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  1. Hey up all. Had a busy few days and because nothing of importance was forecast - and milder air was a-coming - I've not been on here... Saw the forecast of snow moving in today and possibly clipping the welsh coast...never expected it to come all this way. Even a few powder flakes would be a nice surprise to end this spell. I know snow wise it's been disappointing on some levels but loved the landscape. Frozen dry, every little stream is frozen locally, took some cool icicles I spotted in nature (near springs etc)...and the 'cold'...oh dear god.... it's Baltic in the wind but lo
  2. @joesnow @CreweCold...looks like a shower about to hit. Looks pretty meaty too.
  3. I know the weather doesn't work this way but if I could push the streamer over to you Day 10 I would. I have had a few good falls here and if you have had none then you can have it! *Sends good thoughts 😂
  4. 😂😂😂😂😂 I was literally going to post the same thing. Genuinely, If I get a ice day with a bit of blowy snow on the ground then I will be happy.
  5. That's more like it Joe!! You're back in the good books!
  6. Well geographically I am on the Cheshire border so have more weather relationship to the North West as most of the 'Midlands' events (like the past few sliders) we miss. 😭😂
  7. Boooooo!! You've pinched our streamer!! Dam that shift north 😂😂😂
  8. Cheers Joe. Fingers crossed eh? I think some are really going to get it and others aren't, this is the nature of the streamers...at the moment we are in prime spot with some complaining (rightly so 😂) that they aren't under the streamers for tomorrow...but then the 12z could shift it north or south...it really is a wait it out type of event. I just want to enjoy it for what it is...otherwise I will get overly frustrated if the streamer moves etc. What I would like is a subzero day so what snow falls - and I expect us all to see some falling snow - will stick and blow about.
  9. What temps are we expecting in the day Monda/Tuesday onwards? Not sure which sites are the most accurate? I would love ice days so every flake that falls sticks and blows about.
  10. Cheers Joe, I don't think I'm the only one here... These are my pics (link to insta as not got them on my laptop) from the last BFTE. I love the shapes of the snow drifts (be it small as only light snow fell) but how the snow filled up the holes in the ground too... https://www.instagram.com/p/Bf_xqSug2-Y/
  11. Me too...this is why I love the weather. It just fills me with such joy to 'feel' the different weather. The feel of the air, the different clouds, just seeing the clouds coming from a different part of the sky...etc. I am hoping for a freeze to see the lakes etc here freeze, always cool to see. Also I low the shapes the drifting snow makes (as remember them from the last BFTE. Fingers crossed we all get some sort of snowfall. Who knows what we will get? I am under some sort of streamer tomorrow but will just enjoy my day and if owt falls from the sky then it's a bonus.
  12. This is what I've been looking out for too. On the face of it, direct easterlies gradually give lower falls the further west you are...that I agree with and is what many people are worried about. ...but I have been saying (to myself) that if we get some disturbances, kinks etc then we all have a chance of a decent fall as that will still make it over the Pennines...even if it's a few cm. Fingers crossed for more of that kinky shizzle
  13. I know I'm just out the are now but would still to be involved. Can I guess for Crewe? I am going for 11cm. 🙂 Where I live now...14cm.
  14. This is what I keep saying. I'm not saying we will get 10ft drifts but in this set up with such low thicknesses and instability, some features will surely pop up nearer the time. Plus like you, I can't wait to see a few cm of Powder snow blow around. Cannot complain about the snow I have had but would love to see the dry continental snow being whisked about in the wind
  15. I am quite optimistic in our chances of snow. Yes, we won't compare to the east, they are going to get battered! But the air looks extremely unstable with low thicknesses so I reckon there might be a few organised fronts passing the country, or periods of snow popping up at last min, especially if the uppers get modelled downwards nearer the time (as what happens a lot). Even a few cm of blowing snow would be cool to see...but obviously I want more!! haha.
  16. This post is very good to see. If the Met O are starting to ramp this weekend then they must have some confidence in the Easterly coming in. Maybe Mogreps is in on it too? On paper, it is ALL the models vs GFS Op...so you would *hope* it is looking the easterly is looking the likely option...but you never know? That's why having the professionals sticking their neck out must be a sign of confidence. The 6z GFS shifted early doors in a better direction, let's hope the 12z finalises the deal.
  17. Not been online much the past few days but what a bloody turn around. There will come a point when it will be 'nailed on'...I'm guessing that point will be from when the low and it's behaviour becomes more cemented. I might have to have another 24 hours away until then! haha. I am way too south for any of the good stuff tomorrow but I wish my fellow NWers some of the falling stuff. Especially Cumbria, where I know have had next to nothing.
  18. This one better correct south like all the other scamps the past few weeks 😂
  19. If it helps, started off as rain here now snow...but wet and not sticking
  20. I am not trying to shoot down your frustrations but even when they do touch Cheshire, literally spoon all falls from the sky as we are in the shadow. Even last weekend we were right over it but somehow seemed to have a few flakes yet 15 miles east has 6-7cm. But I agree, they always seem to stall in the same spot. From a 'Grass is greener...' point I want the bands to push further north so we aren't in the 'weaker' part of the band so will help negate the shadow a bit more.
  21. I'm sure @CreweCold can back me up but that famous night in January 2010 when part of Manchester etc got a ft of snow was from a front moving south. From my memory it was the WNW winds that proceeded it that made the difference. Lots of the region got plastered by streams of showers but due to the wind direction the south of the region (CREWE!! haha) got minimal from those so only had the 5cm from the front. So even places a tad more east or north did a lot better 'pre-front' then Crewe, That's why 2010 was an amazing period to experience, in Crewe snow wise it wasn't off the charts so to s
  22. We too got a sprinkling from a rogue shower last night... There was a lot of snow already on the ground but the shower re-covered the roofs etc. I quickly took this picture as it's SO beautiful to see the bright blue of the sky and the sun on the snow without the snow melting in seconds off the roofs and the sound of drip drip drip. Stunning.
  23. I'm one of those weirdos too... I went the other week in Keswick (before lockdowns) the edge of the Lake was frozen, as is the grass...
  24. Edit... Actually under yellows now but nothing!! haha. What is going on? I know I am to the west of the Staffordshire hills so was expecting some sort of shadow but a yellow echo and nothing coming from the sky?
  25. Like now... You would think that is pretty heavy stuff...literally NOTHING is falling from the sky 😂
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