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  1. Hi Andy, we don't run any ads in extra at all, in fact, if you're logged in to extra there are no banners on the main site whatsoever. So if you're seeing banners, you may not be logged in. Or if you are, and are seeing them, then I'd recommend checking your device for adware, as they're not coming from us.
  2. It's hard to say what the issue may be, as we've tested using gps outdoors etc on devices and not seen a problem, and at this point you're the only person who's reporting this. What it could be is something on your phone, or perhaps a GPS reception issue in your location. Are you able to use GPS in other applications?
  3. According to this, it's some sort of error caused when using a VPN, so if you're using one, perhaps try re-entering it.
  4. If it's working in the house but not outside when you have geo switched on, then the likeliest issue is that the gps on the phone isn't picking up the satellites, you need to give it some time to do so, and once it does it'll pass the info to the browser.
  5. Lots of people do believe them - we get lots of questions either through email, phone or social media when stories like this run, which is one of the reasons it's sometimes worth responding with blogs etc.
  6. For those who may not have seen it yet, Matt's synoptic guidance for the week ahead is here.;storyid=7670;sess=
  7. He didn't, they've pulled that from his tweets and from an article he wrote for TWO back in June! I've just written a blog about the Freezing winter stories SHOCK NEWS - The Freezing Winter Headlines Are Earlier This Year
  8. The freezing winter headlines are back again - it's an annual event. Read More Here
  9. It's the first proper Autumnal week of the year! Nick's blogged about what's happening, including looking at how ex-hurricane Karl will play a part tomorrow. Week Ahead Sees Powerful Jet Stream Bring Deep Lows
  10. It's always an ongoing process, so yep there'll be plenty of updates in the future
  11. Lenticulary type clouds

    More lenticulary type clouds over Aviemore today.
  12. Looks as though we may have an ex-hurricane not too far away next week which will probably have the models dancing about a bit over the coming days. Nick's written a blog on that + ex-hurricanes visiting the UK in general: Ex-Hurricanes Visit The UK In September
  13. Nick's written a blog on Karl and the potential for it to head toward the UK next week:;storyid=7660;sess=
  14. I think we need to leave the entries as is now, everyone had a reasonable amount of time to enter, and we did leave it open longer for those struggling to get an entry in. It would also be a bit unfair to re-open it now, unless everyone had the same opportunity, sorry.
  15. We're running the vote for the competition over the Autumn We extended the deadline a few times for people, and due to this didn't start the votes just after the tours as planned, then decided a good time to run it would be once summer was out of the way.