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  1. Yep, you can use the clear function or the undo arrow which is the icons furthest right in the editor toolbar which'll do the same thing and clear the editor.
  2. You can change that here:
  3. With snow coming to Europe and a whole load of it in North America, remember to be safe if you're going out of bounds or off piste. This person had an extremely lucky escape..
  4. You can view them here - select HGT 500-1000 from the drop down list;sess=
  5. The posts about 2010 etc have now all been hidden as the conversation has continued beyond the request to stop. Please keep it to the model output in here, and head to the banter thread for more general chat.
  6. All very interesting stuff above, but none of it model related, so please head over to the banter, winter chat or historic weather threads to continue it, so the model discussion can carry on in here. Thanks!
  7. It's a record breaker - first time we've had 3000 or more online at once on the community!

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    2. cheese


      God, can you imagine how many people would be online if there was actually a cold spell about to commence?

    3. Chill Pill

      Chill Pill

      Well done to the team! It's funny but all winter I've been wondering when the forum would crash (as in the old days hehehe) but you've really done a brilliant job over the years to get to this point. Long may NW continue and grow :-)

    4. alexisj9


      @cheese a cold spell is about to commence, may be even has commenced in places. 

  8. Matt's latest synoptic guidance blog is online - looking at the upcoming cold spell and beyond to the prospects of a potential cold easterly setup.;storyid=7892;sess=
  9. Those timeslots are re-running at the moment, so should be all up to date in about 10-15 mins
  10. Please can chat about will it won't it snow in various parts of the country, along with chat about what weather you may or may not be interested in go over into the banter thread to allow the model discussion to continue in here. Thanks.
  11. That's the first round of voting complete - thanks to everyone who voted! The photos going through to the final are: Tour 1: Photo 1 Photo 5 Photo 6 Tour 2: Photo 2 Photo 9 Photo 11 Photo 34 Tour 3: Photo 5 Photo 12 Photo 15 Tour 4: Photo 5 Photo 6 Photo 9 The vote will open next week
  12. I'm assuming you're basing your 'rogue run' theory on the fact that the GFS is quite different for 2m temperatures than the GEFS members, as you've used that to illustrate your point. If so, you're not correct. Virtually every run has that discrepancy because the GFS is run at a different resolution to the GEFS which is always more notiecable on the ground as that's where local variations with height / coasts / towns & cities etc play a much larger part. For instance - 6z and 00z runs for Cumbria (a hilly part of the country for illustration), the same discrepancy...
  13. There've been a number of off topic posts in the last few hours. Usual rules apply in here - if it ain't about the models, then it's not suitable in this thread. The banter thread is the place for more random chat, ramps and the like
  14. For those after an in depth look at the model outlook during the upcoming week, along with a nod to the longer range prospects, the latest synoptic guidance blog by @MattHugo is online;storyid=7878;sess=