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  1. Errm, you're really not the only member logged in, there are currently 1000+ people online on the forums. I noticed you posted a similar thing in the model thread too, and in that exact same minute you posted there were 4 other posts!
  2. May as well answer in here too! It's about where it was modelled to be from what I can see. Radar @ 2030 Model for 2000 and 2100
  3. No, it's about where it was modelled to be. 2000 2100 Radar @ 2030
  4. Nicks latest blog is a good read: No Beast From The East Coming For Now - But Often Cold With Snow For Some
  5. Nicks latest blog is a good read: No Beast From The East Coming For Now - But Often Cold With Snow For Some
  6. I've responded to Tim's question about his phone on pm, so perhaps we can make it that any further tech help stuff goes up into the help/feedback forum. Thanks.
  7. Or, we're simply giving a new thread an opportunity to bed in and making people aware of its existence and what it's about. The truth is, that this thread is identical to the hunt for cold thread we started the winter with. The only difference is the word banter in the title so that expectations in terms of the content are set accordingly. The other thread is the same as the 'general model' thread was at that time too, again the only difference is the name. People complained when we got rid of those and went back to the model thread + banter approach too. We've gone back to plan a, but with a tiny tweak or two, that's all. I think people are seeing the model discussion is a bit less busy than it was on friday and saturday, adding 2+2 together on that front and coming up with 100. It's all much as it was though, this thread is still lively - in fact yesterday and today have seen more model posts than all but 2 days this month (the 18th and 19th Jan), it's just that they were exceptionally busy days - first with easterly chat and second with ire over a failed easterly, but regardless of thread layout that rush has eased. Anyway, we could go on forever about this, pm is the way to go for further discussion before we make this thread extremely off topic.
  8. Perhaps drop those people a pm or sticky and ask them if they'd mind cross-posting when they can - it's a new thread over there, so not everyone will be aware of what it's about, and the more the word is spread, the better it's likely to be. The team have been messaging and copying some posts into the focused thread already, so the more the merrier in that respect.
  9. It's a co-incidence - the thread traffic and posting eased once the potential easterly bit the dust, as it often does when a potential cold spell fades. It'll then pick up again when people have had a bit of a break and when there's another cold spell showing up in the nearish future. As for where to post, it's actually not very different to the setup previously when we had the hunt for cold thread. You can use both threads if you wish, the focused one is quieter by design with no banter and just model chat, so maybe a good spot for more considered opinions once runs have completed etc. This one is the same hunt for cold thread as previously, albeit with the word banter in the title so people are aware that as well as the model chat, some bantery off topic stuff is allowed too. This split should in theory give everyone what they want - if you want banter with your models, this thread is great. If you want a quieter, banter-free discussion head to the other one. Or, if you like both, maybe cross-post the posts you maybe don't want to get lost in amongst the general chatter in here.
  10. Just copying a few posts from various members from this morning into here.
  11. Thought I'd post this in here too. Monday night and Tuesday looking interesting on the netwx-sr as the cold front moves through. Some back edge snow on it + a lot of wintry showers packing in behind from the northwest. Lasting lying snow mainly limited to the hills though.
  12. You're welcome to ask questions in here, and it's not limited to those with lots of model knowledge, so post away - as long as it's model discussion (or model related questions), it's fine