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    East Midlands, United Kingdom
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    Hello my name is Ami,located in the East Midlands area of England.
    My hobbies include Photography,Music,running,cycling,reading,swimming ,
    I am an amateur photographer and i often visit Yorkshire with the moors and dales there is plenty of scenery and nature to photograph.
    I have discovered that taking pictures can be very addictive and therapeutic and i always have a camera by my side.
    I love seeing pictures from all different parts of the globe. This is a wonderful community and I am so glad that this site is available to share my pictures and learn from the experience of others.
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    extreme weather,sun,clouds,hate rain .
  1. Just back inside from sky watching out back,seen a few not bright ones,a few bright and lastly one bright one tail and all worth waiting for that one was' it was headed southwards.im calling it a night now,enjoying a nice hot drink.nite nite
  2. out front of house none,but seen one at back going southwards,darn cold out there so im wrapped up and going back out back again.
  3. Thanks for replying BlueBreezer54 ,i shall look those up .hope i get a good view of the Perseid's this weekend.
  4. I shall be in the scarborough area during the perseid's peak nights.where is the best place to look for them ie north,west etc?
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