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  1. I think it's possibly controlled by the timezone or location set on your pc. It's showing as dd/mm/yy for me.
  2. Feel like I'm spamming this stuff now, but what a view!
  3. As has always been the case, personal digs in posts aren't acceptable, so if your post has been removed this morning, you know the reason why.
  4. Another great snowboarding spot getting in on the early snow action!
  5. And now it's arrived to Whistler too. Nice early snow for 2 of my favourite snowboarding spots
  6. A September winter wonderland for the trip to school in Avoriaz this morning!
  7. Can we keep this thread to the strat please, there are other threads for long range models, seasonal forecasts etc
  8. For those wanting to learn about the strat, and what it's all about, Matt's blog is well worth a read It's Back - The Stratospheric Polar Vortex
  9. Yep, it's when someone copies and pastes something with styling it can sometimes break the layout. Will see what can be done about it.
  10. Seems fine to me, perhaps clear your browser cache
  11. The storm names for 2017/18 have been announced. Read More Here
  12. Forecasts

    They'll update shortly
  13. Really cool photo from twitter yesterday, with accompanying radar grab