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  1. Although this thread is a bit more laid back in terms of having some banter, it does still need to be at least loosely model related, and at the moment some general winter and not model related comments are sneaking through. For those, please head over to the winter thread. https://www.netweather.tv/forum/topic/90634-winter-201819/
  2. Bearing in mind the forecast went as far as Monday/Tuesday, no further.
  3. For those following the upcoming switch to colder weather, Nick's latest blog is well worth a read. Colder Weather On The Way From The East Next Week, But Will It Snow? Jo's video from earlier is also well worth a watch:
  4. The Santa Shaker is back for another year https://www.netweather.tv/weather-forecasts/uk/xmas
  5. Yeah, that's possible, in fact I thought it was already switched on tbh. It should be now, so you should see an options bit next to edit on your posts, which has the option to hide the post if you like.
  6. Hi Matt, I can't recreate that here, perhaps try clearing your browser cookies/cache and restarting your device to see if that helps?
  7. Paul

    Report Climate change ipcc

    Maybe it's now time to move on from the name-calling and accusations of name-calling etc Pete, as we'll end up back on the merry go round otherwise. Science and debate around the science only from here on in please.
  8. Paul

    Report Climate change ipcc

    I see, so your 'no problem for centuries' comment was actually just petty arguing over semantics, worded to play to your audience and bait others. Nice. If you do respect technical scientists, here are a few scientific studies about ocean acidification for you. https://www.ocean-sci.net/13/411/2017/os-13-411-2017-discussion.html Adverse Effect of Ocean Acidification on Marine Organisms Effects of Ocean Acidification on Temperate Coastal Marine Ecosystems and Fisheries in the Northeast Pacific Effects of ocean acidification and hydrodynamic conditions on carbon metabolism and dissolved organic carbon (DOC) fluxes in seagrass populations Much like before, I could go on, but hopefully you get the picture with this small selection. The definition of acidifiation from the Cambridge dictionary: Based on the fact that oceans are currently in the process of becoming an acid, even if it does take 'centuries' to get there, the word acidification is correct, which probably explains why countless scientists and scientific studies use it. So, maybe it's time to move on and discuss the actual science, and the findings of that science, not just trying to find a way to fit it all to your preordained narrative?
  9. Paul

    Report Climate change ipcc

    @Midlands Ice Age - there are countless studies which contradict your view that it'll be a 'few centuries' before anyone has to worry about Ocean acidification, including many of the effects being felt already. The very report you're apparently quoting, clearly doesn't match your view. The graphs you're showing only go up to 2100 also, so what conclusion would you expect people to come to when you come out with a statement like that and have apparently nothing to back it up? We've had this conversation before, you talk about your scientific background often, but then seem to go about science in a backward way by continually hunting to find evidence, no matter how tenuous, which supports your view. That isn't the way science works. From the IPCC report: The above shows the risk assessments in the IPCC report, and for each outcome, by 2081 to 2100 there are shown to be significant effects. How does that fit with your assumption that there will be no problems for centuries? And I could go on, and on, and on. Countless parts of the report, images, paragraphs, graphs which all contradict your view.. But somehow, you're ignoring all that, having apparently read the entire report and have decided to jump to an entirely different conclusion, hmmm. For those who haven't read them, the reports are here http://www.ipcc.ch/report/ar5/
  10. Thanks Matt, I'll take a look at that and get it fixed.
  11. You can just login using the facebook login button to get back to that account
  12. Looking great at the Nevis Range, cool place to go snowboarding too
  13. Lol, a bit oversized. The fixed width one is back now if you want it.
  14. Yeah, that was me, trying to fix. Think the problem is still happening on the fixed width theme, you've probably been moved off of it automatically to the default. Will get it working again shortly.