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  1. Lovely - just waiting for ours to hit Huntingdon imminently :).
  2. Evening folks, We've had a nice sleet spell an hour earlier, now we have this Giant Pink Snow Teddy approaching Huntingdon...
  3. Afternoon everyone, We've had a lovely, sunny day here in Huntingdon. After an overnight low of -4.3C (at 8.16am), it's now 3.6C, after a high of 5.4C (at 2.4pm).
  4. On the flip side - how many times have almost - certain to happen major events vanished without trace?
  5. Good afternoon!

  6. Typical! I'm on holiday this week, and back to work next (with the chance of a Plume) :((

  7. is looking to the west at the approaching shower, will it be heavy?...

  8. We've just had a very brief, light shower here in St. Ives. It felt lovely to stand outside :).

  9. is contemplating taking my son out for some lineside photography after lunch...

    1. shuggee


      Excellent idea - bit of traction in your area?

  10. Morning everyone :)

  11. Happy Birthday :-)

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