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  1. 30 minutes ago, sundog said:

    Would be amazing and worrying at the same time if Northern Ireland broke its record again tomorrow.  That would be 3 times in the space of a week..

    Amazing yes however if you think about it, the more worrying part would be regularly breaking it every year or so. Incredible spell for NI though!

  2. Shorts and t-shirt yesterday to wearing a hoody, thick coat, hat and scarf today. I was frozen and I think more than I should have been but probably due to the severe contrast to yesterdays weather. I've known some notable cold fronts but I think the drop we experienced combined with the cold wind is quite something.

  3. Lovely day today walking in the country. Nice firm fields instead of the mudbath they had become, even those adjacent to the rivers that had recently flooded.

    Wind was raw when stopped but not too bad when walking. Sun was out most of the day and it was perfect walking weather.

    Down to -4c already, which is colder than Wednesday.

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  4. A much crisper feel outside tonight with the ground going hard for the first time so far during this cold spell. It does feel much more raw although the wind speeds dropped, what wind does blow about was bitter combined with the air feeling colder. A few flurries of snow in the air but looks like todays streamer has been too far north. Would be nice for another covering for tomorrow if possible!

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