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  1. 3 minutes ago, Zak M said:

    Does anyone know what these lines in the rain are about?


    Gravity waves, potentially 🙂 



    Gravity waves form in the atmosphere as a result of destabilizing processes. The effects of gravity waves can only be taken into consideration by including additional...

    Gravity waves (Undular Bores) often show up well in radar & satellite imagery. They can trigger showers & thunderstorms, or even interact with supercells.


  2. Thanks @StormAfterTheCalm - we'll have a look at what may be the issue there. Please can you let me know your screen resolution on the devices you're having the problem with. If you're unsure of them, you can check here:


    What is my screen resolution - Online tool to check / find screen resolution of your Monitor, Mobile, iPhone, iPad, Android Device in pixels


  3. 12 hours ago, Mapantz said:

    Small bug; If you have the colour key open, then choose a different  scale and refresh the page, it saves your scale preference but the colour key reverts back to the new style.

    This should be fixed now 🙂 

  4. 11 minutes ago, IDO said:

    Do you have an alternative view post-D7?

    Yes, potentially. The ensemble means point to more of north - south or maybe northwest - southeast split at the moment, so 'dry and settled' would be more limited to those further south/southeast. There seems to be little to no support in the GEFS to suggest high pressure making it any further north than the British Isles right through to the end of the runs. So right now, I think the likeliest outcome is high pressure over Europe and perhaps also the southern half of the UK, with the slightly less likely outcome an extension of the unsettled weather for all or all but the very far south. One or two members take the ridge a bit further north, but that seems unlikely right now. 


  5. 1 minute ago, markw2680 said:

    I no it’s all model related but I don’t understand why we are all discussing fi stuff rather than what’s about to happen over the weekend and early next week? Surely it’s worth talking about as it’s probably the best thing we have had all winter

    People are free to discuss whatever model related stuff interests them in here, but if you're wanting to specifically discuss this weekend, there's a dedicated thread here:


  6. 4 minutes ago, Josephineee said:

    So UK snow is trending on twitter, likelihood of it snowing in Gloucestershire/Oxfordshire? 

    The snow is mostly in the north and mostly over the hills. There could be some wintriness in those areas, especially over the Cotswolds/Chilterns etc. You can check a local forecast here:


    Local hour-by-hour weather forecast for your city, town or postcode over the next 7 days. Also includes pollen count and UV index. Updated four times a day to keep you upto date.



  7. 2 hours ago, Paul_1978 said:

    This is still happening. Continually get asked to accept cookies. I always click Yes.

    Are you clearing cookies regularly (maybe you have a program or app which does that)?

    Otherwise, it's set to store your selection for a much longer period than that, and from what I've seen in normal use doesn't ask any near as frequently. 

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