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  1. And pack them away shortly thereafter... Oh the grand old duke of York.......
  2. Very cool for Sun / Mon with huge precipitation potl rain / sleet /snow & the GFS Op run not well supported for any warm up. Decidedly chilly outlook for Blighty here Could we squeeze one more snow event in the south?
  3. Enough to make you weep into your Tetley's cask ale John
  4. Please do not adjust your sets, normal service is about to resume.... Pretty wet outlook unless you fancy floating around in the English Channel
  5. Maybe but the ensembles show a definite cool down
  6. That would cool SS down a bit... Touch of frost for the new month?
  7. Tided for you ! I lived through it to - never had a winter better since!
  8. Yep - ECM still flying the coldie's flag this morning with snow acumulating in the north and the welsh uplands / peak district. Pretty chilly for the rest and maybe a few snow showers coming into the East Coast? Pity it's not winter anymore!
  9. 1962 was a wet cool summer - just sayin'
  10. There's only so much enthusiasm (very limited!) that one can muster for rain & drizzle after a couple of tasty Beasts - LOL
  11. Still a possible cheeky easterly setting up?
  12. Brilliant - Canada has such an awesome climate!
  13. In the more reliable timeframe a chance of more snow for the north, Wales & W country moors as early as Thursday!
  14. Nope - ECM showing max about 58F (14.4C) at 1pm Sat next week. https://weather.us/model-charts/euro/england/temperature-f/20180407-1800z.html Probably due to extensive cloud cover https://weather.us/model-charts/euro/england/total-cloud-coverage/20180407-1800z.html
  15. Mmm... looks like peaking at about 14C at best with a lot of rain about acc. to the precip spikes. Personally I'd prefer the cold / cooler weather with some decent sunshine and chilly nights with nice low dewpoint air over us.
  16. Yep - should get a decent frost out of that with these uppers in place
  17. I suggest you go to Siberia for some real warmth for the next 3 months ! Looks average to cool at best in the UK
  18. Maybe a nice surprise easterly from ECM? Specially for the traitorous Frosty!
  19. Nice bit of snow for Dartmoor today... Get up high to escape the rain down there.
  20. Although the outlook is for below normal temperatures with any warmth going into E / SE Europe What happens after D10 is open as the ENS show a very mixed picture.
  21. Fabulous bit of snow for the Welsh on monday!
  22. Potential for some fairly sharp and widespread frosts during and after Easter with Arctic air settling over the UK under high pressure. A mild blip occurs for a few days but then back to the chiller again. Much along the lines to be expected methinks & warm springlike weather is a way off yet. Then And finishes on a very cold easterly! Very similar theme from UKMO Could be tricky for tender plants!