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  1. Funny old day snow wise... literally light snow ALL day. Real light, fluffy snow...left literally a mini dusting...then melted in some spots and now the dustings have begun to appear as temps drop. What was weird was the 'Phantom Radar Echoes' as lots of the day we have been under Green on the Met O app but literally nothing falling from the sky? I do think it's the shadow and I reckon 10 miles further S/E it's a totally different outlook. Have to say though, the snow was SO pretty falling.
  2. Don't want to tempt fate but @Joe Bloggs, I think your finger is looking more girthy! Fingers crossed it brings great pleasure to MCR et al
  3. Will do, going to actually put the laptop down and watch it! haha. Will report back with pics when this batch moves through haha.
  4. Fingers crossed for you Joe...as we know, we all love a good finger! I reckon there could be a good hour of this looking at the radar? Easily 2-3cm already and settled on everything so temps must be below 0c
  5. Snowing heavily here now!! Hope it's snow in Sandbach/Crewe etc? Going by how 'dry' the snow looks I am hoping so.
  6. Defo a few exciting days coming up. Fingers crossed the region gets pasted!
  7. The roads do clear quite fast as they are main roads, so depending if it freezes then you might be fine? Lol
  8. Like most of us...just been for a weirdo walk by myself...foooooking STUNNING!! Never seen it so heavy... Roads covered, main bank road must be shut as it was impassable as I walked up there. Interesting to see the torrents of water still flooding down the side as I walked up...but back down it had literally stopped...so must have dropped below 0c here. WhatsApp Video 2021-01-20 at 22.05.55.mp4 WhatsApp Video 2021-01-20 at 22.05.54.mp4
  9. Can back that up..went out earlier and it was MILD then within a few hours...
  10. I know!! Potential is there. My trusty BBC App didn't expect the rain to turn to snow till 10/11pm...so early bonus. The radar looks off the scale!! Hopefully clear through fast so won't melt much over night. Up here its mental, like most places. Will try and get some pics from my window! haah.
  11. Mum and Dad just phone giddy AF hahaha. Chuffed it's so good there too.
  12. YES!!! Never seen a transition from pure rain to literally proper snow so fast ...well I know it's probably hovering around 0c but defo not wet snow now.
  13. For people that it's sleet etc..it literally turned from pure rain-sleet-wet snow- snow in probably about 15 mins.
  14. So, looking at the radar we have quite a few hours of stuff falling...at this rate it could be quite a fall!
  15. What a lovely surprise this evening is turning out to be... So glad lots are seeing snow. I've been away for a few days (From the charts etc) so didn't see this coming. Noticed on the BBC some white speckles so thought I would check in...a few days ago nothing to, what could be, a few hours of snow! Heavy stuff too!! For me, I have never seen it turn from pure rain (as my lounge is in the attic and has velux windows so can see every drop! haha) to what is now, heavy snow sticking everywhere!
  16. Personally I am loving the current charts....yes, for all our sakes I would prefer less marginal but there is a lot of chances for pop up snow events. Plus I am hoping we create our own cold pool again so what does fall will stay around a little longer *Edit* Should have explained why, the polar northwesterly airflow! slack winds, low thicknesses and dew points.
  17. Obviously a lot of this - from me - is hopecasting but it's happened to us many times where we were in the firing line...even on the day...and it stalled further west. If the Fax charts have shifted west then they must have something we can't see that has that as the case. So who knows? Fingers crossed
  18. Apparently the new Fax charts have it a lot further west... (not sure how you find the old ones to compare) Kasim might know more... the TV forecasts always have a slight delay catching up just due to production time etc, so who knows?
  19. Cheers Kasim for you input. Obviously I am totally hopecasting here, it's just I've lost count the amount of times we were due to get clobbered - and even being in the middle of the warning area - just to see it stall on the radar , so was hoping this could be the case this week.
  20. I was thinking that literally everytime a front is meant to stall on us it ALWAYS stalls just to our west...so history repeating, I am hoping that this will be the case for midweek's potential snow risk as we move forward.
  21. This spell for me has been magical, I know I have spammed you all with the pics haha but for me best spell (of snow...on ground, play etc) since 2010. My love of snow was given to me by my Dad, I remember watching little diamonds fall when I was little during a early 90s BFTE, I was mesmerised...and hooked. Since then we have had many a chopse on the phone about snow prospects etc. Obviously in his 70s he is not on here but still makes his predictions by wind direction and the BBC . Being a single chap my parents are my bubble so my Dad drove up to see the snow knowing a proper thaw was imminent. My Dad never does anything alone without my mum, so to have a few hours walking in the snow talking about all the falls we remember together and separately was so special. I told him to come up at 3pm to get the sunset etc and we timed it bob on. I was quite emotional when he left, definitely made a memory I will cherish.
  22. Seems to be some precipitation just popped up on the coach on the latest frames of the radar?
  23. Hi Joe, yes I saw somewhere that some showers might pop up before the front? Anyways, was wondering what radar people use? On my phone I like the MetO App as you can whizz through the radar so fast to see trends etc on my laptop I like the Netweather one as you can postcode zoom (and I like the colours of the different rainfall rates...easy to see ). Any other recommendations?
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