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  1. Newhaven 14:40 T: 0.8 DP: -5.4 Wind: Slack, ENENW ish. I dunno. This cold spell for me has been a bit rubbish to be fair. I made the mistake of being taken in by the hyperbole on the mod thread and waiting for 10, 20 or 30cm of snow to arrive. Instead yeah, I got snow falling from time to time which was lovely but apart from a couple of patchy cm of laying snow on Monday morning nothing. Probably I am being greedy but for me if I can't go out and take some photographs as in 2009, 2010, 2013 or 2018 it's all a bit boring. Having said that the temperature remained below
  2. Hello from Newhaven 14:40 - T steady at 1.1 but the DP has shot up from -4.5 to -2.2 over the course of the last hour as the humidity rises. There has been light snow over the last half hour or so which is slowly getting heavier. I'm quite interested in the heavier lot to the north east which seems to be heading my way but who knows 🤷‍♂️ If it does get to me I'll find an excuse to pop to the shop for something random to buy. If it misses I'll curl out my bottom lip and sulk for a bit 😁 Have a great day everybody 🙂
  3. A biting wind here in Newhaven with the temperature slowly edging downward from a max of -0.3 to a current of -0.9 and a dew point of -5.8. We had light to moderate snow much of yesterday afternoon and again this morning. Total snow a whopping 2-3cm'ish but hard to tell as it's been blown about too much. Not really expecting much more but not complaining as it's been great to see the snowy pics from others in the area. Have fun 🙂
  4. Thanks @Thunderstruck and @Angel Wings Bread and Cheese hill is a great name for somewhere, just behind Bacon Butty Boulevard in my list of favourite place names 😁
  5. You've just made the post of the year and it's only February 🙂
  6. Absolutely. I've seen snow falling when the sky is blue and the sun is shining. I'm sure that someone way more clued up than me can explain the mechanics behind it but I guess that the snow falls high up, gets blown about in the higher atmosphere winds and lands miles away.
  7. Here's a link to a Dutch radar mate. It gives a guesstimate of precipitation for the next three hours. Remember to take off an hour for the time difference 👍 Buienradar.nl - Europese Buienradar WWW.BUIENRADAR.NL Waar in Europa gaat het regenen? De Europese buienradar toont het je
  8. Newhaven update. T -0.1 D -2.2. Well this is frustrating. I currently have a snow accumulation of zero centimetres. Nothing. Nada 😁 I think that my expectation levels went a bit high and I believed my own hype. BUT... I saw my first snowflakes today in almost three years. For that I am thankful. The possibility also remains that more snow may fall at any time from now until at least Friday so despite the frustration there are many reasons to be cheerful 🙂
  9. Here's the Newhaven update and wow. Just wow! T 0.9 D -0.4. The heavy drizzle has turned to heavy snow. It's not laying yet but give it an hour and it will. This is a special spell of weather, enjoy it if you can 🙂
  10. Newhaven update. T:1.4 D -0.2 It's snowing here. It's only light and blowing about in the wind but yep, definitely snow. Fair play to the METO, they've got this bang on so far for my area.
  11. Newhaven update - T1.8 D0.2. The heavy drizzle has gone and been replaced with a mostly dry interlude. I say mostly dry as there are occcasional flakes of heavy wet snow filtering down. I know it's wet, I know it won't lay but I know that I'm happy now. After 3 years I've finally seen a snowflake 🙂
  12. Here's the latest from Newhaven. T2.0 D0.8. The precipitation has changed from light drizzle to heavy drizzle. The wind has picked up and the rain is settling more easily on the cars and grass. The previously dry pavements now have puddles. This is a great spell of weather 🙂
  13. I feel your pain Bev but I'm sure we'll see a few flakes later today 🙂
  14. Well I'm glad that I cancelled the all nighter. Rain here in Newhaven but the temperarature is still edging downwards so I'm still hopeful of maybe seeing a flake this afternoon 🙂
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