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  1. I have a marshmallow based phone, and don't think I've had a problem with it - will have a look, remind myself what I did to remove one, and let you know.
  2. This should be fixed now
  3. Ok thanks, we'll take a look at this today
  4. Odd, can't recreate that. Which browser are you using? Also, are you blocking/not saving cookies at all?
  5. Cheers yep, it's odd - we've tracked the chase team on a map for years, and have had geo-locate on the radar for years, but for whatever reason we've never put them both together until now!
  6. Geo-tracking is now live on the radar, along with one of two other updates - including a selection of new background maps
  7. We've just put a new version of the V7 radar live in Extra There's a new 'Geo-Tracker' option which tracks your location on the map and keeps it centred on your location if you're on the move - perhaps out chasing! There's also a new selection of background maps to choose from:
  8. A bunch of very off topic, and argumentative posts removed, this is the model thread, so can we actually discuss the model output rather than whining about people having a slant towards the weather they're likely to experience, in their posts. And for a particular someone who has rejoined having been banned more than once (you know who you are), if you're all set on creating the same hassles as before, then you're going to end up with the same outcome..
  9. Hi Tim, yes that feature is in our dev planner currently. We already do the geo-locate, and have always done the tracking on the map for our storm chase teams, so it's just a case of us plugging the two together. It's in our current schedule so shouldn't be far off now.
  10. Hi Zaax, in Extra this is how the forecast is designed to work, it's showing the latest data but doesn't remove the past hours from it. The days are split into AM and PM on there, so if you click through to today's pm info, you'll have the complete day
  11. I've found a bug which may have been the cause, and fixed it so hopefully all should be ok now?
  12. I can't recreate it here, but will dig into it and see what's happening
  13. A bunch of posts have been removed, as there's really no need for childish bickering about cloud photos in here. Can we get back on topic now please.
  14. Just moving our GFS chart archive to a new storage system. 7.5 million images!

    1. lassie23


      How long will that take:shok:

    2. Paul


      Not sure, a while I expect!

  15. Important news... The sun is out in Aviemore, remember this date.

    1. lassie23


      Best get your year supply of vitamin D whilst you can.

    2. Stuart


      yes been lovely here last few days Paul:D

    3. Osbourne One-Nil

      Osbourne One-Nil

      I get a free copy every Saturday in the Spar, whether I want one or not.