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  1. Has started to come down lightly in Wolves just need to heavy stuff to to move a bit more north rather than NW.
  2. That must be seriously heavy rain there. Missed everything here west of Birmingham today.
  3. Any outsiders looking into this forum would think its full of typical Brits complaining over a couple of days of heat. I'm sure the Atlantic will be here soon for all those hiding in a blacked out room in their cellar.
  4. Got a sneaky feeling Chile will turn Brazil over.
  5. Probably one of the most boring Brazilian teams packed with defensive players, Neymar aside where is the creativity!
  6. Never mind what humidity what heat? Some strange inhabitants on Netw
  7. That was a bit of a tonking.
  8. Yup def potential there. Makes you wonder what a Brendan Rogers type of manager could achieve with the likes of Barkley and Co.
  9. So not that different from England?
  10. Well we can dream at least. But reality is if we get out of the group that will be a massive achievement, we just need to hope Suarez is not fit.
  11. Much better day starting off with clear blue sky's, a bit of cloud now but up to 15.6C
  12. The forecasts over the last few days have been so far off the mark its a good job they dont get paid on performance.
  13. TVR Cerbera 4.5L is an absolute beast, if only it was more reliable...... Makes my BMW 320d really boring in comparison which of course it's not because the Germans reckon it's the ultimate driving machine!
  14. Complete opposite to yesterday with sunshine till about 1.00pm then just high level cloud but still feeling warm. Unfortunately looks like the last nice day until maybe end of next week if GFS is correct.
  15. Well thats a surprise you thinking the worst!!
  16. All this talk of cold in the far reaches of model fantasy land, the experts at the Met are not having any of it. H
  17. Yup the same pro's who predicted a mostly cloudy day here with the odd shower, it's been non stop rain all day.
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