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  1. Yes, we're planning to add that. In terms of removing a postcode from your list, the x is here:
  2. If you select it in the location menu on the v8 radar, an x will appear on the left, clicking that will delete it.
  3. Have you checked your spam folder for the recovery email - it's definitely sending to you ok?
  4. It would be the current hour - so the 12pm chart overlay would be showing.
  5. Please carry on the model discussion here - we're a third of the way through summer already! If you're wanting to learn more about meteorology, please take a look at the Learning and Research area. Model Output And Charts On Netweather: UKV (Extra subscribers) GFS GEFS Ensembles ECMWF ECMWF EPS NetWx-SR (3km) NetWx-MR (9km) Met Office (UKMO) Fax GEM GFS Hourly Model Comparison Golbal Jetstream Stratosphere
  6. This should hopefully be working properly in Firefox now ?
  7. We can run a report based on the radar observed rain rates at the time. It is a commercial offering though, so would be some cost involved. Best bet, if you're interested, would be to get in touch via the contact form here: https://www.netweather.tv/other/contact-us
  8. Can you post a screenshot of the button in question please? I'm not too sure which one you're meaning.
  9. Interesting, thanks. Sounds like a bug, which we'll take a look into tomorrow.
  10. It sounds like you have the geo-tracker switched on - click the button here to switch it off
  11. The standard colour scale is the rain rate in mm/hr. We'll be adding the additional scales for the overlays soon ?
  12. It varies by a few days thanks to the tilt of the earth as it orbits the sun. Summer solstice - Wikipedia EN.M.WIKIPEDIA.ORG
  13. We've just been split-testing a couple of possible layout options. We've settled on the right hand side for now though.
  14. Paul


    Nice catch
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