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  1. 18z on the left, 12z on the right at 120 hours (18z time, 126 hours 12z, so they match). Not much in it, about 50 miles further east at this point, but all going in a similar direction. Plus the -15c iso is closer on the 18z.
  2. @Nick F's latest blog is well worth a read as he's taken an in depth look at the upcoming cold spell, the reasons for it, and how it may play out. The Beast From The East Cometh
  3. Yep, good point - will see if we can get that added shortly.
  4. Can we keep it friendly please. Fwiw, I think both sets of views are right here. There is no guarantee of snow in a particular location, so anyone thinking there's a 100% chance of getting a dumping has a reasonable chance of being disappointed. There is, however a risk of some decent snow amounts in places - eg most likely through showers (so by their nature will hit somewhere and miss somewhere else). Anyone wanting a chart to 'prove' it will struggle, since you're going to need to wait for the mesoscale hires models to come in to play at around 48 or so hours out for that sort of thing to be resolved. For those wanting the meto's word for it, this is from their latest press release: https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/news/releases/2018/cold-conditions-end-of-february And for charts, the ensembles give a broad brush kinda guide, in terms of whether there's a chance of precip or not - and as you can see, plenty think there is, but again - detail and specifics are impossible at this point - all they suggest is that the ingredients are more likely than not to be in place for showers:
  5. So, that's another couple of people blocked from posting in here, any more takers? Those wanting to just moan for moanings sake, please head to the moans thread. Those wanting to troll, please do one. Those wanting to discuss the models, please carry on
  6. Here's a look at the 00z forecasts for 1200 Monday, from the last 11 days on the GFS and Ensembles, plus the last 5 on the ECM. Yesterday the GFS and Ensembles did have the cold coming a touch faster, but in the main you'd mostly call it variations on a theme, barring a few big wobbles here and there. The ECM has had the odd wobble but has actually been more solid on the timing of the deeper cold, if anything bringing it forward a tiny amount today. GFS GEFS (ensembles) ECMWF
  7. I've had a great idea, we could make some other threads and areas on the forum for people to discuss all sorts of other topics that are accessible with just a couple of clicks, then this thread can be kept to just model discussion? Oh wait....
  8. Wow, some of you are like bloody toddlers. Either grow up fast or don't expect to be able to post in here for much longer, it's ridiculous.
  9. Ooh yes, it's busy and with good reason - it's a rare beast to see the sort of charts we're seeing right now. It would appear the UK and much of Europe is headed into the freezer, but how cold, and for how long? As always, please keep to just discussing the model output in this thread. We have a thread open to discuss the cold spell - so if you're wanting to chat more generally about it, or talk about forecasts from the BBC, Met Office, Netweather etc, please head over there: https://www.netweather.tv/forum/topic/89358-ssw-related-cold-spell-will-it-wont-it/ It's also worth keeping an eye on is the blogs from our team including @Jo Farrow & @Nick Finnis, there's some great info about the SSW, the cold spell etc, and new articles will be posted regularly: https://www.netweather.tv/weather-forecasts/blogs Want to view the model outputs? You can get all the major ones here on Netweather: GFS GEFS Ensembles ECMWF ECMWF EPS NetWx-SR NetWx-MR Met-Office Fax GEM GFS Hourly Snow forecast and precip type Model Comparison Global Jet Stream Stratosphere
  10. Ok, we're in the lull before the 12z's roll, so time to lock this and get a new thread going:
  11. Reaction Limit

    Funny enough, nor did I!! But anyway, it appears there was a limit of 100, which I've removed.
  12. [Email protected]

    That's a different thing, people here are just talking about the email protected wording, which is just where people are using @ in posts which is being seen as an email address. It sounds like you've selected the fluid view option, if you go to the forum homepage and click the button near the top (shown below), it'll change back to the normal version.
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    That comes up when someone puts an email address into a post, it then protects that email from getting picked up by web robots and added to spam lists. It's probable the system may be confusing it for when someone uses @[name] , I'll take a look
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    Not sure what you mean by randomly displaying, and can't see anything myself, can you post a screenshot?