. I'm very much enjoying the week! Edit - Well you live and learn. After all the time I've been on this forum I didn't know you could open up these pics and then zoom in by clicking on the pic again (and again).
  15. Blessed Weather

    SE and East Anglia general weather discussion 07/11/2018

    Indeed, http://www.meteociel.fr/observations-meteo/radar2.php?region=uk&mode=1# But looking marginal for temps to drop enough for anything to settle before the ppn dries up? Temps at 19.30: