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  1. I doubt we will, nothing heading our way at all. I could literally stamp my feet in frustration
  2. Ive given up it looks like Birmingham and the black country are out the game for this winter, even the bits coming from the East will miss us. Hugely disappointing.
  3. Nothing not a flake, the north had it Tuesday, South last night and not a single flake here. Typical.
  4. I just can't see it moving any further north now its been stuck at worcester for a while.
  5. Met afternoon forecast shows it doesn't really reach birmingham
  6. Met forecast has removed all but two of the snowflakes for me.
  7. It’s been snowing for 7 hours here now, lovely covering. My 4 1/2 drive home last night was definitely worth my cheeky snow day today
  8. It got to Stourbridge 20 minutes ago and has just stopped and is going round, how does that even happen!! Our shield is up again
  9. i feel your pain, im amazed my phones survived my numerous tantrums
  10. Gutting isnt it, Do you think the snow just to the south will eventually push through our snow shield?
  11. Have to say i'm absolutely gutted with this event, it has been absolutely dire for Birmingham and the Black Country. The snow coming from the south looks to stop just below us, we have either been too far north, east south or west. Naked wingwalking would be less painful than the last few days.
  12. Rain here which is absolutely typical...I think I am giving up on snow, we haven't managed even a cm here out of all the opportunities that have presented themselves.
  13. Met office are still showing light rain for me, is this what's reflecting in the models at present?
  14. Met office have changed the forecast to rain or sleet all the way through now here...typical, how can they not have known that earlier
  15. Not sticking here at all and very patchy
  16. Snow here now...whoop..not sure on chances of it sticking. Any thoughts?
  17. Nooooooooooooooooooooo..I love your optimistic posts
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