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  1. Yep, good point - will get that changed
  2. There's a new design coming for extra this year, which'll better utilise the space available on wider screens, meantime since the images aren't large enough to fill that space even if they were zoomed, I think the best option will be for us to close the screen up so they're alongside eachother without the gaps.
  3. Thanks @Blessed Weather - that's probably not the worst idea. Have got an eye on Soldeu as they're doing well for snow at the moment, but will keep a watch on things over the next week or so.
  4. Wow - an 863cm base at Mammoth in California. Can't say I can remember anywhere having a bigger base than that before now. Wonder what the world record is?;resort=S227~Mammoth Mountain Ski Area;sess= I'm just contemplating taking a trip somewhere in March, thinking of doing somewhere different to the usual haunts, and only have time for a week so will stick to Europe. Anyone any views in terms of resorts in Spain, or Andorra? Or maybe any hidden gems in Austria or France?
  5. There's been lots of generic winter posts in here tonight, which don't fall into the model discussion category, so if you want to carry on with that side of the debate, please head to the winter thread:
  6. It's been a while coming, but the mountains are open and snow sports are go in Scotland. Read More Here
  7. Can we discuss tweets in the tweet thread please - just because the tweet isn't embedded, doesn't mean it's not a tweet.
  8. Seriously, that's four of the first 9 posts into this thread removed for being just moans and therefore totally off topic. There's a note at the top of the thread about this, and countless reminders have been posted by the team, it's to the point where those continually ignoring all this, and just posting whatever they like in this thread must be doing so deliberately which shows zero respect for others in the community. So, next step will be to tighten up again and start blocking people from posting in here without further warnings.
  9. A fresh new model thread as we start a cold spell. We've made a change this morning, and that is to start a new model tweet thread. The reason for this change is that a tweets are, by their nature brief, which in turn can leave them open to multiple interpretations, which in the fast-moving model thread can mean a lot of reaction to misinterpretations which pulls the whole thing off on a tangent. So please don't post tweets into this thread - keep them to the new thread. We've also started another new thread this week, and that's the In depth (chilled out) model thread, for those who want a slower paced look at the models. Cross-posting to this and the new thread is fine, the best route to doing this is to use the multiquote button (the + sign bottom left of the post), then when you go to post your new post, you'll see a button bottom right allowing you to quote the post & copy it over. If you're unsure where to find the models, head over to the Netweather Charts and Data homepage, where you'll have access to all the main ones - including our in house NetWx models, the SR hires version is particularly handy when it comes to forecasting snow showers at shorter range. As ever, please keep this thread to model discussion only - and that does mean actually discussing the output, not just moaning about it. If you want to moan, ramp, or even moan about ramps, please head over to the model banter thread:
  10. A new thread, for posting and discussing tweets about the forecast models currently. Please only post tweets in this thread, not the main model or banter threads. The reason for this change is that a tweets are, by their nature brief, which in turn can leave them open to multiple interpretations, which in the fast-moving model thread can mean a lot of reaction to misinterpretations which pulls the whole thing off on a tangent.
  11. That's the maintenance done, and everything looks like it's gone well. Sorry that it took a bit longer than expected.
  12. A quick reminder: 1. If you want to moan, ramp or just banter randomly about the weather/models etc then this isn't the thread for it, the banter/ramp and moans thread is (clue is in the name ) 2. If you are getting annoyed by the off topic moans etc, then don't make it worse with your own off topic moan about them please. 3. If you report a post, please give us a chance to respond - reporting, then posting a reply to the post 2 minutes later kind of defeats the purpose and makes you part of the problem. 4. If you want to chat about bbc forecasts, met office forecasts and the like please head over to the relevant threads in the winter forum. Banter thread:
  13. I know we've had a few maintenance periods over the last couple of days, but we will need to perform another one tomorrow morning for around 30-60 minutes. This is all thanks to a good few bugs introduced in the latest software update on here, plus a change to a new database server which hasn't gone to plan, both of which have combined to create some hiccups which we've been trying to mitigate. Hopefully tomorrow will be the last one for a while though.
  14. You seem to be mistaking the difference between making a considered forecast & reporting what a model shows!