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  1. It's really not about having a heart. In terms of the rules, one of them is to be nice, and to treat others as you'd hope to be treated yourself, so it is covered, but that sort of thing is subjective and not black and white. Perhaps, had I seen the original comments before the responses, I may well have deleted them. But since I didn't and since there have been some good counterbalancing posts, and an apology for one of them, we've ended up at least in a place where the good has hopefully outweighed the bad, so to speak.
  2. Unfortunately, 'unkind' opinions are a fact of life, people have and give them all the time. Personally, I think (within reason) the best way of dealing with them can be to leave them and allow others to voice their opposing opinions - as they have done. On this occasion, off the back of that, @Lauren already reconsidered and apologised, and perhaps Nick may do the same.
  3. Just to be clear, @Nick L's opinions are his and his alone. For what it's worth, I don't agree with his statement in the slightest but just as anyone is, he's welcome to give an opinion within a discussion. And although it is in my opinion very insensitive, tactless and lacks humility, it breaks no rules, which is why it's been left as is, with, I might say, plenty of pushback from others to balance it out, which is as it should be on a discussion forum.
  4. Certainly a treacherous journey home this evening for commuters. Current gusts of 60-70mph+ common across Scotland and Northern England, with a few well in excess but mostly over higher ground. Live gusts as of 5pm: https://www.netweather.tv/live-weather/map
  5. Quick video from @Jo Farrow on what's happening today and what's to come beyond it: And also, if you haven't read it, @Nick F has written a detailed blog on the development of Storm Ali and the potential for more stormy weather here: https://www.netweather.tv/weather-forecasts/news/9148-uk-stormy-weather-ahead-ali-today-wind-rain-thursday-then-more-on-sunday
  6. Sorry Ed, missed your post. As I think you've found, once you've posted 1-3 times and had them approved, then it unlocks things like profile editing
  7. Paul

    Hurricane Florence

    Blog by @Nick F on Florence: Major Hurricane Florence Barreling Towards The Carolinas Amidst A Busy Tropical Atlantic
  8. Paul

    Hurricane Florence

    Had to share this:
  9. Lol yeah, a bit surprised they've gone for it again. It'll at least be fun to see what new and exciting ways they can find to make a mess of it again though. (The first one of those naming the storms in advance again, so the Express etc can merrily jump the gun every time a low pressure develops in the Atlantic ).
  10. The 2020 storm chases are now open for bookings, and we have a special early-bird offer available until Monday with a saving of £100. https://www.weatherholidays.com/stormchase-usa/book.html They're already selling fast, so please move quickly to reserve a spot. The 2019 tours are now almost sold out, with just 1 place on tour one, and 2 on tour three left.
  11. Paul

    New Radar apps RAIN SNOW

    Sorry, meant to reply to you before now @Mapantz - looks like there was still something a bit buggy in there for Oreo devices, there's a new release going live later today which should sort it.
  12. Paul

    Autumn 2018

    Hot off the press... Long Range Autumn Forecast Written by @Thundery wintry showers
  13. Paul

    New V7 Satellite

    Hi Daniel, as mentioned on the page, the resolution is the best available from eumetsat right now, but we'll jump onto any improvements that come through. In terms of the outline, I'm not sure if it's possible, but I'll find out.
  14. Hail in August really isn't that rare, it can occur anytime there are strong convective updrafts, regardless of the time of year. Even at the peak of summer, the air temperature still falls with height, so if the updraft is high enough, it'll reach a point that's sub-zero