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  1. Are we now looking at a Saturday and Sunday event potentially or just one?
  2. The snowiest periods always come with these marginal events anyway for most of the Midlands, so we'll have to take the muck and gloom between. Intrigued by Sunday again from BBC Weather last night. The irony is bin collections are suspended again on the Monday as they were last week!
  3. Yeah not expecting much especially due to the altitude but there must be a perk to being on the Cheshire plains? Storms? High temps?
  4. Exactly, the dumps are minor, I think 10cm falls are the max for the city since 2008 and as mentioned above even in 2010 back here in Solihull there was 15cm or more but a dusting in Stoke. But you know I preferred the frequent nature instead though enjoying this deeper snow for once. And next winter I will be in the snow desert of Nantwich/Crewe (though I did see Crewe with snow at the weekend on an official government approved visit) though it was extremely patchy.
  5. Stokes unique climate. My experience of living there is your dead cert to see several snow falls a season normally but the actual measurements vary greatly across the city. My old haunt in Norton Heights would get more snow than down by the A500, and it varied greatly by distance. Plus if you are struggling for snow, a 30 min drive into the Moorlands or Peaks gives you some impressive snow at some points of winter. Areas like Solihull get a good dump every few years and it lasts a bit longer because it's deeper but ultimately Stoke wins in the snow stakes.
  6. Just been for the evening dog walk and it's lovely outside. The air feels much colder than last night and the snow is like diamond dust when you kick it. And actually most side roads are still snow packed so the melt in the sun today must have been minimal. Curious tomorrow how long it all lasts, will it get washed away in an afternoon!
  7. Not too much melt especially in shaded areas but the footfall on some paths means the surface is quite smooth which will be interesting later. Plenty of untouched spots in the park and lots of big snow mounds where people have rolled big balls up. They could last past the mild spell potentially!
  8. Also love the lack of marginality of this event, west front which has basically delivered all snow since Ireland.
  9. Nice heavy shower tonight to top up the trodden down bits of the day on the paths and recover some roads and we've topped out at about 8-9cm. Maybe 10cm in parts but I don't think we quite mad it. Right onto Spring...
  10. The future rain today radar keeps showing it fizzle out by the time it reaches Solihull
  11. Beast from the east are never that exceptional for these parts, sod the dry cold air for weeks, we just need these west to east snow events then a milder incursion then back to it again. This winter has felt more winter like than many years
  12. So the amber finally comes out (still not convinced by the validity of one) however isn't the worst set to move south now?!
  13. Why issue an amber? Impacts are low, it's Sunday in a national lockdown, there should be no need.
  14. Derby the sweet spot it seems, a little jealous as it was never meant to get that far north but I guess the East Midlands hasn't seen much this season!
  15. Looks like it's now stopped here. Is this thing actually going to push back or are we done for the day? Hoping for a good hard freeze tonight before the big melt by Tuesday. Just over 5cm on a flat surface possibly more in some parts. Actually feels deeper than that though!
  16. Looks like it's now stopped here. Is this thing actually going to push back or are we done for the day? Hoping for a good hard freeze tonight before the big melt by Tuesday.
  17. I'm confused, the radar shows us to be dry but it hasn't stopping snowing so far. Has it now stalled?
  18. Seems like the front will get moving soon. Looks like we have around 4-5CM here in Solihull, an idealic scene for a Sunday morning in lockdown.
  19. Today has been interesting with some beefy showers around but a little warm to settle.
  20. Great big heavy wet flakes but it layered quickly to leave a few CM but already in an hour it's melting on roads and pavements hopefully the grass survives with a frost.
  21. Whatever happens the next couple of days, it could be another notch on the snow count for the winter which by all means is nice compared to the last few especially those south of Stoke. It certainly has felt more wintery this season with the frosts/freezing fog/storms/snow.
  22. Radar has the snow for Stoke through the small hours from Cheshire gap. Lucky buggers, the first Winter i'm not in the area since 2009.
  23. Wild weather out there all rain in Solihull. Looks good up north.
  24. Cold air all day, a frost tonight and now a very wet cold rain. It started sleety but has turned to all rain. Just the usual mild wins!
  25. A sleety mix here in Solihull. Seems the boundary line could be someone a few miles away east going through the rest of the night
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