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  1. For those who may have missed it, Nick has posted up a Storm and Convective Forecast for tonight and tomorrow here:;sess=
  2. Yep that is weird, but at least it's sorted. Please shout if it happens again.
  3. Is this fairly recent? There was a security update on the forum last week, but nothing that ought to have affected the ignore function.
  4. The team on tour 2 have been on a couple of down days, ahead of some more active weather from today onwards, and it looks like they've been alien hunting in New Mexico in the meantime
  5. Apologies, a few gremlins in the system earlier, but should all be fine now.
  6. Some shots from Dave, looked like an amazing day yesterday.
  7. Some shots by Jonathan yesterday
  8. All sent now
  9. Just doing them at the moment, so should be with you soon
  10. Tour 1 draws to a close today. Sounds like a great time was had by all, and it was a successful chase too, with 8 tornadoes and countless other supercells over the 10 days. Last night the team finished up with a slap up steak meal, which by all accounts was amazing - so hopefully that's somewhere we can visit on t3! Thanks to all the guests, hope you have a safe and hassle free journey home
  11. Yep, can hear the rumbles in Pershore too.
  12. Nick has uploaded some video of the tornado yesterday
  13. Tour 3 guests - your pre-departure info packs will be on their way out to you later today or tomorrow morning
  14. Nice video from Mark as the team watch the storm!