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  1. To get very cold weather here in the UK is a memorable event and I live in (the snow usual suspects) Scotland. So I don't expect real cold, but I do enjoy it a lot when it happens. That it's a rarity, is the reason why I am here. Were this the 10th winter in a row of being blocked in by snow and nothing in the shops, perhaps I wouldn't like it. OK I admit that's a lie. The hunt for UK cold is always a game where the odds are stacked against you, why partake in it if you don't enjoy the hunt?, success or failure, it's lively, entertaining and informative in here. Many seem worn out. The we
  2. Good charts you're invisible, a slight backtrack to mild - you're in like a mild warm breeze. Nothing wrong with liking mild mate, just maybe not the thread for you, unless enjoying others disappointment is your thing? if so you have mates here.
  3. Or you mean Touche 168 ECM. So glad you are happy.
  4. Sorry Ravelin, my question of 'where?' to your post in the model thread was a snarky ironic reference to the whereabouts of the place called Scotland, not the position of the -14 850s. Reading that thread often I need to remind myself I'm not living in Suffolk. Although they like sheep there too I hear
  5. Pavlovs model readers. Each variation gets maximum response. Overall picture? who cares just feed me.
  6. Take yer eyepatch off yer eye then! After 240 is when the fun is expected to begin.
  7. I'm still very optimistic regarding a cold winter this year. At least we aren't in our normal, repetitious Atlantic grey grind winter weather pattern, far from it. Some exciting events happening above our heads and I'm bloody excited to see what happens however it turns out. Nice to be here to share it with you all.
  8. Just found this corner of NW. The graveyard thread. Without the holy or the holly. Like the corpse of winters past. Mild I say, mild! Ebineezer.
  9. Walked to that postbox with the family yesterday. Daughter built a snow hole in the drifts! Glad to get back in the end, bitterly cold. More snow overnight. Amazing.
  10. My doubts about this very cold spell happening ended tonight. I have been viewing recent charts behind the sofa at times, Dr Who style. I'll be buying a snow shovel tomorrow......some salt too not to look a fool.
  11. Are squirrel nappies available in spring? If so are they insulated?
  12. How much do you love warm weather in winter compared to how much you enjoy the likely disappointment of others who like cold? Sociopath central in here. No chart for that.
  13. Ironic really. Advising new forum members to ignore certain posters may be wrong but when a few posters apparently gleam their greatest pleasure in the disappointment of the vast majority on the website (90%?), in winter looking for cold. The act of magically finding and posting only charts devoid of proper seasonality, relevant or not to achieve that end and as above even mocking that disappointment as another cold spell potential downgrades. I'd suggest in the light of such the first misdemeanour has merit. Enjoying mild weather in winter I get, so clearly enjoying others bruised expectation
  14. Thank you. Bad weather affects my business. I rely on transport to deliver my goods. Winter can make my life difficult at times yet the difficulty is surmountable but it affects cashflow if not eventual income and it's been close to disaster as in 2010. I don't care. Every snowy day that happens warms my heart. I remember my childhood 1960-70s and remember the joy of snow and days off school, as a late parent I feel lucky to have been able to share that with my daughter now after the last few UK winters. There is so much more to life than coin. Extreme weather is the stuff that helps blow away
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