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  1. We've been doing temperature all wrong
  2. Have you considered Satellite broadband?
  3. That is a bit strange!
  4. No, no change this side. Would recommend resizing it to see if that helps though.
  5. This should be all sorted now, apologies for the problem - it slipped under the net when we tested the changes we were making
  6. Ok thanks, we're doing some testing in ie now, it works on some pcs and not on others, which is odd! Will come back when we've got to the bottom of it.
  7. We did make some changes to the way it loaded yesterday, so I think it could be that, although everything I've tested it with so far is ok which makes pinning down the problem a bit more tricky! Which browser are you using there?
  8. Edit, found it - assume it was Extra. Should be sorted in 30 secs, just pushing the fix live now
  9. Which page is that on W09 - extra or free?
  10. What search terms are you using?
  11. We also have a space come up on tour 4, I don't expect it to hang around long though...
  12. This is worth a read for those interested in summer weather setups - including plumes. And incidentally, the example in there is uncannily like the setup in the coming days..
  13. I think that should be fixed now.
  14. Ah, I've found a bug report for what sounds like the same thing over at Invision, there's a patch available so I'll look at getting it applied, hopefully today.
  15. I'm not having this problem at all, and can't recreate it in any browsers. Which skin are you using?