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  1. Has started to come down lightly in Wolves just need to heavy stuff to to move a bit more north rather than NW.
  2. Raintoday radar is back on line for anyone interested in the track of the shower belt
  3. No but I heard he's a commanding CB..........
  4. Palace must be favs for relegation with Pulis leaving.
  5. That must be seriously heavy rain there. Missed everything here west of Birmingham today.
  6. Any outsiders looking into this forum would think its full of typical Brits complaining over a couple of days of heat. I'm sure the Atlantic will be here soon for all those hiding in a blacked out room in their cellar.
  7. Looks like Lovren has signed for Liverpool they certainly need a improvement in that area after last season.
  8. Got a sneaky feeling Chile will turn Brazil over.
  9. Probably one of the most boring Brazilian teams packed with defensive players, Neymar aside where is the creativity!
  10. Never mind what humidity what heat? Some strange inhabitants on Netw
  11. That was a bit of a tonking.
  12. Yup def potential there. Makes you wonder what a Brendan Rogers type of manager could achieve with the likes of Barkley and Co.
  13. So not that different from England?
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