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  1. That does seem a big difference, what location are you looking at?
  2. I'm not seeing any issues here @matt111, clearing your browser cache will hopefully solve it.
  3. We have a new feature available as of today - bookmarks. You can now create private or public (viewable through your profile) bookmarks for posts, gallery images and so on. So, if you want to save a post for a later date, you can click the bookmark link on it, and save it. You can also categorise and 'sticky' bookmarks, to make them easier to find and sort later. You'll find the bookmark button beneath posts, and in various other places around the community: Once you've clicked it, you can add it to a category, give it a title and even add a note to it, if you'd like. On
  4. Hi Peter, I think we got this sorted out over email earlier, but please shout if you have any other problems or questions 🙂 Paul
  5. Paul

    Unusual Sky

    Morning Mike, they look like Nacreous clouds potentially: What is so special about Nacreous Clouds- mother of pearl Polar Stratospheric Clouds WWW.NETWEATHER.TV Way up in the Stratosphere there is very cold air above us. It's causing excitement for those who watch such things as a precursor to a possible cold, winter spell. This air can produce Nacreous Clouds PSCs
  6. Morning Tom, I'm afraid with a 'dark mode' now available on the forums, keeping the default colours is the best way to ensure posts are readable for everyone. The way the system works is that it uses a near white text colour on the dark version, and a near black text colour on the light version. If coloured fonts were possible then they'd be shown the same on both versions, which would very likely mean that on the dark mode in particular, the post would be very difficult to read. In terms of the emoji's, the system now uses whatever native ones you have on your device or pc, so are limit
  7. *Except for the models which don't 😉 Not saying they'll be right, but not all models are going for the warmth on Tuesday.
  8. Yes, it's got more vertical layers in there as part of the update, which should in theory improve accuracy.
  9. The GFS gets updated to the V16 version today from the 12z onwards. More info here: https://www.weather.gov/media/notification/pdf2/scn21-20_gfsv16.0_aac.pdf
  10. Month ahead forecast for the UK. Read More Here
  11. The thread was getting a bit long and a bit slow, so I've split out the last few days into a fresh one 🙂
  12. Yeah, think the radar network is picking up some false echoes - that's not in our control though unfortunately.
  13. It's purely radar based, so the system is looking at each pixel, seeing where it's moving and what the intensity is doing and then plotting it into the future. It's not 100%, as no predictive radar can be, but in many circumstances it's been doing a good job from what we've seen 🙂
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