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  1. Not this stuff again, please. The same people seem to get embroiled in the same stuff every year, why does it matter? Some people like warm weather, some like cold, end of discussion.
  2. Nick's take on the winter so far: Winter 2018/19: Sudden Stratospheric Warming - But Why No Beast From The East?
  3. I'll check our ad scanning is working properly as that sort of stuff shouldn't happen. But would recommend clearing your browser cookies/cache SS as it could be a local thing on your device.
  4. Ok, enough of the childish ott moaning in here, it's too much and is throwing the thread way off topic. Any more will be deleted, and persistent offenders with regard to this sort if thing will be stopped from posting in here.
  5. Lots of good analysis today in the focused thread: https://www.netweather.tv/forum/topic/91214-focussed-model-discussion/?page=15 Everyone is welcome to post their longer form thoughts on runs etc in there..
  6. It's models and banter (with the emphasis on models, this being a weather forum n all), so if the banter takes over, it ceases to be that. Just asking people to self-moderate a tad here, that's all..
  7. Folks, chill out a tad with the banter please, it's all well and good having the odd joke, but when someone says something bantery, is there really a need for 10 virtually identical attempts at the same joke? It just sends the thread way away from the models. There's a balance to be had here, so lets try to remember what the main point of the thread is.
  8. Just as a reminder for those wanting a slower-paced, less bantery model discussion, you can head over to the focused model thread here: As a suggestion to people wanting to get involved in there, but unsure what sort of thing to post - a great place to start may be to post a summary of your views on the latest model run (eg the GFS 12Z at this point), or maybe the suite of models up to this point today. They'll be good to read, and a good starting point for more discussions I'm sure 🙂
  9. Yawn, another non-ice-age type run and the same people acting in the same childish way again. It'd be a shame to stop people posting in here, but the petulant kids act and the petty bickering really needs to stop, it's tiresome.
  10. I've moved a whole set of posts into the winter thread, as that's where they belong. As has been said many times already, some banter in here is ok but we need to keep a theme of the models running through it. So please, use other threads for entirely different topics (like snow reports, met office forecasts and moans about the winter weather etc)
  11. And with that, can we take this back toward the models please.
  12. Just a reminder that we do need a modelly theme running through this place, so if you're wanting to talk local snow etc, please head over to the (already busy) regional threads 🙂 https://www.netweather.tv/forum/forum/142-regional-discussions/