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  1. I was meaning that they still don't know what it's going to do... I will keep quiet! haha
  2. Yeah, fair point. What will be will be, I made peace yesterday that it was off! haha. Any flakes falling from the sky are a bonus.
  3. Cool. Just check the Euro4 9am chart and the band is even further north than that forecast,
  4. The band is definitely further north than Arpege has got for 9am? #Straws but better than being further south.
  5. Oooh, interesting, who said that? Plus the models has trended back north, not lots but might be enough to squeeze some flakes?
  6. Has anyone noticed this trend... there seems to be separate bands appearing, spotted it on the 6z but even more prominent in the 12z. Might lead to nothing but who knows?
  7. I was thinking the same but they still must have some doubt about the track of it? Which is the only plus I can take from the situation! haha
  8. I would sadly agree, SO much potential was there too. Who knows?
  9. This mornings snow was a lovely surprise. Driving to work in sub zero temps with heavy fluffy flakes beats wet slushy snow any day.
  10. For my sanity Thursdays low is a no-goer BUT weirder things have happened and there has been a slight shift north on the 6z...who knows?
  11. Yes. The band was definitely further north than the earlier broadcast
  12. Met Office video forecast has just been updated and still looks great for a lot of the region. Fingers crossed for you all.
  13. I don't think so sadly. The Euro4 looks north Cheshire and Manchester. Obviously I'm hoping the MetO is correct but am preparing for no showers tonight.
  14. Must be the essence of the Crewe snow drought floating up there too! haha. Thanks for letting me know. ?
  15. Yeah, when it snows I walk up there, look a right weirdo! haha.
  16. Cool, I live just past the Gresley dropping down High street. If that makes sense?
  17. Cool, yeah interested as some parts of this thread have only rain at 200m and I'm only 170m so wasn't assuming anything! haha.
  18. Ahh, I'm in Crewe but live in Halmer End (hill in Audley), just trying to gauge how it was at home (170m)
  19. I'm just not holding my breath if I'm honest. haha. I would be more hopeful if I was you. The ECM shows no showers for me sadly... we shall see.
  20. Cheers buddy. ? I hope that is the case. The charts I have seen look more WNW which would miss Crewe etc as not NW enough.
  21. Looks like it has finally turned to 'proper' snow in Crewe from my windows, before it was just big flakes mixed in, now the smaller flakes are visible instead of rain. Still really wet snow but a start! haha
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