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  1. Encouraging that ECM showed a similar direction earlier too.
  2. No doubt that the direction of travel has been positive today. We've gone from predominantly SW/W weather directions across all models out into deepest FI to height rises on both GFS and ECM. Also over the day each run has looked to build on the previous (GFS). Still all really out in FI but significantly better than the last 6 days of model watching if you want a cold blast. Lets hope we can see these heights still being modelled on tomorrows runs. 18Z looking like further improvements at early dates
  3. The models are showing the opposite of what you are suggesting. Until today (since the cold snap) all have shown constant southerlies and westerlies with the occasional north westerlies caused by lows passing to the north. Today is the first day where they've suggested height rises and possible cold encroachments from the North East - East. It's all still a long way out and therefore subject to all the volatility and variability attached to that but the first signs of potential are showing.
  4. GFS and parallel give variations on a theme of South to West based winds throughout the run. UKMO similar. Not a lot of cheer if you are looking for a cold spell.
  5. Are you talking about the low pressure features from Canada that the models show phasing with the main low in the mid Atlantic? Or something else?
  6. That big blob over Sheerness has got me excited for South London/North Kent and Surrey
  7. Those blobs hitting South End look to be on a line that could hit South London - depends whether they can hold both direction and intensity.
  8. I'm crossing my fingers. Does look like the shower movement is becoming more Westerly. Showers not far away from my little red dot on the map. 4th consecutive sledging with the kids today so the Croydon crew have done pretty well over the last week. One last little top up of the white stuff would be nice. Guess I'm going to be chasing showers on the radar for a couple more hours!
  9. Given the amount of snow we've seen it could have been so much better if those ground temperatures were lower. The amount of hours with falling snow has been huge in this area but never huge intensity. I suspect we've done better than many with the exception of parts of East Anglia and Kent.
  10. We've done quite well since Sunday in the south of the Croydon area. Plenty of sledging and fun with the kids in Selsdon Nature Reserve and Lloyd Park. Looks like the ENE is giving us a little pep from the Thames and we also may do well as the winds veer more easterly. Certainly a little lucky as we've been on the western edge of things.
  11. In the first week of Feb with ongoing stratospheric disruption? I think we will see on going weather that defies the climatic norm. That's not to say epic cold until mid-March.
  12. The reality is that even the good runs have milder air not too far from the South. So I expect it will be a yoyo ride for the SE run to run depending on the speed and track of the low pressure feature. Further north and this is less of an issue.
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