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  1. Thanks, that should hopefully be fixed in the update which should be rolling out later this afternoon
  2. Give it a few weeks (ish), will be doing a bit forum upgrade and I think I can plugin functionality like that for this sort of thing.
  3. Do look to be some really intense cells going up over NW England in particular later on. Then maybe another chance for southern England in the early hours as well.
  4. Which app do you have installed on your phone? Is it the news alerts or rain/lightning alerts?
  5. It's the spin up time of the convective physics, as @staplehurst was saying previously, it's very common with mesoscale models (Euro4 is very similar for example), so always best to use the previous run for the 6-12 or so hours after the run time. We have doubled the amount of times it calls the microphysics since, so the spin-up is much shorter than it was, and as you can see it has the convective stuff looking more realistic by midnight. In terms of the model accuracy, it's actually verifying really well currently, and showed marked improvements during the last convective spell, after we'd increased the calls to physics.
  6. Serious rainfall in Cornwall doing coastal damage
  7. Severe storm watch;sess= Just issued by @Nick F
  8. New Netweather Radar apps are now available to download. Read More Here
  9. Thanks for all the feedback on the Android apps, they're now out of beta and available through the Google Play Store Extra subscribers: Non-subscribers: The iOS apps are on the way, please drop me a pm with your email address (the one you use for itunes etc) if you'd like to get involved in the beta test!
  10. Hot off the press, and thanks to all those who have been testing the beta versions - our radar apps for Android are now fully released For those with Extra subscriptions, your app is here: For those without subs, the free app is here: Ought to come in handy through the next 24 hours or so! Those with iOS devices, if you're interested in testing the beta version of the app, please drop me a line with your email address and I'll add you to the testers list
  11. Paul,

    There is still not enough time for editing - I just posted and there were typos which I wished to correct but was precluded from finishing these before I was timed out.

    I am conscious of the fact that too many errors in a post can reflect adversely on the poster and detract from what he/she wishes to say so I try to avoid this as much as I possibly can.

    This does take time, especially with a long post.

    Mike M

  12. We're just testing the Netwx models with the upgraded GFS data (that goes live Wednesday btw). And the new version just pulls things a little further east as it all heads north. Obviously, as others have been saying though, it's pretty much impossible for any computer model to nail down the precise location of cells etc. Old version New version
  13. Netwx-SR looking entertaining late Tuesday onwards. It did really well on the last convective outbreak - we upgraded it to improve the convective detail and spin-up times shortly before that.
  14. Always good to see you posting BF, hope all is well with you. Looking interesting this week!
  15. I started a fresh thread for this, as it's not related to the chat room. To be honest, I think the current setup does allow plenty of time for typos, plus there is the preview button on the post editor if you want to re-read it on a different screen prior to posting it. (This icon ) In terms of adding points to posts later, this is one of the reasons we shortened the time, as a long period of time to add points, and in theory make significant changes to a post after people have replied to it does create its own issues and disrupts the flow of the conversation. On top of this, with the posting limit now in place, a long editing time limit opens the system up to abuse as people can (and were) using it to essentially make several posts for the price of one, again with often totally different points and purposes after people had read and responded to the original post.