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  1. Yikes . The radar looks full of it over your location.
  2. It's trying to here as well, here's hoping that light snow to the east meets the heavier to the west and it explodes into some kind of George Clooney film.
  3. Not sure but I suspect the Irish sea is just reinvigorating the front. Looks pretty intense. Probably contributing to Irelands red warning.
  4. That stuff over the Irish sea really is a big tease, it does seem to be back building in our direction though.
  5. I feel your pain, we also had the halo of nothingness, although we did get the wind and power outages
  6. Yay power back on, after 4 hours of freezing my nips off. Despite being in a snowless bubble the entire evening, somehow we still have one foot drifts outside. Looks like some parts of Wales are buried
  7. Lights flickering in the strong wind here, next to no snow though.
  8. This wind is something else, hard to believe it's supposed to get stronger.
  9. The black holes of nothingness are slowly filling in on the radar. Hoping for a least a bit of snow to replace what was whipped away by a fleeting snow devil earlier.
  10. OMG can someone with blue crayons fill in the gap over west Wales please
  11. Lots of conflicting weather forecasts for west Wales, just checked Meto, who has Aber down for zilch snow for the next 48 hours....
  12. It's amazing, isn't it. That gap has been ever present in the models for days, consistent and annoyingly impressive. Hope it's wrong.
  13. I think it's an indication of how atrocious previous winters have been when a few flurries have turned this winter into a good one, IMO. Minie blizzards here, but very little on the ground.
  14. Yep, I'm surprised by the ferocity of the gusts here. Took a jaunt into a nearby field earlier, breathtaking, literally!
  15. I wonder if any delay (?) transitioning from a hurricane to post-tropical cyclone might actually reduce the size of the wind field. I'm no expert but a google search brings up some interesting results. Maybe there's still some significant doubt at the met-office regarding widespread damaging gusts.
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