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  1. We've a new feature that we're trialling on the forum - sticky notes. You may already have seen the one at the top of the forum talking about SACRA, but that's just part of this new system. With sticky notes, you're able to quickly send a message to a member from within a thread (there's a button beneath each post). It's handy for speedy messages, a quick question or thanks for a post, or whatever else. It's not designed to replace the personal message system, more to compliment it for speedier, brief notes. When you send a message to someone, a small sticky label will appear on their screen with the message. Once they've read the message, they can reply, or just dismiss it. Messages aren't kept indefinitely though, so please use the personal messaging system if it's a conversation you want to revisit later. You can also send a message to yourself, if you want to make a note of something, but the same rule applies, it won't stay in your account indefinitely. To view your sent and received messages visit this page: https://www.netweather.tv/forum/stickynotes/receivednotes/ The messages aren't public, so can only be seen by the person you're sending it to. But, should the need arise (in the case of a report of abuse etc) then the admin team do have the facility to check sent messages. And finally, if you want to block someone from sending messages to you, then you can from here: https://www.netweather.tv/forum/index.php?app=core&module=system&controller=settings&area=snblock
  2. Yep, it's a nice beach when the sun's out, kind of bizarre walking on snow over the sand.
  3. Yellow Weather Warning For Snow

    You can use emoji now ⛄☃❄🌨
  4. I can see a live sub on your account by the looks of it, can you login now?
  5. Welcome to SACRA

    That's a handy webcam right at the snowgates Hopefully will get a bit more action that last year.
  6. We're trying to let the conversation flow as much as possible in here, but a few have gone beyond a bit off topic and into a place where there isn't even a tenuous link to the models! So a few posts have gone, sorry.
  7. Hi, we're now trialling a new system whereby the serious discussions and the other parts of the non-weather sections of the community (excluding the lounge) are only open to active members of weather based topics on the forum. 'Active' is currently defined as having posted more than a couple of times into weather related discussions (including the climate and science areas) during the past month. The system is fully automated, so if you've already hit that amount, or as soon as you do, you will have access to the non-weather parts of the community straight away. The aim of the new system is to ensure the focal point of the community is always the weather related topics, and to perhaps help those who become a bit embroiled in the serious threads in particular to venture back out into the weather parts of the community and remind themselves of why they joined in the first place! As it is a trial, we'll be monitoring closely, and please feel free to contact any member of the team if you'd like to share your views or feedback during this period. It is possible that there may be bugs in the automation for a time, so if you do get any rogue notifications or are unable to post into non-weather discussions when you think you shouldn't be, please do let us know. Thanks Paul
  8. I know the drama in here is part of it, but those jumping about like cats on hot tin roofs based on every run, probably need to calm down a tad. Especially since it's not even mid-November yet. All this talk about the cold being gone, winter being over, or the next 1947 being on the doorstep blah blah blah, based on single runs, is going to get tiring very quickly - especially in this thread. (Hint: head to the model banter thread to ramp/moan). Taking today's 00z as an example. Here are the ensemble means vs climatic averages - hardly mild, and a negative NAO. That's not to say it's exactly how it'll play out, but we're looking at forecasting models at 7 days plus here - you're not going to get exact or consistent answers from it. Best to step back a tad, and look at trends, and the wider picture.
  9. Latest Xmas forecast now online. https://www.netweather.tv/weather-forecasts/uk/xmas
  10. As a mark of respect for Armistice day, the forum will be closed for 2 minutes at 11am.